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Elderly Cover

UkeGapPerson was signed in when posted
02:40 PM ET (US)
Hi, Lynn. I'm a Spartan ('82) and bought my first ukulele at Elderly in '81 ($19 Hohner). I still remember drooling over an early Gibson they had. For $80 as I recall. Are the Abbott Brothers named for Abbott Road?

I have some normal size brown and white spectators. And a swell pair of black and white patent leather ones that are about 2 feet long. Okay, they're clown shoes, but I wore them at three weddings, including my sister's and my own.

Have a Topopo Salad at El Azteco, and think of me.

Nothing more beautiful than the MSU campus in Spring. Except the Fall.

Lynn Heftone
10:57 PM ET (US)
Good eyes, that is indeed us (The Fabulous Heftones). OK, so I don't play guitar these days, but Elderly doesn't sell the instrument I play (it was hand-built by Brian's father). I didn't complain at all when I got to hold that beautiful guitar, though!

Brian's shoes were a gift from our dear friend, Dick. Dick is in our other band, the Abbott Brothers. The shoes once belonged to Dick's father. Brian first wore the shoes at our wedding!

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