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Session 15

Deleted by topic administrator 07-23-2006 02:06 AM
Alan Read
01:03 AM ET (US)
Anyone interested in watch/security dogs in S.E.Asia? please visit www.geocities.com/yellowleafdogs
12:11 AM ET (US)
another great resource is http://www.hmongtoday.com
01:29 PM ET (US)
To Jim Longo and any others interested in Human Rights, or the lack thereof, in contemporary Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia (with great thanks for your interest). Please see these websites which will keep you far more up-to-date and informed than the dysfunctional "news media."

For Viet Nam:
fva.org crfvn.org Montagnard-Foundation.org Hoahao.org vnhrnet.org caodai.net gb4hr.net

Also see these general websites which have "search" buttons to click on for Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos:

hrw.org (Hman Rights Watch) cpj.org (committee to protect journalists, ranks countries by degree of oppression) amnestyusa.org (Amnesty International)
uscirf.gov (US Commission for International Relgious Freedom. Call 202 523-3240 and ask for free copies of their 2003 report on Viet Nam, and 2004 annual report mentioning Viet Nam and Laos) rsf.org (Reporters Sans Frontiers/Without borders. Like cpj.org, rsf.org looks at oppression of press/speech) unpo.org (Unrepresented People's and Organizations. Focus on ethnic minorities with no political voice, as is case with Montagnards in Viet Nam) phaseloop.com (surveys political prisoners and has list of same in Laos, Viet Nam) Freedomhouse.org (did report in 2003, submitted to UN, listing Laos and Viet Nam as among 19 worst governments in world; report can be downloaded from website)

CAMBODIA: khmerintelligence.org (fantastic source of information on government by thuggery in Cambodia. Current president, Hun Sen, is former Hanoi-trained Khmer Rouge complicit in earlier "killing fields" mega-atrocity) khmerkrom.net (ethnic Cambodians living in Viet Nam's Mekong Delta, subjected to degrees of ethnic leveling) Cambodiapolitics.org camweb.org khmernet.com cambodiadaily.com (English language newspaper published in Cambodia) gocambodia.com

LAOS: (as with Cambodia, these two nations can be found on general human rights organizations cited above: amnestyusa, hrw.org, cpj.org, etc.) laoveterans.com laohumrights.org vietianetimes.com laodemocracy.com laonews.net

HMONG (Laos' major ethnic minority) hmongnet.org hmongihrw.org (human rights watch) Hmongnation.com hndlink.org hmongcenter.org hmongtimes.com neeg.org hmongtoday.com Also see longwalkforfreedom.org and www.longwalkforfreedom.org (I do not know why "www" distinguishes between two sites but it does) for day-by-day account of current Hmong people march from Minnesota to Washington D.C. to raise awareness of egregious human rights violations and ethnic leveling of Hmong and non-communist Lao in Laos. They need donations and help, and you WILL NOT SEE ANY OF THIS on our wonderful news media.
   This will get anyone started on keeping track of cesspool that is SE Asia today. See also another website: transparency.org This outfit gauges and ranks countries annualy by degree of corruption. Viet Nam now way down near bottom.
   To Jim: Jim, please leave your email address and more information will be provided to you directly. Don't want to take up too much of this space here. Thank you, very, very much, for your concern.
07:43 PM ET (US)
   As someone interested in human rights in Vietnam, I'd like to know if there is a transcript of the lecture/ seminar or a tape. I had wanted to attend but couldn't.
 Thank you.
11:14 PM ET (US)
Dear Wall Street Journal Editor:
It was with satisfaction I read Emeritus Editor Robert Bartley's Thinking Things Over piece on the subject of whether Iraq is another Vietnam on p. A15.
I remember the night of April 30, 1975, when I as a teenager lay flat on the balcony of my home watching the hours-long stream of Soviet-made T-54 tanks entering to occupy Saigon. Yet after my family had successfully fled Hanoi communist-ruled tyrannical Vietnam to America, it seems like the Vietnam War according to the American liberal elites was won by a ragtag army of Vietcong guerillas defeating the "corrupt and coward" South Vietnamese ARVN. On the contrary, the ARVN, as Editor Bartley succinctly recounted in his piece, succeeded magnificently in repelling the unpopular Vietcong Force in 1968 and the murderous North Vietnamese conventional onslaught in 1972.
As well told as R. Bartley's account was, I wish he could have included the documented chemical biological warfare conducted by Hanoi in Laos in the late 1970s and the early 1980s. Moreover he could have included the documented bloodbath (according to UC Berkeley professors) of over 100,000 people executed by the Hanoi communists in the aftermath of the War and the continuing tyranny at the hands of the unelected Hanoi regime in contravention to the requirements of the 1973 Paris Peace Accords. It was a major stain in American history that the peoples of Indochina were abandoned ignominiously by their Free World allies.
As a small step towards relieving the repression by the Hanoi brutal dictatorship, it is past time that the US Senate passes the Vietnam Human Rights Act (sponsored by US Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey) and that the Bush administration implements the call by the US Commission on International Religious Freedom to have Vietnam designated a "country of particular concern", which then would lead possibly to sanctions.
Stephen ShermanPerson was signed in when posted
08:48 AM ET (US)
I welcome your comments to this session where members of the Vietnamese community here in the United States will discuss their views of the Vietnam War and its aftermath. To return to the Session page go to http://www.viet-myths.net/Session15.htm

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