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Session 14

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05:10 PM ET (US)
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05:00 AM ET (US)
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Concerned Citizen
12:27 PM ET (US)
I have been researching McCain's account of his POW experiences in his autobiography FAITH OF MY FATHERS and have a question. He identifies all of his Vietamese interrogators by both name and nickname except for one -- the one he calls "the Bug". Does anyone here know what that guy's name is? Thanks in advance.
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07:10 PM ET (US)
Beautiful British Columbia – The Best Place on Earth?
By Concerned Citizen of Canada

     This year, British Columbia will celebrate its 150th year. It has been said that its beauty made it to be the best place on earth to live. Is this for real or just a fact?
     People came to Canada with full of dreams thinking that this is the land of promises. Promises that will give them chance to fulfill their aspirations in life. In reality, this is not the best place to live. Everybody here is busy making ends meat. Trees here are not bearing money to pick it up. In as much as possible you must have three to four jobs to pay your taxes, mortgages, car loans and others. You don’t even have time to enjoy. And mind you this situation will become worst after the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. If you have heard and seen those statistical data through our modern technology such as; internet, television, radios and newspapers, those were just factual information that hasn’t been proven throughout the Olympic history. Many of those countries who’ve hosted this kind of event suffered from deep debts. To name a few are Montreal who just happened to pay their debt after three decades, Salt Lake City who’s until now on their way of solving the economic downfall, Turin, Italy and many others. It’s the taxpayers who are handling the problems created by bureaucracy and managed by the greediness of the government officials and the elite groups who happens to be part of the International Olympic Committee.
     What’s happening now to China is an eye opening for all nations. Demonstrations on streets can be seen around the world, mass killings and many others. These were the results of abusive empowerment of people in position. In Vancouver, you can see more of the result of the Olympic preparations in the east-side of the city with many homeless citizen. With these, people should be aware of the false impressions created by the VANOC officials on Olympic venue sites. Human deficit has been created by unscrupulous government officials of British Columbia who have failed in social policy on its inhabitants.
     People of all nations, it’s time for us again to fight back. We don’t need high explosives or heavy devices. We only need “MASS CONSCIOUSNESS”, the power of mind intent. This is the most effective way to prove our worth. This is a tool to change weather patterns. Yes, February 2010 will be rainy, foggy and windstorms may occur to southern coastal regions of British Columbia if we will join together using our mind. We could completely wash-out Olympic Organizers and its allies. This will be a great humiliation to the whole world.
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05:59 PM ET (US)
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02:36 AM ET (US)
Col. Ted W. Guy, 4-18-29 to 4-23-99 - Never Forgotten
In Memory of Col. Ted W. Guy http://www.soft-vision.com/we-remember

"2006 In Memory" of a Great Man
Jay Veith
04:21 PM ET (US)
In response to Bob's question, while Bill and I tried not to become overly political, we did discuss Kerry's efforts to claim (falsely in our view), that he "solved" the POW/MIA issue. Nothing could be further from the truth.
04:01 PM ET (US)
I hope this portion of the conference will cover in detail Kerry's role in pressing the impression that all MIA/POWs of the Vietnam War are accounted for.
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