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Deleted by topic administrator 07-24-2006 02:05 AM
03:52 PM ET (US)
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Charlie StrossPerson was signed in when posted
01:01 PM ET (US)
Don't ask me -- I switched to OS/X years ago. (Anyway, how you tell lilo which system to boot depends on which partition you stuck your root installation in, which in turn depends on your drive layout.)
Change LILO to boot NT
03:53 PM ET (US)
Need some help. I haven't been able to use Linux in a long time. I re-installed it on my second hard drive, but LILO has linux as the default OS, if I get distracted and don't scroll to NT. I used to know how to correct this but have forgotten. JRWJohn@aol.com
Also, has a linmodem ever been developed?
Charlie StrossPerson was signed in when posted
09:11 AM ET (US)
Justin: it was no Heisenbug -- I tried spamc/spamd about 18 months ago and the perl 5.005 bug basically caused it to bail on every piece of spam. I broke my skull on it for a while, trying to figure out what was going on, before I gave up.
Justin Mason
06:26 PM ET (US)
What Michael and Danny said (and I should know ;)

Actually, I don't think the bug in perl 5.005 was a big deal; more one of those heisenbugs that might cause an occasional mail to fail to be scanned (and thereby be delivered unscanned).
Charlie StrossPerson was signed in when posted
05:30 PM ET (US)
It took a lot of poking around, but I finally got spamd/spamc running. Not without rebuilding Perl, though -- apparently there's a teensy bug in spamd that only manifests under perl 5.005_003, and guess what my box was running?

Anyway, the spam filtering load is now under control, and I've tweaked mailman a little, and the load average hasn't gone above 5.5 since. So it's a qualified success -- but if the volume of spam continues to increase in line with the past few months, I'm still going to need a new machine before September, when the lease on the current box expires.
Danny Yee
08:58 AM ET (US)
I second Michael - if you run spamc/spamd, you'll never need the memory for two instances of Spamassassin at once.

Danny http://danny.oz.au/
07:06 PM ET (US)
You had software problems: I had hardware problems.

After nearly a decade with *no* failures whatever, I've had three fan failures, including one Sun Netra fan which I can't quite fix properly, a PS/2 mouse port failure (!!), a hard drive failure, and a bad RAM chip.

In *one week*. Across only three machines. (And the failures weren't simultaneous, so I can't blame e.g. power spikes.)

If `it never rains but it pours' then I think machine-wise Europa's oceans just fell on my head.

I wonder if one of my machines just executed something that opened a very small gateway in accordance with Turing's unpublished results and let something small but Nasty across into the local net... ;} brings a new meaning to the term `computer virus', really; this virus can kill *you*. (Still not quite as nasty as Barnes's Memes, mind you. For sheer nasty I'm afraid all your universes so far are trumped by that one. Please don't try to change this: _Kaleidoscope Century_ gave me persistent nightmares for about a month.)
Michael the Impressive
06:36 PM ET (US)
Another vote for bytemark here. I use 'em and am pretty happy.

As for spamassassin, make sure you're using spamc/spamd.
04:55 PM ET (US)
Bytemark are really good. I moved to them at the start of the year and they really helped fill in bits of my Linux admin hat that I didn't know before - quality support that's really easy to get hold of. The other key advantage with a VM based host is that when my current 64mb RAM starts creaking too badly (probably about 3 months time or when I start filtering spam on the serverside) a quick call and you can sample a RAM upgrade.
Hugh "Nomad" Hancock
02:35 PM ET (US)
I feel your pain. I'm about to move Machinima.com, with many of the same things to move. Thankfully, I've been able to bribe Steve Kemp to fill in for my nonexistant Linux Admin hat...

Which provider are you going to be using for the new server? I'm hearing great things about Bytemark, our new hosts.

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