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Bb Faculty Support Activities

Do you provide Blackboard faculty support at your institution? This list of faculty support activities can serve as a starting point for new support staff, a self-evaluation for an organization, or a resource when adding new support services.

The list's value increases when you add your comments to those items that you are doing or those you have tried. Click on the blue "Pac man" icon to add a comment. Provide links to web sites, including the "http://", whenever possible. If you have questions about specific activities post those as comments, too.

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  • View comments on this itemAdd your comment on this item1 Awareness and Recognition -- Activities designed to make faculty aware of the Blackboard system and what it can do and/or recognize specific faculty who are using it. These are grouped together because one activity often accomplishes both goals.
  • View comments on this itemAdd your comment on this item11 Training -- Helping the faculty learn how to use the Blackboard system.
  • Add your comment on this item26 Services -- Providing products or service to the faculty.
  • Add your comment on this item45 Problem Solving -- Helping the faculty resolve computer problems so that they can make use of tha Blackboard system.
  • Add your comment on this item59 Infrastructure -- Setting up systems or procedures that will support the faculty.