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Keith Bramer

Hilton Clark
08:12 AM ET (US)
Hi there..I have come accross this "Quick Topic" site to Keith Bramer. I am excited as hell,as the possibility may excist that after many years of searching,I may finally get to what Im looking for. I too am a Ukulele fanatic ( Not in your league) my favourire Uke is a 54 year old Banjo Ukulele Make by George Formby. Now for my question. I was privaladged to see a Banjo Ukulele,many years ago, in the 50's, and it was called a Roy Smeck.It was a Banjo Ukulele. I have tried over many many years to try to obtain a simillar one. Humbly I ask do you possibly have one in your possession. If you dont, do you maybe know where I may get hold of one. I appreciate you potential assistance. Kind Regards
Hilton.....e-mail address hilt@global.co.za

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