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Daphne Demajo
01:32 PM ET (US)

The Last Temple of Apollo

A new ebook, set in picturesque Cornwall, has just been published on the internet.

A debut work by a Maltese writer, ‘The Last Temple of Apollo’ is a fantasy/adventure novel about 11-year-olds Anne and Giuliano and how they help four Ancient Greek gods, living in cognito in a Cornwall, to thwart the plans of their archenemy Cronos from re-establishing his bloody death cult in England.
Cornwall’s rich folklore and history provide a colourful background to this narrative, which is interspersed with stories and flashbacks to Grecian and Cornish history.
The novel can be download from http://www.dpdotcom.com/apollo.htm.
It makes excellent reading for the young, the not-so-young and anyone interested in Cornwall’s chequered history.



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