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IR Information Technology

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Just wondering about IR Information Technology... what an interesting topic. I will keep following this thread for updates...

Carl Reid
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01:10 PM ET (US)
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Madhukar Dayal
11:25 AM ET (US)
(writing from IIM, Ahmedabad) as student of Fellowship Programme (Information Systems):
1. The design of info sys should be first finalised, which will yield data/info transfer rates required, which should determine the need+amount to spend on data channel capacities (perhaps the total need may be less than leased lines, a virtual private network may suffice, saving huge costs in installation and later, operation and maintenance).

2. A careful (expandable), analysis of user needs is the first step. Care at design stage, to include enhancement in functionalities, facility for user built functionalities can avoid costly redesign and modification requirements, later.

3. The ability of system to allow user to declare new parameters for monitorin, allow other users to report on them, decide periodicity of reporting of such user defined elements, ability to conduct statistical analysis on such data elements etc. may also be considered; these make the system designed longer lasting; though users may need a special expert group to implement new models of dta element enhancements; or for each user to be able to declare his elements wished by him to be monitored.

These are just a few suggestions - pertaining to design mistakes overlooked by systems designers (as these depend on user participation too, which is difficult to elicit).

Wish you best of luck.
Will keep posting as and when i visit this site.
For contacting me personally, please email at madhukardayal@yahoo.com
S S Mathur
04:27 AM ET (US)
Nice site. The workshop computerisation project is again taking off. We are planning to provide some degree of centralistion, that some shops need not have a server and can access a central server through leased lines. I would like to have your opinions on this architecture.
The present system is in general tracking the progress of each piece of rolling stock as it moves through the maintenance process. However, I think that costing and process planning should also be covered. Any suggestions / work done in any workshop in this area?
Madhukar Dayal, Prof (IT)
08:01 AM ET (US)
I am looking forward to a lot of discussion on this board and available for any help anyone may need. Please do look up notes provided on IRIMEE website Knowledge bank about - Setting up a LAN, Dial up networking etc.
Happy Networking and computing.

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