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Software Updates and Anti-Virus

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02:36 AM PT (US)

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02:13 AM PT (US)
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02:05 AM PT (US)
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10:24 PM PT (US)
I too did a scan on housecalls and on panda and it housecalls did not detect it ....panda did and rave did but none would clean it so I manually removed it myself and rebooted.......I am hoping all goes ok....I did another rav scan and it didn't show the so called virus....WINNT\system32\winhlpp.exe is now removed.....but I don't know if it was to run any programs or not and how and where do you think I picked this up.......I didn't get a chance to put in a fire wall...but I have one now.......so I should be ok I hope.....thanks for being here.

Have a nice day!
Douglas E. WelchPerson was signed in when posted
08:18 PM PT (US)
It is very possible that if you got a warning from your Anti-Virus program, it removed the virus automatically. If you run your anti-virus software again, and it doesn't find the virus, you are OK.
07:45 PM PT (US)
Hi, i am sebastian from Chile, my english is not so good but i need help, I too have this virus in my PC, it say it is in C:/WINDOWS/SYSTEM32/WINHLPP.EXE, but winhlpp.exe don't exists, there's a file with almost the same name that is winhlp.exe but it's not inflected, i need somebody than can tell me where i can find the file to delete it inmediatly and where did this virus appear. THX ;)
Douglas E. WelchPerson was signed in when posted
07:26 PM PT (US)
The best solution is to find another computer, a friend or co-worker with a CD-RW drive and Internet access.

Visit :

and download the removal tool for the virus. Symantec has a slighty different name for it.

Burn the removal tool to CD.
Boot the infected computer into Safe Mode, using the F8 key during boot.
Run the removal tool from the CD
This should clean up the infection.


You will have to re-install Norton Antivirus as it was probably disabled by the virus. Update your anti-virus to the latest definitions.

Be sure to use Spybot (http://www.safer-networking.org/) or some other anti-spyware application to insure that you are not also infected with these bad programs.

Finally, and this could be done first, install all pertinent Windows Updates to protect yourself from other issues.

I hope this helps to get you back on track.
Edited 02-19-2004 07:27 PM
Blair Thron
06:08 PM PT (US)
Im desperate. I have a Gateway Desktop machine with "XP home edition". I have virus on it:

"WORM AGOBOT.BQ" C:\Winnt\system32\svcvhostp
Only TREND MICRO磗 "Housecall" (online virus scan) can detect it but not remove or repair it since the programs are running.

I have tried:
Antivir - (updated but couldnt detect it)
AVG - (updated but couldnt detect it)
Norton antivirus 2003 - it has been disabled automatically and I couldnt start it again - seems like it was the virus that did it in order to protect it self).

The Virus shuts down my computer from time to time with a 1 min. warning "Remote Proceedure call".

Can someone help me?
04:00 PM PT (US)
Boot up in "Safe Mode". You can then keep the regedit open long enough to make changes. It also effects msconfig settings that can only be opened in "safe mode"
 Good Luck!
Douglas E. WelchPerson was signed in when posted
08:27 AM PT (US)
It is possible sometimes that the Registry can become damaged. In these cases, you might have to backup your data, reformat your hard disk and reinstall Windwos and your applications.

Try to find someone knowledgeable in your geographic area, They might be able to help more than I can can via long distance.

It is best to boot from floppy disk or CD when trying to remove a worm like this. You need a program that will run before anything else, including the virus itself.

Edited 02-04-2004 08:51 AM
06:02 AM PT (US)
Hello~ I'm Echo from HK.
I also suffered from this worm. Although I've tried to following the instruction that the above site mentioned, and also the instruction mentioned in TREND MICRO磗 "Housecall" (online virus scan), I never suceed.
It mainly because i even can't run the Registry. once i opened it, it will closed immediately......oh, my PC got to shut down..
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