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Pass the Dayquil

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01:59 AM ET (US)
Happy Spring! Congrads on finishing book #1! Perhaps a brief break between books might clear out the brain cells for book #2. A visit to a museum, walk on the beach, peregrinations amongst the plants at Strybing Arboretum or a rent-a-movieathon of some favorite director or actor. I had what I thought was a cold on the13th and laid low for 36 hours. I'm beginning to think it was the onset of allergy season since so many of my friends are complaining of early allergies this year. The Lucas party sounds rough!
08:44 AM ET (US)
Lovely link to the music, I thank you and hope you are feeling better both in body and spirt soon!
07:51 PM ET (US)
do we get signed copies????
06:48 PM ET (US)
Hey Bonnie,

I'm a San Franciscan too. I've been reading your stuff for quite a while now. Oh, and I'm a guy. Anyhow, I've been writing for a living for years. There are so many ways to start a project, however, the best way I've found is just to start by writing ideas. Any idea. Even if they don't make any scense. One you have a page of these things, you can either fill in the blanks inbetween, or begin to put an outline together in your head. Once you've past a certain point (not the one on your head) the story will begin to flow. You'll think about what you want to say all the time. You'll wake-up in the middle of the night with a profound idea.

You are a great writer, I think you know that and all these folks that read your web page know it. Short stories are different (e.g. articles, etc.) a book is another animal. I think, for you, you should look at this quest as a bunch of short stories.
Good Luck Kiddo.
Tavis XavierPerson was signed in when posted
08:31 AM ET (US)
You can't force yourself to write. Writing is something that flows through you. You can't rush that feeling, or you sacrifice the quality of your work for speed. Write when you feel like it and the pages will be in harmony.
bonnie burtonPerson was signed in when posted
09:18 PM ET (US)
yeah i'm home sick today and i contemplated working on my novel since my writing does tend to get better when I'm loaded up on Dayquil... but then I decided to nap for 8 hours. So much for that. I don't know how full-time writers get anything written. Ugh.

Kevin Smith once said he wrote 80 pages for his Superman screen play in one night. Sheesh. Where in the hell these people get the energy to do that? I suppose it must be the drive to succeed. My only major skill set these days seems to be collecting germs and procrastination.
Tavis XavierPerson was signed in when posted
07:23 PM ET (US)
Stormtroppers are cool.. Just lousy aim.
Debbie Slobe (Fellner)
04:56 PM ET (US)
Bonnie, your writing is even better when you are sick. My writing improves when I'm drunk. We could make a good team, you and me! Ha ha ha. Hope you are well.
01:08 AM ET (US)
...big mistake in letting me find out I can post here too :p
Bonnie, I just wanted to thank you ever so much for relaying the messege to my friend.
  I hope that you get to feeling better. And I have to agree with whoever said to drink lots of OJ... if you can't handle tons of acid just eat about 100mgs of Vitamin C a day! Works wonders in makin ya better and preventing this awful flu everyone is getting.
04:54 PM ET (US)
Go to the doctor and get antibiotics. I'm person 4 that I know with the exact same thing in the bay area. I went the first day I was sick and the doc tried to tell me it was just allergies. By day 3 I was hacking up phlegm and I got the meds. This lasts a LONG time. I'm on day 6 right now and I feel the worst I've felt so far. Ugh! Get well soon!
Bonnie Burton
02:45 PM ET (US)
no way! I love writing about stormtroopers and droids and Wookiees.... it's just no fun writing it when I'm sick...

11:24 AM ET (US)
I'm glad you added the bit about liking your work and your colleagues, because I was about to berate you for making it sound BAD to get paid for writing about stormtroopers.

Tavis XavierPerson was signed in when posted
07:57 AM ET (US)
Well it sounds like you have a good St. Patrick’s day. Good luck with the sore throat. Try to consume as much O.J as possible, that stuff works wonders. Or just try a little honey with your tea.

Congratulations with the book. You go Grrl !