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Editorials from the Back of the Clue Bus

Aaron LarsonPerson was signed in when posted
12:35 PM ET (US)
Were Kristof reading Krugman, he would have realized that this is indeed old news. Not that adding another editorial to the pile is necessarily a bad thing.... But the editorial doesn't shed any new thought or light on the issue, and thus seems a bit, well, trite.
11:24 PM ET (US)
He could be, but he's a little late to the pile-on.

It's not a con, at any rate. The boards voting for these huge salaries don't truly believe they're getting $200 million worth of leadership; they expect that they will get the same courtesy when it's their turn up for a salary review.
Dennis Slater
10:42 PM ET (US)
Whether Kristof finally noticed salary inequities or not he wrote a very good article. Saying that Kristoff finally noticed something seems to imply that he should have been looking for this type of thing all along. Why? What does the NYT pay Professor Krugman for if not insightful articles like this?

It is always good to be reminded that there are ingenuous people who are capable of conning others into paying them huge sums of money for little or no value added to the bottom line. This type of CEO bashing has taken place for as long as I can remember and instead of saying that Kristof is "finally noticing" the excessive corporate salary problem maybe Kristof could be said to be "piling on" instead.

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