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FA:OSX / Plucker

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For a while I had my Palm on a KVM switch between my Mac and PC... and synchronized everything to the Mac, with just AvantGo from the PC. It worked brilliantly but was somewhat (ahem) annoying. Especially since Vindigo worked so well and came out so quickly with it's OS X embrace.

Then I got a Treo 600, and was able to set AvantGo to update wirelessly. It worked, but the updates were somewhat slow over the cell connection. I also purchased Mark/Space's "The Missing Sync" but that seemed more like an unwieldy hack to me, with all the switching and tapping necessary, and I ended up using the software more for the iTunes/iPhoto/Finder integration.

Now that I am using the latest release of Mal Conduit, I am supremely happy. It just works, the way AvantGo used to work. I've set up about 10 of my most frequently visited Palm-friendly pages to read, they sync quickly alongside my "regular" sync schedule... and when I'm done with those I can always go to the "Web" app and surf some more.

For RSS, how about Hand/RSS?
Funky interface but otherwise works well.
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