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San Fran: the city of lazy singles

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Deleted by topic administrator 11-09-2004 06:20 PM
06:02 PM ET (US)
So it wasn't just me! When I lived in San Francisco from July 1996 to April 2000, it was hard as HELL to meet compatible singles. First, when you work a day job that eats up more than half your day (including commute time on the freeway), I didn't feel like going out -- a BIG Friday night for me in SF was going to get Thai and a video. Big Whoop! I did try this Sport and Social Club and played soccer on a team, but people were so self-conscious and many were there to be in their circle of friends they had prior to joining the team and league that it too was a worthless track for meeting someone. Did someone say "no love life" -- that was me back then. Fall of '99 however, I did meet someone via but we didn't have much in common, so the sex seemed pretty empty. We parted ways right before I moved to L.A in May 2000.

Good luck Bonnie with the Dating Life. Volunteer somewhere -- seriously, I think it might work. I met my fiance here in L.A. at a business mixer and we're very much in love -- and we're getting married in July. But what the hell do I know? *shrugs*.
Edited 02-15-2004 06:10 PM
12:19 PM ET (US)
Since you're about to start dating again, maybe you should solicit applications. The following website is in incredibly poor taste (perhaps you remember this guy from MTV's True Life: I'm an Internet Dater??), but you could Bonnify the idea:
Edited 02-11-2004 12:20 PM
12:44 AM ET (US)
> yeah part of me would never want to do a "How to Date
> Bonnie" list on my site

Yeah, but you should still do it anyway!
06:20 PM ET (US)
A fat lot of help THAT is. Do you realize how hard it is to become an indie rock star when you can't play an instrument and only write meaningless, angsty lyrics?

Wait, scratch that. This will be a cake walk. I'll call my band "Another Death Cab for Cutie."
Bonnie Burton
02:13 PM ET (US)
yeah part of me would never want to do a "How to Date Bonnie" list on my site because half the fun of dating is discovering those elements as you go.

why give up all the mystery from the get go?
besides, anyone who really wanted to bother wooing me can find out more about me just from reading as it is now....

02:04 PM ET (US)
I just read the 'dating requirements' woman's website...she seems like she'd be rather exhausting to be with. In my experience, that sense of over-saturated self-importance or self-justification which she seems to have smacks of desperate insecurity. Every semi-intelligent/creative person goes through any number of existential crises, which, while being "unique" in terms of the general populace, are quite common among this group. The difference between, say, her and me is that I don't reveal mine to total strangers on the internet as some sort of method of validation.
09:54 PM ET (US)
Re: the below posted list of dating requirements...why do women bother saying that their ideal date "has to make them laugh"? Who the hell *wouldn't* go out with someone who didn't make them laugh? That's like saying that one's ideal car has to have tires.

07:54 PM ET (US)
Make sure the nerdy girls stop at Redwood City first!
jack saturn
07:40 PM ET (US)
i'll repeat this for the record: the quality of the guys you have met, no matter how many of them there have been, does not define your particular city's dating culture. guys do not adapt to a certain style based on where they live. for every guy you've dated who was "non-commital" or whatever, there is probably a guy who doesn't frequent the same social circles who is exactly what you're looking for. cities are multi-faceted, as are the people who live in them.

and to the person who was maintaining the "queque" of "quiet, depressed nerdy girls," would you please send a few of them -- or heck, even one -- in the direction of portland? that description sounds perfect! heh.
Bonnie Burton
06:40 PM ET (US) friend's tips on how to date her are are hilarious!


6. Don't talk about being fat. Or bald. Or ugly. If you happen to really be fat, bald, or ugly, don't pout...


- bonnie
04:48 AM ET (US)
I live in the bay area too and I want to thank you for posting your recap of that article. I haven't seen the actual article but I've known that to be the case for a long time. I generally only date friends of friends, or people from work, which pretty much sucks. The guys I've dated from SF haven't been so great and most of them aren't looking for long term relationships. I'm not really looking at this point. As I said to my friend the other day I'd rather be pleasantly suprised by something then have any expectations. I met a guy from another city recently but he just reminded me of some of the non-commital guys you could meet in the city. Oh well.

My friend posted her tips for dating her on her site. That didn't go over too well with some people who read it, since there are a LOT of tips. I can appreciate where she's coming from though.

Check it out:
Edited 02-07-2004 04:48 AM
06:49 PM ET (US)
You should have the Bonnie Test on! Seriously!
Bonnie Burton
01:24 PM ET (US)
wow I just realized I have two different sign ins here....

I always knew I had multiple facets to my personality, but this is ridiculous!

Bonnie Burton
12:33 PM ET (US)
> BJB,
> Have you written down a list of requirements in a significant
> other? That's what I'm going to do!

And then I should post them on!
I always thought of doing a Bonnie Test online... but then I figured that might be going overboard.

I once had a guy give his dates a short music trivia test.
Needless to say, he's still single.
Bonnie Burton
12:30 PM ET (US)
I think the supposed "truckload of guys" keeps crashing before it gets anywhere near me...

poor fellas.
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