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A Cereal Invention

Aaron Blubaugh
07:29 AM ET (US)
In the year of two thousand four it began with what willing wrote. "Write about cereal." Simple enough. Or was it?
Not until the year of two thousand five -- nay! two thousand six -- was Katie Althoff about to step up to the plate. A true advocate for nature's breakfast of choice: the cereal.
Who will be next? Could it be you? You? or YOU? (the final "You" - I'm actually pointing at you). So go make William's dream of a breakfast discussion a reality! Thanks.
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Katie Althoff
12:35 AM ET (US)
What's there to say about cereal? What is there NOT to say about cereal? Cereal and I go way back. I started on that rice cereal, you know, like babies eat... and was hooked. The rest is history.
04:37 PM ET (US)
discuss about cereal
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