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Slander? Treason? Think Coulter

06:42 AM ET (US)
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Aaron LarsonPerson was signed in when posted
11:33 AM ET (US)
Give an idiot a computer, and it's bad enough. Give an anonymous idiot a computer, and....

Back to Coulter?
10:58 PM ET (US)
For the Wayne Jobson question: I don't think it's slander, b----, it's protecting women. Do you have any idea how many countless women he promised he was in an exclusive monogamous relationship with while he was doing the same thing with 40+ other women. Check it out, not hard to find on the Web, sincere stories by women hurt and scared they have contracted STDs. Exposing the truth on this criminal is not slander. Protecting and promoting him is, know what I mean?, and puts you on his same sub-human level.
Aaron LarsonPerson was signed in when posted
12:48 PM ET (US)
Is cassandra somebody who would once have been referenced as an "AOL user"? Sheesh.

Back to Coulter?
11:55 AM ET (US)
Is this considered slander? I think slander has to be spoken not written right?
Wayne Jobson lives in Washington DC. He was born on Dec 4, 1954. He is currently 49.

I heard he did the following:

He dated several woman at the same time....about 15 at a time(because
only 3 live in DC and the rest in different cities he would visit).

All of the girlfriends thought they were in an exlcusive relationship
with him.

He lied continuosly to keep this shannigan going....and seems to fit
the profile for sociopath and narcissist. He does whatever he has to
to convince them all they are the only one to keep them--will lie to
all extremes. He lies about his age to get young girlfriends. He was
born Dec 4, 1954 but has lied about his age and pretended to be as
young as 35 to date college-aged woman.

He ussually sees up to three or four woman a week. He frequently
pretends he is working on big projects with big rockstars so that when
he is busy with other girls he seems like an important guy with a busy
schedule...(that's why he can't spend a lot of time with them). He
has seen upto 3 woman a day...
Here is another note from someone else who posted on icq:
Yes, he's 49. I torched a decade practically with him and my own stupidity. This same situation blew up with him 4 years ago in LA where everyone found out... Then he moved to Washington in the heat of it all. Strange coincidence. He's walked away from his own child with no remorse as well as many who loved the fantasy he created for them to believe in. And yes I even loved the fantasy and his pet names of "Crispy" and being told of the cute "cheeky little smile" which I know went out to everyone. But hey, he's the "innocent Island boy" right?

All I can say is that you feel very foolish because you are all probably very intelligent women. But, when someone lies with no remorse, there is no seeing through it. And we all want to believe it. Because we are good people who are not capable of the same. So strangely that is our "fatal flaw" but also our "saving grace" for we have no real regrets. We all responded with the information that was available to us from our hearts. That is the best we can do.

I found out through a friend that all this was happening again. And yes it is still hurtful to me with my time that was wasted. It is one thing to waste someone's time for a few months because you're getting to know them and are not sure if you want the relationship or not but to knowing waste someone's time for years and to use them for your own comfort is pure evil. That is why he is a preditor. I mentioned I wasn't surprised that he was alive for a few reasons. Not only for the obvious but because he's played so deeply with people's emotions. I relocated partially due to the threat of angry women. And God knows I wasn't "the one" but only one of the scape goats of seriously brused egos. There may have never been "the one" unless it was Joy who he torched many years ago ( when he was in his 20's)

Only he can help himself which isn't likely to happen. He's 49. We can only protect ourselves and others with the knowledge from our experiences. And remember we deserve someone who is there for us, not cheap, and faithful.
Edited 04-15-2004 12:00 PM
06:03 PM ET (US)
Perhaps his actions were merely "potentially heroable."
Lynne Fremont
11:55 AM ET (US)
I dont know. It seems to me that if a person is in a situation (like, say, a war) and he ends up getting limbs blown off because of that situation, it qualifies as war-related in my mind. I mean, it isnt like he was walking down the street, minding his own business when he picked up a live granade or anything.
12:33 PM ET (US)
Oh, is that theirs? Wow. They've gone downhill.
Aaron LarsonPerson was signed in when posted
10:02 AM ET (US)
I get most of the "idiotorials" I take apart on the blog from their
Edited 02-14-2004 10:02 AM
10:31 PM ET (US)
After her book Treason came out, David Brock noted that her shock-tactic approach was about to put her so far out of popular discourse that she was going to sink like a rock. I think his comment was something like 'what's next for her? Holocaust denial?'

Maybe not just yet, but criticizing a soldier whose limbs were blown off by an enemy grenade comes close.

I'm somewhat baffled that the Heritage Society was stupid enough to post her stuff.
Aaron LarsonPerson was signed in when posted
01:48 PM ET (US)
If you want to read Coulter's toxic waste spill, follow the link. Again - what really happenend.
Edited 02-13-2004 01:57 PM

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