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IR Management Systems

07:05 AM ET (US)
Coach no. SR193184
Type LWSCZ-175

Problem and Suggestions
Aerodynamics of the fans have problem. Air circulation fails due to insufficient space and bad design of overhead racks on the sides.
Also the side window design have issues
Very hot inside

01:09 AM ET (US)
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Suresh D. Mane
02:37 AM ET (US)
Respected Sir,

Has Indian Railways bought out any publication on Energy management and Energy Conservation. Probably IR is one of the leading energy consumer in this nation and is now a Designated Consumer as per BEE MoP GoI.

Is IR, IRIMEE promoting Railwaymen to take up the National Certification examination for Energy Auditors and Energy managers.

There is a potential for energy conservation over IR.

Is any corporate approach being prepared on this lines.

with regards

suresh d mane
kailash prasad
01:04 AM ET (US)
respected sir,
i am a handicapped applicant of your esteemed workshop.i had appeared in that examination which is reserve for physically disabled person. that is held on 06-05-2007,and now i selected in that examination.
to know about your workshop i log on your website.really i surprised when i click on the "sprit of jamalpur" section.
as i know mr.nitish kumar is a chief minister of bihar in the present time.but today accourding to your information mr.nitish kumar is a rail minister of india.
i want to say that all the information on this section is very old and not update regularlly.i think how much problem will becreate when any oversease person logs on the website to know about this institution.
please give a soft attention on my problem.
thanking you,
your faithfully
kailash prasad
Kavit Chedda
11:04 PM ET (US)
I would love to see that being put up by the institute. I pray my question does not see the same fate as those of Rangarao and Acharya (on Wagon board) which the institute has not cared to reply in the last two months. Please keep website current.
Rovin Banerjee
10:51 PM ET (US)
They are supposed to do manpower and engineering management in Railways. So I am not sure higher education is the focus of alumni. But, I have met a few alumni who have gone to IIM. IIM Calcutta has seen a few in recent years. Not sure if some have studied at top US universities. Perhaps, the institute should take lead to put up details on website. This will be good for the branding.
Kavit Chedda
10:35 PM ET (US)
As an indicator of strategic focus on quality education, can you tell us How many alumni have gone on to do higher studies in Engineering and Management?
Have any of them gone to prestigious institutes like MIT, Stanford, Harvard or to the IIMs?
Does the institute keep record of post-graduation jobs, institutes etc. of students graduating every year? Can you share the data on the website?
03:58 AM ET (US)
test message
R.V.Ranga Rao, ADME/D/NGP
10:15 AM ET (US)
    In general in some locations of Narrow Gauge section it is noticed that BG released steel sleepers were used by cutting them to size of Narrow Gauge. Sir, I want to know that are they contribute for the drailment of N.G. diesel locos.? Please reply sir.
M. K. Gupta, Prof(MIS)
11:07 PM ET (US)
Following books can be referred:
1. The Leader’s Handbook by Peter Scholtes (McGraw Hill)

2. Out of the Crisis by W. Edwards Deming (East West Press, Delhi)

3. The New Economics – for Industry, Government & Education by W.Edwards Deming (MIT Press, USA)

4. The Deming Dimension by Prof Henry Neave (SPC Press, KNOXVILLE, Tenesse, USA)

5. Understanding Variation - The Key to Managing Chaos (SPC Press, KNOXVILLE, Tenesse, USA)

6. Published Literature of the Erstwhile British Deming Association
Brijesh Pandey
10:58 PM ET (US)
What are the suggested literature for getting in depth knowledge on the subject?

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