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127 photography

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David Daniels
04:45 AM ET (US)
Hello Brian,
    Thanks for that especially the links.
                                  Dave D.
Brian Price
05:49 AM ET (US)
Hi David

The Luxette 44 was exactly as you described, made in around 1953 by a firm called Zimmerman in Germany . They only made one design but sold it under several names with small differences. The were sold under Cima 44, Kobold 44 and Pronta as well as Luxette. I don't think it would have been as much as 30/-. that would be 30 in today's money, probably more like 3/-! They turn up regularly on Ebay, you should get one for around 5

David Daniels
06:36 PM ET (US)
Around about 1962, I purchased a viewfinder, 127 film camera camera from Woolworths for about 30 shillings (I think). The reason I bought it was I was short of cash and it offered three shutter speeds, rather than the single one offered by its Kodak and Ilford contemporaries. The three shutter speeds were described on the lens ring by a dark cloud, a light cloud, and a sun type symbols. As I recall it had a brushed aluminium type case, with black, leatherette type trim. Given decent Kodak film it took very good photos, within its price limitations. The name "Luxette" seems to ring a bell, but this could be a "red herring", as the one shown on your website looks different, although it seems to be an earlier example.
I still have all my older cameras, from a Cosmic 35 to a Zenith TTL, but that Woolworths camera is missing from my collection, so for nostalgia's sake, I would like to acquire another, the missing link if you like. Maybe someone out there could help.
02:47 PM ET (US)
In reference to 127 rangefinder cameras-my Gelto has a coupled rangeinder. From what I understand this was an aftermarket device - but it works very well.
Kurt Ingham
10:00 AM ET (US)
Hi Just noticed an article regarding scanning 127 negatives, I have a Epson perfection 4490 scanner which does all sorts of scanning including negatives,the results are excellent, the only thing you have to be careful of is removing any dust or markes from the scanning screen and negatives
Deleted by topic administrator 01-13-2015 07:30 AM
12:25 AM ET (US)
Anyone have experience with Rera Pan 127, from Japan? Appears to be 100 ISO black and white silver emulsion. Have seen it here:

and online at Ebay. Haven't had a chance to try it.
Pete C
04:22 AM ET (US)
Thanks David. I don't normally look at links but curiosity overcame me and I did, which brought up the Asian florist. I didn't explore further. But you are right, it's wise not to, as these are often malicious. My computer is well protected but as you suggest I will run a scan now. Thanks.
David Mukai
09:57 AM ET (US)
Hi, Pete!

I hate to say it, but I bet many of these "strange and irrelevant messages" that you click on links to get to are phishing attempts, or worse, hacking attempts. If you click on links to get to their odd messages or whatever, aren't you opening yourself up to having someone gain backdoor access to your computer? I never click on links these days unless I know for sure who they are and/or that they are going to take me to a reputable company. The link may even look quite normal or like it's coming from a reputable company, but it's a link that's got a hidden URL associated with it so that it takes you to what may look like a legitimate website for a legitimate, well known company, but it's really hacking into your computer or asking you for personal information in a form that you fill out but which doesn't ultimately go to the seemingly legitimate company but to some phishing site. You end up giving personal information to who knows?

If you ended up connecting with a florist somewhere in Asia, I'd be very suspicious that you've been hacked or that it was a phishing attempt. You might want to scan your computer hard drive now for viruses.

Best of luck! I hope everything works out OK for you!


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Pete C
10:08 AM ET (US)
I wonder why people post these strange & irrelevant messages? I can't imagine they get much business through people looking at their links. The latest seems to be a florist somewhere in Asia! Perhaps they're bored and don't know what else to do with their time?
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Pete C
04:44 AM ET (US)
That's very good news. Although Maco can't say it, there is every reason to believe the master rolls are coated by Harman Technology (Ilford) in the UK, although the finishing is done elsewhere. The film should therefore be more reliable, from the quality control angle, than the old Efke R100. It is also a more conventional emulsion than the Rollei 80S, which Maco sold for a while, which basically was an aerial surveillance film.
Bill Lynch
01:51 AM ET (US)
Thanks Nils, that announcement makes me happy!
01:07 PM ET (US)

NEW 127 film announced by Maco!

The Rollei RPX 100 will be available from Mid-2014 as 127! It's a great classic film, comparable to Ilford FP4plus.

This will probably be the best, most universal 127 film since Kodak stopped their production.
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