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Custom Cowboy Boots and Vintage Cowboy Boot Collecting

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Jude LangdonPerson was signed in when posted
01:51 AM ET (US)

Trying to add another picture for reference in identifying the boot.
Jude LangdonPerson was signed in when posted
01:50 AM ET (US)

Trying to identify these boots which I presume are vintage. Black Suede with heavy white embroidery depicting horse heads and foliage and geometric border.

Not a lot of wear so I think the bottom of the heels may be original They have an impression/outline of a western boot. Inside has only numbers
and no name or wording.

Thanks for any help.
The Local Boots DealerPerson was signed in when posted
12:24 PM ET (US)
Hi all, I believe their handmade range is limited to a Chelsea Boot-style. Grtz TLBD
sammaPerson was signed in when posted
12:24 AM ET (US)
They are well made, but I understand most style have automated processes involved. They have the famous craftsman signature range which are handmade and signed by the bookmaker. A google search suggests they are looking at opening a store in New York in the future. Maybe you could check them out there. I like them but am no boots expert.
FaughnderPerson was signed in when posted
08:32 PM ET (US)
Samma, I've seen R M Williams boots listed on ebay but never in person. Are they well made?
sammaPerson was signed in when posted
08:57 PM ET (US)
Thanks everyone for the comments. Some people in Australia wear western boots but not much as of course they need to be imported. Most often people wear Australian made short boots the most famous and traditional being a brand called R M Williams.
FaughnderPerson was signed in when posted
08:53 PM ET (US)
Samma, it may take a few days for some others to offer some thoughts on how to care for your boots. I hope they do. I don't own snake skin boots so I don't know how to care for them. I don't like snakes, dead or alive. I do know treating them is important because they are prone to cracking and flaking.

Do many people wear boots in Australia?

Aye SellPerson was signed in when posted
09:29 AM ET (US)
Samma, yes, they are real python skin. Also, never use neat's-foot oil on boots. It rots the stitching.
sammaPerson was signed in when posted
07:00 AM ET (US)

G'day from Australia
I recently purchased these boots from a local garage sale. My hubby isnt up for them - I am jealous as it the fit me I would wear them. I am wondering if they are real snakeskin. Inside they say Made in USA, with lots of numbers, and 'innersoles fortified fiber material'. Please see pics, do you think they are real snakeskin, and if they are, how should I care for them, is neetsfoot oil ok?
Thank you Samantha
Deleted by author 10-06-2016 03:27 PM
Police876Person was signed in when posted
12:36 AM ET (US)
Thanks for the quick responses. I have recently had several pairs of boots handed down to me from my uncle. He was very proud of his boots and knowing a little more about them and their history makes owning them that much more enjoyable. Thanks again.
CowboybootnutPerson was signed in when posted
11:54 AM ET (US)
Hyer Boots was sold to the Ben Miller Company in El Paso in 1977. After that, several companies made Larry Mahan Boots, I heard Rios did for awhile. I believe most of the 1990s and early 2000s there were no Larry Mahan boots being produced. Then Montague Boot Company (ex-Nocona Boots employees) in Nocona TX started up the Larry Mahan line to sell exclusively in Cavendar's Boots stores. Montague Boot Co. is now the Fengolio Boot Company, and I believe the Mahan line has ceased.
turpinPerson was signed in when posted
03:17 AM ET (US)
Larry Mahan has allowed his name to be used by several boot makers. The label you have pictured was when his boots were made by the HYER Boot company and were probably made in El Paso. As your date shows, they were making his boots about 35 years ago. HYER is no longer around making boots as far as I know. I own a couple of pairs with the same label, "Larry Mahan Collection", and for factory made boots they are high quality with good detailing and wooden pegging. The size is generally stamped in the rear of the boot using bootmaker "code"; example is 11D = 411, 9E = 590, 8 1/2B = 285, etc. The date was probably stamped in the top by the shop selling the boots, not by HYER. They are not really "rare" and come up on eBay pretty often. Price would depend on condition and type of leather. I have a pair in elk hide leather that might be what these are and could fetch you $100 or so. A pair in Ostrich, Python, Elephant, Alligator, Anteater would escalate in value as you go along up to several hundreds of dollars. Varies by condition and ultimately what a boot collector is willing to pay. Hope that helps. Turpin
Edited 10-01-2016 10:35 AM
Police876Person was signed in when posted
10:47 PM ET (US)
After closer examination it appears the date is actually 1981. Still any info would be appreciated.
Police876Person was signed in when posted
10:11 PM ET (US)

Here's the stamp picture.
Police876Person was signed in when posted
10:06 PM ET (US)

Date on boot is actually 1961, and I was mistaken in that the name is not stamped in boot only the date.
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