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iPhoto 4

02:28 PM ET (US)
I am trying to create a book in iPhoto. First, I made an album. Then I set up a new book & started laying it out. Then, I decided I wanted to add more photos. I added them to the album I made for the book, but when I opened my book, only the original photos were there. I also tried dragging the new pics into the runner of photos above the album, but taht wouldn't work either.

Do I have to start all over to add new photos?
10:46 PM ET (US)
I'm having a hard time backing up my iphoto library. I try to copy some of it to a DVD to burn, but it tells me that it can't because one or more images are busy. What's up with that?
Deleted by topic administrator 07-21-2006 08:59 AM
Sam French
01:30 AM ET (US)
How does one create a slideshow with more than one song.

I made a slideshow with lots of pictures and I can't seem to attach more than one song to it

Thanks for the help
Douglas Adams
02:31 AM ET (US)
It marks any photo that has keywords set for it. That's it, that's all.
Andy Affleck
04:10 PM ET (US)
Yep, it's a simple way to temporarily flag an image. Check out O'Reilly's site for Derrick Story's posts about iPhoto. He talks about some cool ways to use it. I generally use it when going through scads of images when I want to select a few for some later operation. But creating a temp album works just as well. YMMV.
Patrick BerryPerson was signed in when posted
12:48 PM ET (US)
That is exactly what confused me about it... I thought maybe it was for some cool feature that would come out, but it's been in there for a while. Oh well...
12:43 PM ET (US)
AFAIK, that checkmark is akin to a keyword, just like any other in iPhoto. Think of it as a way to temporarily mark some photos that you plan to work on or print? Perhaps it would make more sense if the Smart Album feature actually allowed you to select "photos whose keyword includes the checkmark." As it stands now it just allows matching text, which prevents you from using the checkmark as a delimiter.

I usually just end up creating a temporary album and dragging photos into it. The keyword implementation in iPhoto has always been half-baked IMHO. You should be able to keyword photos much quicker, by way of contextual menus or hotkeys. Otherwise the "time saver" ends up taking way too much time to actually enable.

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