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Federal Employees Health Benefits

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Cali to ColoPerson was signed in when posted
05:43 PM ET (US)
Boss, I am 59 yrs. old - no Medicare for a little while. But I may delay my next colonoscopy (until 65/66) if this next one is polyp-free. I will be paying 30% of everyone's charges (facility, Dr., pathologist and anesthesiologist. Max should be $800.)
Edited 08-15-2018 05:44 PM
Boss BasherPerson was signed in when posted
10:31 AM ET (US)
Cali: You don't have Medicare yet, do you? When you turn 65, GET IT, and DO get Part B. Medicare Part B will pay for whatever your FEHBP doesn't, as long as you go to a Provider who accepts Medicare. It's POSSIBLE to Hump The Bunk and wind up owing thousands, even with the Medicare/FEHBP Combo, but you'd have to work at it. If you have both insurance(s) and people are STILL talking about "How much you owe", perhaps you should try another Institution, for it doesn't need to be so.
Cali to ColoPerson was signed in when posted
08:55 AM ET (US)
Well Boss, at least the first comment to my polyp post wasn't a jab at the subject! (Boss, I did do my research on this because the financial obligation paperwork I received prior to this upcoming procedure scared the CRAP out of me - so maybe I don't need that Fleet laxative=type stuff?? :-) ugh ugh ugh
Boss BasherPerson was signed in when posted
12:58 AM ET (US)
Cali, that's an interesting thing to find out. As always, there are ways 'Around' most things. It's down to US EACH, to stay informed and up-to-date about your own personal coverage. Study it - Maximize it. One Misstep will cost you thousands. Finally, ASK at the front counter when you go in. GET THEM to say: "It's all covered", or whatever. Know the answer to your question first, then ASK ANYWAY.
Cali to ColoPerson was signed in when posted
12:10 AM ET (US)
Some colon polyp information. Two thirds of all colon polyps are precancerous, with only 5% of those actually turning cancerous. Removing those polyps ASAP prevents them from progressing to the cancerous stage.

I am learning that once you have had your first colonoscopy (mostly covered by BC/BS), if they find precancerous polyps in that first one and suggest colonoscopies every three years - then the subsequent procedures are covered differently by BC/BS. (Now diagnostic screenings as opposed to preventative).
Edited 08-15-2018 12:15 AM
10:28 PM ET (US)
Seems like the way it should be. Unbridled, cannibalistic capitalism. Everything controlled by Godless and amoral corporations, everything affixed a dollar amount.
09:02 PM ET (US)
Pretty soon, if not now, each of us will be rated in value to the dollar and cents. All this info collected and staged on each of us, will decide our future. The Insurance companies will be in charge.
Boss BasherPerson was signed in when posted
01:10 AM ET (US)
/m4043 IF you are enrolled in Blue Cross BASIC, this applies to you. You'll have to get the Weblink for the "Rebate" (follow directions), create an Account, then after you've paid for one Quarter of Medicare (90 days), you can file for the return of your $402.00. Three months later, after paying another Quarter, you can file a claim for $198.00, for a total of $600.00 bucks. I didn't do the Wellness Exam, so I don't know about that. Basic premiums, BTW, are quite a bit cheaper than BCBS Standard - for about the same coverage. It's a good deal.
Boss BasherPerson was signed in when posted
01:08 AM ET (US)
That's about the size of it.
12:24 AM ET (US)
I would never get Medicare. It's too Commie. Good old capitalism for me. Large Insurance Corporations that you have to fight everytime you file a claim. 20% increase every year. Heaven!
08:01 PM ET (US)
First sign up for bcbs basic
07:30 PM ET (US)
was reading a post about signing up for medicare and getting 50.00 monthly re-inbursement when you sign up plus up to 180.00 credit on a mastercard wellness card. how do you go about getting this. retired and will be 65 in december. thinking about signing up
Boss BasherPerson was signed in when posted
09:27 AM ET (US)
Surprise, Surprise. Seems like no one "Needs" it - until they NEED it.
RetiresoonPerson was signed in when posted
06:11 AM ET (US)
Get Medicare!! My brother in law turned down for a stress test by his wife's policy at her work, he's 74 without Medicare. He told me awhile ago he doesn't need Medicare part b because he's on his wife's policy.
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Boss BasherPerson was signed in when posted
07:37 AM ET (US)
More Russian Bots lol
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