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Federal Employees Health Benefits

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Boss BasherPerson was signed in when posted
12:59 PM ET (US)
I've been retired almost 11 years, and am of Modest means. If I could afford to BANK $5,500.00 per year (I cannot), I would at least want to finish that year with a Savings balance of $5,500.00 - and NOT hand it all over to doctors & hospitals. Yes, I really am that selfish.....
12:39 PM ET (US)
Not Me! I got great genes and have it all figured out. I don't need government help anyway. That's for the weak willed and feeble minded.
What Up?
12:12 PM ET (US)
Yah mon. I pay 50 bucks a month extra for Medicare because the old lady makes to much money. But I still buy it for piece of mind. At least Blue Cross kicks that back to me.
Some of these guys that post here think they're immortal. Getting old is a fact of life. Protect yourself.
Boss BasherPerson was signed in when posted
09:40 AM ET (US)
Myself personally, I DON'T have Serious Money from a TSP to fall back on...but if I DID, I sure as Hell would not want to hand it over, to Doctors and Hospitals each year. I'll pay the Part B Premium, instead.
Boss BasherPerson was signed in when posted
09:38 AM ET (US)
I won't speak to the FERS retirement system, but under CSRS, that $5,500 Max Per Year, out of pocket, is a significant CHUNK of a CSRS pension, which generally runs about $35K per year, GROSS. Unless you've got some SERIOUS TSP money to back you, you're going to get "chunked" by that $5,500 Annual Max. Just the "Little Things": Ooops - got to go to the ER and have a few stitches? "...Singh's three stitches cost $2,229.11. Another patient, a rambunctious toddler named Orla Roche, sought care at the same ER after falling from a couch and splitting her forehead open. Sealing the wound with some skin glue cost $1,696.Dec 5, 2013 - *and this is from 2013*..." - And sorry, folks - that comes out of your Annual Deductible. That's all ON YOU. Be ready, to be Bent Over, several times per year, because Life Happens.
Edited 06-16-2018 09:41 AM
05:57 PM ET (US)
Great discussion on Medicare and Fep Health care. I still have not been able to change others mind that have just Fep Health care They still passed up on Medicare but I'm sold. That $5500 out of pocket sold me and recurring visits to doctors and maybe hospital as they Nickel and dime you toward that $5500 every time they walk in your hospital room.
No RegretsPerson was signed in when posted
12:09 PM ET (US)
BCBS/Basic also will give you up to a 180$ credit on a mastercard wellness card just for completing their health assessment on line each year. That, plus the 50 dollars a month they give you for signing up with medicare comes to 780 dollars a year. With these two credits taken into consideration it brings the cost of your medicare down to 828$ a year. I cant see any reason not to sign up.
Cali to ColoPerson was signed in when posted
10:27 AM ET (US)
Retiree,/m4014 - Yes, a simple trip and fall could be catastrophic.
Boss BasherPerson was signed in when posted
07:13 AM ET (US)
ONE phone call from the Doctor's office, ONE bad Test Result, can and will turn your world upside-down. Most just don't come HERE, to tell about it.
04:19 AM ET (US)
I'm getting it when I'm old enough in a few years. And keep my BC. You're nuts if you don't, IMHO. I don't care how healthy you think you are at 65. Sh#t happens, man.
Boss BasherPerson was signed in when posted
12:50 AM ET (US)
And of course, it really comes into Play, if you are unfortunate enough to come down with a chronic or long-term, serious illness. Really opens up doors for you. Otherwise, questions are raised about your "Coverage".
Boss BasherPerson was signed in when posted
09:45 PM ET (US)
That, and more. Medicare has a Contract with all Providers who accept Medicare....what it says, in part, is that they (Providers) agree: the Patient will NOT BE BILLED, for any amount which Medicare says is "not approved". Your secondary (FEHBP, in our case) insurance will pay, whatever Medicare doesn't pay - including (but not limited to) ALL co-pays, Annual Deductibles, etc., leaving you owing ZERO. That little Clause, about the "Patient Will Not Be Billed", can save your bacon. It does result in many Providers getting paid peanuts for their services, but it protects YOU from HUGE expenses your insurance will not cover. For $1,608 per year, it's a BARGAIN.
08:31 PM ET (US)
So basically you pay $134 month for Medicare to avoid the $5500 out of pocket with Fep Bc/Bs Basic if you have major surgery.
Edited 06-05-2018 08:33 PM
What Up?
04:39 PM ET (US)
Ya mon. I took the Medicare even though it costs me more because the old lady makes to much money.
04:15 PM ET (US)
Whattaya expect....they are both red state commie rat bastard traitors.
04:04 PM ET (US)
Lct and Stooopid carrier weigh in on sh#t they don't know about.....mostly because they are ignorant teabags
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