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Federal/Postal EEO Forum

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10:31 AM ET (US)
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RivkahPerson was signed in when posted
11:25 AM ET (US)
NY Wiseguy If you go to quicktopic.com then my topics, you should be able to access it from there. Something has been going on for awhile. IMHO I believe it may have been hacked to keep nrp info, especially from J.R., from being shared. There hasn't been much activity the last several days. Everyone is busy preparing for the next deadline.
N.Y City Wiseguy
10:58 AM ET (US)
What happened to the other site. Needed a password, register etc. Is this the same site? Why the change? Anyone have knowledge about Postal Employee News?
06:43 AM ET (US)
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08:11 PM ET (US)
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Postal Employee AdvocatePerson was signed in when posted
09:09 PM ET (US)
For those EEO complainant’s whose complaint has been deemed a ‘mixed-case’, and you’re forced into the M.S.P.B. arena, the Federal Employee Law Training Group is reporting today (09/20/2018) that Congress will not act on the nominations of the three new members for the Merit Systems Protection Board. They apparently want to wait until after the midterm elections, which means the Board will not have a quorum any sooner than the first of next year. All Petitions for Review are still in a holding pattern.
Joe Friday
09:46 PM ET (US)
Reading some guys article about the npr. Who else is going to fight for us to get something for all the crap we go through, even though I still don't get what it's about, and no one has guaranteed anything to us so what are the chances the p.o. is going to pay anything
08:31 PM ET (US)
We had one of those dudes where I worked. He did odd jobs outside the PO. One day he came in and told the story that he was cutting down a tree branch when it fell on him also striking his neck. He was laughing.
A few days later he told me it was bothering him.
Then a few days after that he claimed an on the job injury. He claimed a number one sack loaded with parcels struck him coming off a conveyor.
After that, he did little or nothing which was mostly what he did anyway.
Postal Employee AdvocatePerson was signed in when posted
06:17 AM ET (US)
For those affected by the National Reassessment Program (NRP) and considering hiring Thomas & Solomon and giving them one-third of everything - let's do the math.

Let's say that you earned $ 60,000 per year when you were NRP'd and you decided to take disability retirement. DR is 40% of your base wage, or $ 24,000 per year. Let's say you're out for five years, and your backpay equals $ 300,000. You give 1/3, or $ 100,000 to the class attorneys. That leaves you with $ 200,000 to pay back OPM the $ 120,000 they paid you over those five years. You're left with $ 80,000 if you don't count on Uncle Sugar getting his cut before the check is even in your hands. If we're generous with those figures, you're likely to have at least 15% taken out in taxes first. From $ 300,000, that's $ 45,000 taken off the top. You're left with about $ 35,000. That's barely more than six-months salary.

What if you were collecting wage-loss compensation at 75% of your base wage? 75% of $ 60,000 per year for five years is $ 225,000. After you receive the $ 300,000, and give up $ 100,000 to the attorneys, you have $ 200,000 to pay back $ 225,000 to OWCP.

People are so euphoric about winning their case after all these many years that it prevents them from thinking clearly. It's been such a long fight that everyone is exhausted and just wants it all over with. That's all very understandable, however it's preventing people from thinking clearly and thoughtfully about what they are giving up if they're willing to give up 1/3 to the class attorneys.
starkeep potterPerson was signed in when posted
06:03 PM ET (US)
How can anyone win a eeo case when the judges are usps paid? I had a eeo case years ago on the usps trying to force me on psyche med and won that part but the other I did not and they have no specific form for on the job harassment.
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04:08 PM ET (US)
Late justice by another person is still justice

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