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To be continued...

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11:14 SG
And then there were 3.
rudeshockPerson was signed in when posted
15:52 SG
Till this day, no one knew what Singh and his two colleagues saw. Whatever it was, it drove them insane.


At the Institute for the Mentally-Challenged, Dr Dumfounded is making his way to Singh's room for the latter's routine checkup. It has been two weeks since the three men were brought to the IMC, but none of them has revealed the circumstances that lead to their confinement in this resort-like facility. The only thing Dr Dumfounded knew was that whenever a question was posed to the victims, they would inevitably break into a Frank Sinatra dance routine.
36 Denier
17:37 SG
I'm Singhing in the rain
I'm Cuban again
This is all in the wrong order
Top posting is a crime against humanity.
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09:55 SG
"Is it a bird?" asked Singh with bated breath.

"No!" came the reply from his two colleagues.

"Is it a plane?" queried a now bewildered Singh, as he removed his turban to prepare for the worst.

"NOOOOOO!!!" chorused the other two again.

"It is.... it is......"
Noel Ho
18:41 SG
Without warning, Singh jammed the cigar up Brad's left nostril, crushing his puny little brain.

"That fool has no taste. Lets go get some tandoori."

The 3 men left the building and as they were getting into their vehicle, they felt the ground rumble. Something was coming. Something big. The coffee in their coffee cup was vibrating from the termors.

Then, they saw it ....
Julian Lee
18:23 SG
"No thank you..." said Brad. "Its not Cuban".


"Is it..?" whispered Brad.

rudeshockPerson was signed in when posted
17:59 SG
.... Montecristo No. 2 and said, "Cigar for you?"
Noel Ho
14:33 SG
In a flash, he pulled off Singh's turban and wrapped it around his balls.

"You son of a jackal's pubic hair!" Singh pulled out his massive ...
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Julian Lee
14:24 SG
"Maybe i can use his turban to warm my now shrinking balls" Brad thought. "I wonder if he's bald or not...Hmmm".
Noel Ho
14:46 SG
"That depends if you took the red pill or the blue pill. I can never remember which."

The interrogation door swings open and 3 MIB walk in to confront Brad. The meanest looking one takes a seat opposite Brad and throws open a thick dossier. (Supposedly containing Brad's past offences)

"My name is Agent Singh. I have a big turban, and i am not afraid to use it."
Julian Lee
14:29 SG
Meanwhile, behind the looking glass...

Detective Munrow sits two leg on a chair, video camera running as well as the infra-red heat detector. He waits, patiently. To see if Brad breaks under the 10C. He's tough, he though. "Nothing but a G-string, cK even... This guy has balls... or HAD balls". He takes a drag from his ciggarette...

The door behind him opened to see Agent Clarice standing there.

"Is he the one?" she asked.
rudeshockPerson was signed in when posted
09:52 SG
"Where are all the fucking people?" Brad cursed.
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rudeshockPerson was signed in when posted
22:55 SG
"Boys, boys... knock it off! We've got work to do."


Back in the interrogation room at the LAPD, Brad was shivering uncontrollably - not because of fear, but because the aircon temperature has been turned down to 10C and he only had his Calvin Klein G-string to hang on for dear life. And it had been at least eight hours since his last meal...
Noel Ho
17:01 SG
"Who you think you talkin to biatch!", retorted Doolittle (he works as an undercover PIMP), as he bitch slapped that stupid skanky ass 'ho'.

Well, Uncle Cho Bo wasn't having any of this shit on his watch.

"Hey man, you better not mess around on my turf, or ill fill you full of lead A-Z-N style!" With that, he wrapped his arms around his shoulders cocked his head back and gave a cock-stare down his nose at the pimp daddy.

Jennifer got her ass of the floor and said ....
rudeshockPerson was signed in when posted
01:30 SG
The moment Brad was led away by his colleague, Detective Doolittle (who arrived at the "crime" scene with impeccable timing) made his way to where Jennifer had landed and whispered, "Ok guys, you can get up now."

Upon this cue, both Uncle Cho Bo and Jennifer rose miraculously from their tragic death.

Detective Doolittle patted Uncle Cho Bo's shoulder and remarked with thinly-disguised sarcasm, "Well, for once, you have done something."

"My reputation precedes me," Uncle Cho Bo retorted.

"You got him now, Doolittle," interrupted Jennifer. "But can you do more to get the information I wanted?"
18:43 SG
"I'm sorry son, you'll have to come with us."

As Brad turned around, he could barely make out the silhouette of a geek in a suit and tie. He was staring into the sun. It was evening, comedies were on. Behind geek 1 stood another. Brad could make out protrusion of what looked like a CASIO F580 from geek 1's trouser pocket. It was Brad's calculator of choice during the A-Levels. On it, he checked his linear regression coefficients without breaking a sweat. Statistics were easy-pleasy.

Yes, I digress. Nonetheless, Brad knew he was in trouble now.
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