To be continued... To be continued... QuickTopic <![CDATA[Gurms | And then there were 3.]]> 2004-01-15T16:14Z <![CDATA[rudeshock | Till this day, no one knew what Singh and his two colleagues...]]> 2003-11-02T20:52Z <![CDATA[36 Denier | I'm Singhing in the rain I'm Cuban again This is all in the...]]> 2003-10-29T22:37Z <![CDATA[rudeshock | "Is it a bird?" asked Singh with bated breath. "No!" came...]]> 2003-10-09T14:55Z <![CDATA[Noel Ho | Without warning, Singh jammed the cigar up Brad's left...]]> 2003-10-06T23:41Z <![CDATA[Julian Lee | "No thank you..." said Brad. "Its not Cuban". "WHAT DO YOU...]]> 2003-10-06T23:23Z <![CDATA[rudeshock | .... Montecristo No. 2 and said, "Cigar for you?"]]> 2003-09-30T22:59Z <![CDATA[Noel Ho | In a flash, he pulled off Singh's turban and wrapped it...]]> 2003-09-30T19:33Z <![CDATA[Julian Lee | "Maybe i can use his turban to warm my now shrinking balls"...]]> 2003-09-30T19:24Z <![CDATA[Noel Ho | "That depends if you took the red pill or the blue pill. I can...]]> 2003-09-25T19:46Z <![CDATA[Julian Lee | Meanwhile, behind the looking glass... Detective Munrow...]]> 2003-09-25T19:29Z <![CDATA[rudeshock | "Where are all the fucking people?" Brad cursed.]]> 2003-09-25T14:52Z <![CDATA[rudeshock | "Boys, boys... knock it off! We've got work to do."...]]> 2003-09-21T03:55Z <![CDATA[Noel Ho | "Who you think you talkin to biatch!", retorted Doolittle...]]> 2003-09-18T22:01Z <![CDATA[rudeshock | The moment Brad was led away by his colleague, Detective...]]> 2003-09-17T06:30Z