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Ward is Wired

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Atashnaa Medicine ShieldPerson was signed in when posted
07:30 PM MT (US)
Misc. for Sale

Double Wall black stovepipes. All in excellent condition.
$120 (save $95)
12” - $35 (r$75)
18” - $40 (r$80)
Elbow - $45 (r$90)

23-quart Presto Pressure Canner – Cooker. Good condition.
$40 (r$88)
New gasket and pressure valve. Needs jigger.

Simple Elegant leaded glass window, $90
11.25 x 33.5
Amie WeinbergPerson was signed in when posted
03:02 PM MT (US)
FYI: Boulder County has joined forces with a variety of local organizations to address the food waste issues in our county and county. Very exciting. This is the beginning of a long term effort.

Did you know that the average American tosses nearly 300 lbs of food each year? Boulder County, Boulder Food Rescue, The Boulder County Sustainability Program, BVSD School Food Project, PACE, Community Food Share, City of Boulder, Longmont Food Rescue, Uproot Colorado, Post Action Landfill Network, and the Resource Conservation Advisory Board to change that!

Join individuals and organizations across the county this April 16-22 for Boulder County’s first annual Food Waste Awareness Week. Throughout the week, Boulder County and its partners will be hosting a series of events to bring awareness to this issue in our community, across the country and around the world. Community members can join us for the following events:

● A screening of Just Eat It, an investigation of food waste from the farm to the fridge. (The Nederland Community Center will also be hosting a showing of this in the near future)

● Tour of Boulder Food Rescue

● Volunteering at Community Food Share

We will also be sharing food waste information, waste reduction tips, food reuse recipes from area chefs and other important food waste messages on social media and through an email newsletter.
● Sign up to receive updates at www.bouldercounty.org/food-waste and encourage other to sign up as well.

● Follow Boulder County on Facebook or Twitter and share our upcoming events on social media and your website or newsletter.
Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
07:27 PM MT (US)

Empanadas! Beef or veggie. Mountain MidLife Social Dinner THIS Friday! Sign up NOW to join the fun. Bring a game you'd like to play with new friends after dinner. Let us know if you have special dietary needs...303-258-0799.
The Easter BunnyPerson was signed in when posted
10:04 AM MT (US)

Jamestown Easter Egg Hunt 2018!

When: Saturday March 31, 2018 11am

Where: Elysian Park

Please have a family member or friend show up between 10-10:30am to hide eggs and treats-recommended are 15-20 items for each child participating. If you have friends coming, be sure to hide treats for them. Toys and treats for kids 3 years and under can be wrapped in foil or bright colors to make them easier to find.

Don’t forget to dress for the weather! Hunt will start promptly at 11am.

The hunt is for kids UNDER 12, but middle school and high school kids are welcome and encouraged to come hide eggs and to help the 4-6 year olds hunt in the big park area.

Hope to see you there!
Edited 03-16-2018 10:08 AM
Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
11:24 AM MT (US)

The big Frozen Dead Guy Days celebration weekend is here! Our nonprofit seniors serve our Community Pancake Breakfast to nearly 500 locals and visitors at the Nederland Community Center.
Please support our organization that provides services to hundreds of mountain older adults.
Locals know the fastest service is 8:00am-9:30am Saturday and 8:00am-11:00am Sunday. FDGD visitors keep us busy from about 9:30am-11:00am Saturday.
Only $5 requested contribution over age 60, $8 Adult, $4 Kids under age 12.
Jill BPerson was signed in when posted
11:05 AM MT (US)

On Saturday night I bore witness to the aftermath of a very sad accident half a mile above the Eldora turnoff, and Ned writer Denise Boehler tells the story in the link below. We all - myself included - should slow down in wildlife corridors and use high beams at night when not in heavy traffic. Accidents can happen to any of us regardless, but when we injure wildlife with our vehicles, we can use the free Animal Help Now app or ahnow.org to seek help. The app works offline. Next time you encounter a wildlife emergency, you may be glad to have the app downloaded on your phone and might save a life. We'll be seeing increased moose activity on the roads through May. https://wildsight.co/whose-world-doesnt-st...-across-their-path/
Nichole ElmorePerson was signed in when posted
10:27 PM MT (US)
Mountain Democrats, it's time get some representation in the statehouse and beyond in 2018! This year we have mid-term elections, and we're voting a in new governor for Colorado. Decide who gets on the primary ballot and join us for caucus! The Mountain Democratic caucus (precinct 914 and 915, or Ward, Jamestown, Rowena, Raymon, Riverside, Bar K, and everything in between) is this Tuesday March 6 2018 from 6-9pm at Jamestown Elementary school, and we need you- to elect delegates. Pre-register/sign up early for caucus (you need to be a registered Democrat to register for/vote in the caucus) at BoCoDems.org to make your check in smooth.
We also need a few good volunteers for about an hours work checking people in on Tuesday. Call me at 3/459-3426 for details, or come the school at 5:30 on Tuesday (check in starts at 6pm.)

This is what democracy looks like! Let mountain voices be heard!

Note: Unaffiliated/independent voters can come and observe (or volunteer for) the caucus, but you may not vote. This is more like a party team meeting. However, you can vote in the primaries this summer! Yay!
Edited 03-04-2018 10:29 PM
oakPerson was signed in when posted
02:15 PM MT (US)
Hi! anybody have a pair of small-ish coveralls i can borrow for an Oscars costume party on sunday? i want to be Frances McDormand in 3 Billboards.....gotta be comfy and easy for the first big post-surgery soiree. thanks 💜 7two0-266-4o67
Reid ArmstrongPerson was signed in when posted
12:35 PM MT (US)

Pile burning expected near Ward, Nederland, Raymond, Ceran St. Vrain
U.S. Forest Service crews successfully burned more than 1000 slash piles last week in the James Creek Project area, for a total of more than 5,000 piles burned to date.
Depending on conditions this week, burning will continue in the following areas:
James Creek Project: 1 Mile North East of Ward
Lump Gulch Project: West of Nederland 1 mile Southeast of high school
James Creek Project: Quarter mile west of Raymond. Potential smoke impacts to Peaceful Valley, Raymond, Riverside, Allenspark, Bar K Subdivision; and,
James Creek Project: 2 miles east of Peak to Peak on Overland Rd. at Ceran Saint Vrain Trailhead. Potential smoke impacts to Sky View Estates, Glacier View , Bar K subdivision Gold Lake, Jamestown.
Public and firefighter safety is always the number one priority in burning operations. Wind helps disperse smoke created during pile burning operations and snow helps keep the piles contained. Seeing flames and smoke, even after dark, is part of normal operations. This is one way that we can help reduce the buildup of fuels on the landscape under the safest conditions.
Conditions are evaluated each day to determine if ignition will take place. Precipitation, wind, temperature, fuel moisture and staffing all play a part in when and whether ignition occurs. Ignitions are generally expected to begin after 10 a.m. and will cease several hours before sunset. Firefighters monitor the area after burning is complete.
If you know anyone else who would like to receive updates on pile burning activities in the Boulder Ranger District area, have them email krarmstrong@fs.fed.us and ask to be added to our email updates.
A complete list of areas where pile burning could occur on the Boulder Ranger District this season is located at: http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/4648/
Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
09:18 AM MT (US)

Mountain MidLife Dinner and Classical Piano Music THIS Friday, 2/23. Meet new and old friends. All age adults welcome. RSVP by Wednesday, please - 303-258-0799.
Silver SprucePerson was signed in when posted
02:23 PM MT (US)
This is short notice but,Carol Byers would like family and friends to gather at the Millsite Inn tomorrow night 2/13 at 6 pm for a celebration of Scott Byers. His daughter needs to return home on Wednesday. We will be having a potluck. (Sherry Spitz can answer foood inquiries.). Bring some fun and stories. Hope to see the place filled with love.
This is from Carol. If any body wants
. I want to make a shrine and am offering an opportunity for people to bring additions. Photos, seahhells? Whatever. If they need it back, remember contact info
Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
07:32 PM MT (US)

First Social Sunday Brunch of the year! Meet new friends at Mountain MidLife this Sunday, 2/11. Social at 11:00am, Meal at 11:30am. Optional Hike follows. All ages adults welcome. RSVP to 303-258-0799.
Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
09:24 PM MT (US)

Last call for Mountain MidLife Dinner & Games Night this Friday! Call 303-258-0799 by Thursday Noon if you meant to sign up and missed it!
Colleen SPerson was signed in when posted
09:35 AM MT (US)
Be a friend to an older adult – volunteers needed
The Boulder County Area Agency on Aging seeks volunteers to visit older adults who are experiencing isolation or compromised health. Volunteers are matched with one partner and may share conversation, take a walk, go shopping, or simply enjoy the pleasure of each other's company during two-hour weekly visits. Volunteers serve as companions; they do not provide hands-on care. Volunteers must be 21, pass a background check, make a six month commitment, and attend an annual training. For more information or to apply, visit the Respite and Companion Volunteer web page.

Or you can call me directly to inquire M/W (Ned) 8-4 303.2five8.30six8 T/F(Lyons) 8-4 303.8two3.90one6 and Th(Allenspark) 8-4 303.7four7.259two
Colleen Sinclair, Mountain Options Counselor, Boulder County Area Agency on Aging
Angie BurnhamPerson was signed in when posted
08:32 AM MT (US)
DVDs for Sale In Jamestown at the Town Hall

Jamestown AFter THe Flood

            DVDs for $10 / any donation above that is most welcome and dearly appreciated
bdowePerson was signed in when posted
01:36 PM MT (US)
we have a bit of a mystery here. If anyone knows Livia Kelly would you please give us a call 3-444-65l9
Colleen SPerson was signed in when posted
12:02 PM MT (US)
Hi, one of your Jimtown neighbors here. Just a heads up that there will be 20-30 min delays at the construction site at 36 and Lefthand tomorrow between 9a and 4p. Just in case anyone else goes to Longmont and avoids Boulder to do their shopping like I do :)
Angie BurnhamPerson was signed in when posted
07:04 PM MT (US)
Jamestown Flood Film Screening

CHANGE, Jamestown After The Flood

The Merc
Tuesday, January 16
6:00-6:30 Soup and Drinks

followed by

Hard Rock Candy Mountain
a short video by Martine and Bela Amade
CHANGE, Jamestown After The Flood

DVDs for sale $10
Edited 01-12-2018 07:05 PM
Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
11:07 AM MT (US)

Kick off the new year with new friends at the Mountain MidLife Social Breakfast THIS Saturday, January 13, at the Nederland Community Center. RSVP NOW to 303-258-0799. Optional short local hike follows at 10:15am.
Deb TurskiPerson was signed in when posted
10:18 AM MT (US)
Jena Zafiratos, a long time local, is moving.
She is looking to hire someone to help move boxes for a couple of hours on Monday Dec 18th.
Jena doesn't have internet at this time so please call her at 303-459-9663.
Thank you and Merry Christmas,
Beth BrothertonPerson was signed in when posted
07:02 AM MT (US)

Today is the Day!
Beth BrothertonPerson was signed in when posted
09:50 AM MT (US)

Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
08:23 AM MT (US)

Great local performers next weekend at the Nederland Community Center - all FREE!
Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
08:22 AM MT (US)

Save up your shopping dollars to support local mountain crafters and artisans next weekend in Nederland! 60 crafters and nonprofits/school groups! Local musicians perform all day both days! Great new senior Santa!
Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
06:26 PM MT (US)

Protect your computer! Learn about Cybersecurity from Deputy DA Tim Johnson at Mountain MidLife Dinner THIS Friday! Please sign up by Wednesday so we'll have enough food. 303-258-0799
Nederland Food PantryPerson was signed in when posted
09:18 AM MT (US)

Nederland Food Pantry and Clothing Closet will be open from 10 to Noon as well.
Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
08:02 PM MT (US)

Sorry for the confusion, folks! It has been a long workday, cooking Mountain MidLife Breakfast for 45 this morning and leading a hike all afternoon... Apologies for the date error on the impromptu flyer. The Chili Cook-Off is Sunday, November 5. Hope to see you there!
Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
06:11 PM MT (US)

Chili Cook-Off Competition and Tasting open to all! C'mon down to the Very Nice Brewing Company in the Nederland Shopping Mall THIS Sunday afternoon 3pm-5pm to taste contestants' chilis for only $5! Proceeds benefit local nonprofit.
Brimstone Gridlock aka RobertHPerson was signed in when posted
07:04 AM MT (US)
I sent the following message to BoCo Democrats, in support of Mark Williams, an outsider candidate:
"The revelations by Donna Brazile regarding Hilary Clinton's manipulation of the primary are the
precise reason that I urge you to support Mark Williams."

Mark is an outsider progressive candidate, and the BoCo Dems don't want him on the ballot
but we can change that by campaigning. I've met him, and endorse him.
Visit his website, and see if you agree with his positions:
Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
12:35 PM MT (US)

Last day to sign up for Mountain MidLife Social Breakfast this Saturday! Only $8 any age adult or $5 requested contribution over age 60. 303-258-0799
Bar-K MargiePerson was signed in when posted
09:27 AM MT (US)
I have sheep fertilizer for your garden.
 We can load... 9-3328
Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
11:21 AM MT (US)

Thai & Town this Friday! Enjoy an affordable social dinner with great friends and Thai food. Hear Nederland's new Town Administrator Karen Gerrity share her perspectives on how a small town staff affects and entire mountain region...RSVP by this Wednesday afternoon.
Dave EmmittPerson was signed in when posted
04:14 PM MT (US)

Would love to see our Ward neighbors at the Jimtown Merc on Saturday, October 14 for Back Stabbath, Boulder County's one and only Black Sabbath tribute band. And heck, you probably know some of the members!
Dave Emmitt (Ozzy)
Tommy Williams (Tony)
Gary Dunn (Geezer)
Skwid (Bill Ward)
Tyler KeslerPerson was signed in when posted
04:19 PM MT (US)

Save water and money today! Call or visit the website today!

Limited toilets available for low or NO COST.
Edited 10-05-2017 04:21 PM
Linda & CesarPerson was signed in when posted
02:44 PM MT (US)

for those who haven't seen the flyers in town, my dog Nina has been missing. She is a black and tan Doberman. She is chipped and has a collar with phone number and address. She got lost on a walk close to Cushman Ranch. At this time, she could be anywhere, please keep your eyes out for her. If you see her, please call:303-459-0481 or email: linda.schaupp@gmail.com
thank you so much.
Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
07:54 AM MT (US)

Art at the Center hosts a wonderful wine-and-appetizers event at the Nederland Community Center to launch its new art show of local talent on Thursday, October 5, 5:00pm – 7:00pm. Live music by talented young guitarist Desmond Blake. Tribute to Chuck Edelstein at 6:00pm. The requested donation of $5 provides two free beverage tickets.
Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
07:13 PM MT (US)

C'mon out after the wet weather and socialize over brunch at Nederland Community Center this Sunday! Please RSVP by Noon Friday to 303-258-0799. Optional comfortably paced hike follows.
Zeke YewdallPerson was signed in when posted
08:19 AM MT (US)
We will be having a weekend class in the near future in one of our mountain communities for people interested in becoming licensed as amateur radio operators- what most of us call ham radio. The AirLink ham community is actively working to improve the radio coverage in Jamestown and other areas of western Boulder County. We plan to have the Jamestown installation in place before the end of this year.

It is not expensive to get involved. The fee for the licensing test is only $15. Most people can use a small hand held radio you can purchase for around $40. There occasionally are free radios available. It also doesn't require any previous technical knowledge or skills.

Ham radio works when power is out and no other means of communication work. This makes it an important tool during emergencies. It also is a nice way to meet people interested in mountain living and supporting the mountain communities.

If you have an interest in the class or want to know more, please contact

Dina Elder
Patty CypherPerson was signed in when posted
04:57 PM MT (US)
David -- Is it at 1:30 on Saturday at the Ward Church?
David MPerson was signed in when posted
04:32 PM MT (US)

We'll be celebrating Norm's life at the Ward Town Church this weekend. Norm passed away on Sunday 17th. Please join us as we bid farewell to this larger than life character. Finger food and snacks will be provided but feel free to bring a favorite dish to share if you're so moved.

Please park at the bottom of Modoc, along Utica St, up by the Catholic Church or up on the Depot Road and walk down. Modoc St will be closed to through traffic and parking is always tight.

Dress warm, it's likely to be chilly!
2LusPerson was signed in when posted
02:49 PM MT (US)

FOR SALE: 4 snow tires in excellent condition.
Hankook i*pike RW 11, 215/70R16 100T

Only one winter season on them; Plenty of tread!
$300 for all four
Must buy all four

To see more photos ...
Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
10:14 AM MT (US)

Enjoy Andrea's Mexican meal and an (optional) hour of games with friends! THIS Friday, 9/22 - RSVP now - 303-258-0799.
Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
11:08 AM MT (US)

Falls are the number one cause of death by injury for Americans over age 65. As hardy mountain folks, let's beat the statistics and be the survivors!
Learn how to prevent falls at "A Matter of Balance" workshop series. Mondays, 9/18 - 11/6, 9:30am-11:30am, Nederland Presbyterian Church. Register in advance at 303-258-0799.
oakPerson was signed in when posted
10:18 AM MT (US)

Friends and Neighbors,
Many of you have walked past this amazing traditional yurt that we bought this summer from Mongolia, and set up across from our house in Jamestown.
Now, we're going to have to sell it....so sad!
Here's the craigslist listing that describes it.
If anyone is interested, please call.
At the end of the month we're going to take it down to show at a Tiny House Expo in Ft. Collins to sell.
Call if you're interested

Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
01:51 PM MT (US)

Italian Night Community Dinner
Family-friendly meal - all ages welcome!
Saturday, September 16, 2017
Just drop in 4:30-7:30pm at Nederland Community Center
$10 Adult, $4 Kids under 12, $5 Requested Contrib over age 60
Spaghetti, Meatballs, Salad, Garlic Bread, Apple/Raisin
Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
10:00 AM MT (US)

Mountain MidLife Social Breakfast in Nederland THIS Saturday - sign up today at 303-258-0799 message line! Great folks, yummy meals at affordable prices...
Will DatorPerson was signed in when posted
10:53 AM MT (US)
Found : A Tall brown and white horned goat out at Banker's cabin on Gold Lake Rd. This morning.
joanne colePerson was signed in when posted
07:00 PM MT (US)
 For Immediate Release Contact: Joanne Cole 303-443-7459 jocole420@gmail.com
LOCAL ARTISTS WANTED!! Celebrate Gold Hill Gold Rush
Sunday September 17th 2017 The town of Gold Hill will be holding their annual fund raising event, Gold Hill Gold Rush~ Sunday, September 11th 2016, from 9am to 2:30pm on Main St in Gold Hill (9 miles West of Boulder via Sunshine Canyon).

We are looking for local Artisans & Crafters to participate! Fee is only $20 per Vendor. Please help us spread this message far & wide. We are looking for hand crafted textiles, jewelry, photography, woodworking, etc. Artists must bring their own tent, table & chairs. Set up begins at 8am and MUST be ready to go at 9am.
Proceeds from this event benefit the Gold Hill Town Meeting and will support individuals and the community at large.

The Gold Rush features our Annual Bake with homemade pies, cookies & more. The Rummage sale will offer antiques, clothing and much more. If you like to shop at thrift shops, you’ll love this festival. The Arts & Crafts Fair will feature hand made items from Front Range Artists. There will be drinks, bratwursts and live music through out the afternoon. Come early for treasures!
Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
01:14 PM MT (US)

Mountain MidLife Dinner on Friday, August 25, features the live musical entertainment of local MidLifer Sam Bass on guitar performing songs we know from the 40s to 70s, with a little snippet of history surrounding each. RSVP to 303-258-0799 or signing up at Meetup.
Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
08:01 AM MT (US)

Social Brunch this Sunday! 11:00 social; 11:30am meal at Nederland Community Center. Only $8 or requested contribution over age 60 is $5. RSVP by Thursday Noon to 303-258-0799.
Nederland Food PantryPerson was signed in when posted
10:35 AM MT (US)
Representatives from Boulder County and EFAA will be available at the Food Pantry in Nederland from 10 to Noon on Thursday, August 3rd to address any social service or housing needs you may have. The Food Pantry will be open at the same time and we have LOADS of fresh produce to share. Please bring prof of residency in the Peak to Peak region. The Nederland Food Pantry is located in the West Wing of the Nederland Community Center and is open every Saturday and the first and last Thursday of every month. Volunteers are always welcome! Contact Laura nfpvolunteercoordinator@gmail.com for more info.
www.nederlandfoodpantry.org or Facebook
Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
05:42 AM MT (US)

All-Community Pancake Breakfast TODAY! Families - all ages - welcome! 8am-11am at Nederland Community Center.
Laura L WilliamsPerson was signed in when posted
11:21 PM MT (US)

JAM Gathering THIS Sunday, July 30th @ 1 p.m. in JimTown Square followed by an Acoustic JAM PICK-nic from 2-5 p.m.!

We will gather and discuss upcoming events, including Java JAM and the Summer Craft Fair, volunteer needs, new ideas, and more! ALL are welcome to become JAM members just by showing up and participating however you wish! Contact us here or at jamfortheartsATgmailDOTcom to get on our email list. Visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/jamforthearts/

Because we now have use of the Town Square (across from the Merc), we decided to move our Acoustic jams there! Bring PICKin' stuff (instruments, songs, art or creation supplies) and PICNIC stuff (food, drinks, games like Frisbee, horseshoes!!!, chairs, blankets, etc.) and prepare to play (or just relax)! Plan to pack out what you bring in to keep our park pristine for future use!

Electric PICK-nics will still occur on alternating Sundays and will remain at Elysian (Big) Park.

Join us!
fredericPerson was signed in when posted
01:17 PM MT (US)
Hi, I am part of the team working on the the old Rangeview Ranch by Hazel Schmoll -- 183 acre property with lodge (just west of Glacier View conference center) . WE ARE IN NEED OF A LICENSED PLUMBER, ELECTRICIAN AND GENERAL CONTRACTOR to bring the lodge up to code! We have put out several feelers, but need your help in locating these professionals in the local area--because everyone appears so busy! Please email me directly with any names, referrals, or idea. EMAIL ME at bornfornow@gmail.com. thank you!!!
David MPerson was signed in when posted
02:46 PM MT (US)
Whoops, I accidentally deleted Andrew Shakespeare's post. Sorry about that.
David MPerson was signed in when posted
02:44 PM MT (US)
Hey all, sorry for the Spam-a-thon. For some reason the Sign-in requirement was reversed and I missed the last days of BS. It's turned on again now so to post you'll have to sign in and won't be able to reply to an email to post. Not big price to pay for eliminating the spam though. Enjoy the oasis that is Ward in the summertime! David
09:26 AM MT (US)
Anyone missing a cranky old billy goat? It is in my trailer...
Margie 3328
Lynda BellPerson was signed in when posted
01:42 PM MT (US)

Hoping to see you all tonight, friends. 9 pm at the Outback Saloon in Boulder. This great act will be coming to our neighborhood in a few months too, on Oct. 14 at the Merc!. - Dave Emmitt as Ozzie, Tom Williams, Gary Dunn, and Squid as Sabbath.

Come on out tonight to help us launch our mountain men -turned - Sabbators and show Boulder how we mountain people do it.
Aimee Bruhn
10:14 AM MT (US)

The Early Childhood Council of Boulder County and the Boulder County Child Care Resource and Referral program are sponsoring a free, state approved pre-licensing training series for individuals who are interested in becoming licensed as a Family Child Care Provider in Boulder County. Classes begin on September 18th, 2017. For more information or to register, please contact Annette Crawford at 303-441-3544 or CCRR@BoulderCounty.org
Lynda BellPerson was signed in when posted
09:09 PM MT (US)

Come on out and support our very own Jamestown sensation - first public debut at the Outback Saloon in North Boulder tomorrow night 9pm !! Back Stabbath a tight tight tight Black Sabbath tribute band right from your mountain neighbors - Dave Emmit as the Oz, Tom Williams Gary Dunn and Squid as Sabbath!
Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
01:51 PM MT (US)

Cant' get enough pancakes? Come join us at the Nederland Area Senior's Community Pancake Breakfast July 29th. Good Food, Good Friends, Good times for all.
Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
01:51 PM MT (US)

Still time to sign up and join us for Mountain Midlife dinner on Friday July 28th featuring delicious Kenyan cuisine and informative presentation.
Lisa CassPerson was signed in when posted
02:16 PM MT (US)

Lost on peak to Peak Monday somewhere near Ward
Clarise Marie
05:24 PM MT (US)
Wow that's a little scary, it says it was in ward

09:20 AM MT (US)
08:36 AM MT (US)
Watch out for the bears everyone. Last. Last night someone got mauled by one in glacierview above Jamestown. Don't know the details yet but it seems they are getting more used to humans and this more dangerous.
David MPerson was signed in when posted
04:31 PM MT (US)
And a pretty big deal is going down Saturday Night-


And they wanted it to be at The Merc.

They have been one of this town's favorite bands over the years and shown us all some great times.

Join us Saturday to boogie down one last time!

Come in time to dine for this special event:
John Campbell is creating a Tuscan Feast!
Pork Ragu or Mushrooms over Polenta
Braised Greens
Crispy Risotto Balls stuffed with Mozzarella
Will be delicious!
Will Dator
11:11 AM MT (US)
Was gonna have a big Sale Sunday 8am-5pm at the Turn Out on Peak to Peak at the top of town. Who wants to join ? I'll make the signs. Hopefully the weather holds out. 303-459-1013 of you wanna coordinate.
Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
06:34 PM MT (US)

Last Chance to sign up for Mountain MidLife Breakfast and (optional) Wildflower Hike this Saturday! Sign up now for Chef Andrea's delicious cooking and a great social to kick off your weekend! 8:30am social, 9:00am meal, 10:15am hike. Only $5 requested contribution over age 60, others $8. RSVP 303-258-0799.
Lynda Bell
05:24 PM MT (US)

New Jamestown Music Lessons Opening!!!
154 Mesa Street, Jamestown, CO

Music Lessons with Lynda Bell for folks of all ages, specializing in children's music and songwriting for adults and children. Offering private lessons in : guitar, voice, keyboard, clarinet, and songwriting. Available for songwriting workshops for all ages.

I am finally back and getting settled in here again in our beloved Jamestown dear friends and would love so much to work with all of you again helping you or your children find your musical voice!

Please contact me at lynda.bell@colorado.edu or send me a text at 301-676-seven-two-six-three if you are interested in talking about signing up for lessons. Sliding scale rates, bartering, and payment plans available, very flexible. So grateful to have the opportunity to share music with you again!

Previously the director of Jamestown's own Wild Mountain Kids children's band, co-producer and songwriter for the Wild Mountain Kids CD "Here in Jamestown".
Co-Producer and sole songwriter for Ivy Rowe: Front Rowe Stare, lyndabellsongs.com, BMI/ASCAP songwriter, for sale on CDBaby
Composer of Updraft's Aerial Dance's Suite Earth musical score, Baltimore Theatre Project, Wooly Mammoth Theatre
Johann Robbins
10:25 AM MT (US)
You may have heard; Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center has bought Hazel's Rangeview Ranch. If you are close by you might have gotten a notice from Boulder County about our application to continue using it as a guest lodge retreat. We welcome letters of support from the community.

I am happy to answer any questions you have about who and what we are, and you are also welcome to come to our open house on Sunday July 16, 10-4 to find out more.

We are glad to be part of the mountain community. We plan on remodeling the historic lodge, relying on as much local talent as possible, as well as for cooking and cleaning. If you have skills and want to be on our list, let me know.

Johann Robbins
01:21 PM MT (US)
Does anyone know of any spots around Ward where it's okay to target shoot?
Laura Williams for JAM!
12:11 PM MT (US)

Lots o'JAMmin' this weekend! Please join us tonight as some members of JAM form Jimtown JAMmers to play at the Ward Benefit pictured below from 7-9 p.m.

TOMORROW is our second installment of our weekly JAM series...

JAM PICK-nic - Electrified!!!
2-5 p.m. in Jamestown's Elysian Park - Rain or shine!

Bring your own everything...PICKin' stuff (instruments, songs, art or creation supplies) and PICNIC stuff (baskets, food, games, drinks, blankets, chairs, coolers, Frisbee, tennis or volleyball equipment, etc.)! Please plan to pack OUT everything you bring in, including trash and recycle to leave our precious park pristine.

There will be a small P.A. set up with 3 mics.

Rock Ya Later!
Karelle SPerson was signed in when posted
09:06 AM MT (US)
Good Morning! I just processed a flat of strawberries and froze them but there are several more flats in the food box. They're mostly still good (actually delicious) and organic, and you just have to cut off the tops, put them in a bag or container and stick them in the freezer. Makes great frozen smoothies, or thawed for yogurt or hot cereal. They will go over today if they're not used. Please come and get them.
10:32 AM MT (US)

Come get down at the Ward church this Saturday 2 pm to midnight!!! Great music, auction, food and drinks!!!!!!!
Benefit to help the support the Ward Food pantry and the Indian Peaks Fire dept.!
Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
01:29 PM MT (US)

Dinner & Games Night THIS Friday! Bring a game you'd like to play after the meal - June 23, Nederland Community Center, 5pm social, 5:30pm meal. Dietary restrictions accommodated. Only $5 requested contribution over age 60 and $10 under age 60. Reserve now at 303-258-0799.
Way High Radio
09:19 PM MT (US)

Sorry, here's the updated flyer'
Way High Radio
09:15 PM MT (US)

Way High Radio is supporting this event which raises money for two very important entities in Ward.Spread the word!
Edited 06-16-2017 09:17 PM
12:36 PM MT (US)

FREE PIANO to good home. Older upright, Bell Piano. Seems to play fine but I am not a musician. You are welcome to pick it up this Saturday at 10am, and if you want, make a donation. At the new Retreat Center at 8941 Overland Rd. just south of Glacier View. There will be people there to help lift it into a truck. For more info call 303-955-1136.
Laura Williams for JAM
11:35 AM MT (US)

Summer is here and JAM proudly presents a free WEEKLY series for everyone....

EVERY Sunday @ Jamestown's Elysian (Big) Park Pavilion from 2-5 p.m. rain or shine!

Bring your own everything...PICKin' stuff (instruments, songs, art or creation supplies) and PICNIC stuff (baskets, food, games, drinks, blankets, chairs, coolers, Frisbee, tennis or volleyball equipment, etc.)!  Please plan to pack OUT everything you bring in, including trash and recycle to leave our precious park pristine. 

We can jam freely and teach each other the songs we know, plus learn or write some more.  Artists or crafters can create on site.  Dancers can dance, twirlers can twirl, hoopers can hoop.  This is a time for us all to simply gather and PLAY!

Musically speaking, each week will rotate between acoustic and electric jams for people of ALL ages, styles, levels, genres, and locations according to the following SUNDAYS:

THIS Sunday, June 18th = Acoustic
June 25th = Electric
July 2nd = Acoustic
July 9th = Electric
July 16th = Acoustic
July 23rd = Electric
July 30th = Acoustic
August 6th = Electric
August 13th = Acoustic
August 20th = Electric
August 27th = Acoustic

JAM hopes to PICK-nic with you all every week this summer for a few relaxing, musical, creative, playful hours!
07:24 PM MT (US)

Are you missing a pretty male tabby cat he has been seen at 492 county rd 100 in ward he has a purple collar and misses you. Please email me or text (413) 335- 1846. Thanks
joanne cole
01:21 PM MT (US)
Does anyone need/want varying sizes of plastic plant containers? I have quite a selection I would like to get rid of. Thanks, Joanne Cole jocole420@gmail.com
Andrew Barth
02:53 PM MT (US)
There is extra mulch leftover from the Lefthand Canyon revegetation project at the intersection of Olde Stage Road and Lefthand Canyon Drive. It is free for anyone who'd like some. You will need to load it yourself and haul it away.
- Andrew - Boulder County
08:13 AM MT (US)
Does anyone know Sequoia's phone number or who else I can talk to about getting access to the ball field to contribute scrap wood to the July 4th festivities? Or will it be open in conjunction with the town clean up on Saturday by any chance? Jeff and I have a few truckloads of wood we are hoping to get out of our yard. Please email meaghanfscott@gmail.com. Thank you!
Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
11:44 AM MT (US)
It not too late. Sign up today for
MOUNTAIN MidLIFE Social Sunday Brunch
Come meet fellow mountain residents in our MidLife years (you define) —
active, friendly couples and singles.
Social meals at affordable prices.
Ham/Lox/Eggs; Mixed Vegertables;
Breads/Muffins; Melon/Berry
Hike afterwards (optional) at 1:00pm
Sunday, June 11 2017
11:00am Doors Open, 11:30am Meal Served
Nederland Community Center
$8 Any Age Adult / $5 Req. Contrib. Over Age 60
RSVP to 303-258-0799 or online at www.Meetup.com/Mountain-MidLife-Social-Group
Karelle SPerson was signed in when posted
04:15 PM MT (US)

Ward Community Greenhouse Grand Opening June 4 4-7PM
Everyone welcome, Come eat, drink, pick some free starters, and GROW FOOD.
Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
05:33 PM MT (US)

Veterans and Everyone Observing Memorial Day...
Kick off your big weekend on Friday, 5/26, with tales of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier told by long-term Guard Tom Tudor. Enjoy a Mountain MidLife Dinner of BBQ Beef Brisket and get to know your neighbors - couples and singles living an active mountain lifestyle. All ages welcome - most tend to be 50-ish and up...please call in your dinner reservation to 303-258-0799 by Monday.
Tina, ClerkPerson was signed in when posted
01:13 PM MT (US)
Annual Spring Clean-up
Sat. June 10, 2017
8am – 12pm

What will be provided:

2 Roll offs for trash
Dumpsters will remain until Noon

Scrap Metal
Appliances/Electronics of any sort: refrigerators (yes CFCs are okay), stoves, water heaters, vacuum cleaners, etc
Tires: Your own or feel free to drag them out of the woods.
Ordinary single stream recycling: bottles, cans, paper, etc
Rigid Plastic items: tubs, outdoor furniture, trash cans, laundry baskets
Electronics: printers, monitors, computers, stereos, TVs, etc

We're looking for volunteers to help sort and direct.

For more developing info see Ward’s website: http://ward-co.org
Please self-sort appliances in the appliance pile, tires
in the tire pile, and we can really clean up our town and our yards and not have
to send as much to the landfill.
Questions? Call 303-459-9273 and we’ll get back to you.
Kelly ShawPerson was signed in when posted
08:53 AM MT (US)
Howdy neighbors to the south!

Anyone need work? There is a new retreat center opening up above the Bar K called Rocky Mountain Eco Dharma Retreat Center and they are in the process of purchasing the southern parcel of the Christian Science Center's land. They plan to be open in full effect next year, and in the meantime they are wanting to work with as many locals as possible. The scope of their project starts them with some demo and hauling, to interior rebuild and exterior reinforcements of the very old building on the property. They are a small non profit whose vision is to keep things minimal so that folks who rent the center for retreats pay a minimum. For the next step of the project, I'm helping them connect with the community tradespeople and local cooks.

For next year, they want to amass a list of "approved cooks" for their clients to use if they choose not to cook for themselves. These cooks would not be an employee. I am working with them to figure out the easiest way to facilitate this list. If you are interested, Please contact me at the below address.

Here is a list of what they are looking for:

Wage to be worked out between you and them:
General Labor
Dump Runs w Pickup Truck
Crew to clear and buck up standing and down dead trees, and clear some brush

Bids needed:
General Carpentry
Windows and Doors

If you are interested, please send me your contact info and trade and I'll put together a list for them. They are eager to start work as soon as possible.

Andrew RuplePerson was signed in when posted
02:19 PM MT (US)

A Celebration of Life
Matt Griffin
September 7th, 1987 - April 29th, 2017
The Ward Historic Church
Thursday, May 11th 6PM
Potluck Dinner
Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
02:38 PM MT (US)

Rise and Shine with friendly conversation over a meal at Mountain MidLife Breakfast Saturday, 5/13 - 8:30am social, 9:00am meal. All age adults welcome. Optional local hike follows at 10am. RSVP and info: 303-258-0799
dgriffinPerson was signed in when posted
03:34 PM MT (US)
hi all again. i have found akira and she is safe and sound. thanx -griffin
dgriffinPerson was signed in when posted
02:49 PM MT (US)
hi all. i have misplaced a very sweet large and skittish malamute from the turn of events area. base of indiana gulch. 15 mile mark lefthand canyon. she took off about three hrs. ago. her name is akira and her tags say as much but the # to call on the tag is wrong. please if anyone sees or manages to capture her (this may not be easy. try food) call me at 303 459 0531 or amie at 720 256 1283. she is wearing a bandana as well. thank you so much. -griffin
Karelle SPerson was signed in when posted
08:09 AM MT (US)
Upcoming Ward Greenhouse workdays:
Thursday April 27 3-6PM
Sunday April 30 10AM-1PM
Thursday May 5 3-6PM
Come help us finish greenhouse infrastructure and plant more!!!

Composting workshop Jamestown Tonight (Tuesday) 6-PM in Jamestown. Carpooling!

Gardening Workshop in Nederland Thursday night 7PM More carpooling!
GreenDigitalFUNKPerson was signed in when posted
01:20 PM MT (US)
Jamestown, Ward and area Anonymous Discussions QT
best road reports on QT

Public NoticePerson was signed in when posted
10:36 AM MT (US)
Stop Boulder County's first Sexually Violent Predator from living in Bar K/Jamestown area by signing this petition.

Mountain MidLifePerson was signed in when posted
07:43 AM MT (US)

Cuba Night at Mountain MidLife Dinner at the Nederland Community Center next Friday, 4/28, 5pm. Enjoy a Cuban-themed meal followed by a presentation by local musician/traveler Andre Mallinger about her adventures in Cuba. Please reserve your seat by Monday for dinner on Friday, April 28. Call 303-258-0799 or signup at Meetup.com/Mountain-MidLife-Social-Group.
Public NoticePerson was signed in when posted
09:12 PM MT (US)
Please read the following notice and help us spread the word!!

From the Boulder County Sheriff's Office:
For Immediate Release: April 19, 2017

Community Meeting about Sexually Violent Predator paroling to the Bar-K Neighborhood.

We are hosting a community meeting about a sexually violent predator, Christopher Edward Lawyer, who will be residing on or after April 27 in the Bar-K neighborhood. What: Community meeting to inform Bar-K, and surrounding area residents about a sexually violent predator residing in that neighborhood.

When: Wednesday, April 26, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Where: Jamestown Town Hall, 118 Main Street, Jamestown

*Boulder County Sheriff’s Office
*Boulder County District Attorney’s Office
*Colorado State Parole
*Boulder County Sheriff’s Office Victim Advocates

Please pass this on to your neighbors who may be interested.

Information may also be found on the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office website.
BirdhousePerson was signed in when posted
07:43 AM MT (US)
Thanks David.
David MPerson was signed in when posted
10:47 PM MT (US)
Ok, I've had it with the Spam and have made a change to the Ward QT. You'll now have to sign in to post a message. I know that this might not be popular but for some reason the spam has taken over. Hopefully this will eliminate it. I'll try switching it back in a week or so and see if we're off the roller coaster. Sorry folks!
04:09 PM MT (US)
Dear residents,
I was wondering if anyone knew anything about an ordinance, that I was unfamiliar with, that prohibits dirt bike riding in the town of Ward. As everyone knows, my son is a dirt bike owner. It is my belief that he is one of the more respectful and conscientious dirt bike owners. The reason I state this is because someone is creating barricades on the paths around Ward especially, those leading to the ballfield. I want to know who gave this person permission to put up these blockades on these paths. Property owners, the town of Ward? These barricades create a hazard for both walkers and dirt bike riders ( mostly if and when they get buried with snow and become not visible). Also it is not an effective blockade for dirt bikes, because those riders just make a new path, often because they have no choice but to make a quick decision, destroying virgin grounds and rendering the attempted palisade ineffective. Believe me when I say that I understand someone not enjoying the sound and or effects of a dirt bike. I live with two motor heads, I get it. But who is anyone to say otherwise unless there's a law preventing it. So I encourage whoever is passively aggressively building these to attend a meeting and try to make changes to the laws, if that's what they desire.
Also, I have noticed barricades making it difficult for the residents that live way out on the Switzerland Trail to access their properties. What is all this about?
Thank you for your time, Kristen
David MPerson was signed in when posted
06:12 PM MT (US)
Hello. I'm trying to find a contact number or email for Michael and Carol Gordon. Bueller? Bueller? david ATjimtown dot Org 720-530-0097 Thanks!
David MPerson was signed in when posted
08:48 AM MT (US)

Yeah right?! I've blocked the addresses that have come through but then they've changed. I've not seen this level of spam on any of the QT's before. Probably a good idea to unsubscribe for a while until it stops. Hope they don't discover any of the others!
Laura Williams
08:44 AM MT (US)

JAM proudly presents...

THIS Saturday, April 15th @ 6 p.m.
JamesTown Hall
$5 suggested donation benefits JAM

Featuring...one large Kid Band followed by four randomly-chosen adult bands, a booth of goodies "Made in Jamestown" by various artisans, a commUNITY bake sale, and more!

JAM is Jamestown Area Artists and Musicians who foster adult and youth participation in and enjoyment of The Arts. Hope to see you there!
Laura Williams
08:41 AM MT (US)
OMG! STOP THE SPAM! It's still coming to my email, like 94 messages today!!! UNsubscribing!
07:58 AM MT (US)
All FREE STUFF is gone.

FOR SALE items are still available.
David MPerson was signed in when posted
12:16 PM MT (US)
Wow, SPAM much?! I've tried to block this spammer and will delete messages when I've got a little time. Someone discovered the giant internet market that is Ward!
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