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Postal Veterans/ Preference Eligibles

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Steven Martin
06:39 AM ET (US)
Yuan find the info online via the apwu website. There in the industrial relations section in postal publications link and while there you can read our current contract in the reduction in force section
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QT - RETIRED USCG <qtopic-23-9n5m4kr6XVba7@quicktopic.com> wrote:
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11:15 PM ET (US)
Thank you VMF Stew for your helpful information! Where would I find this very important information so I could have this in writing?

Maybe a Post Office personnel manual?

Thanks again!
VMF StewPerson was signed in when posted
09:14 PM ET (US)
To give u an answer. Here is the order in layoff:
 Under the proposal that is before Congress, first to go will be all PSE employees in the system. 2) all eligible to retire employees will be forced to retire. 3) RIF's / Layoffs go by juniorty. then non veterans, then Veterans, non compenseble. Then Veterans less than 30%.
 Then Veterans 30% or more. and finally Purple Heart/ Appointees.
09:05 PM ET (US)
This is a question for everyone because I keep hearing different answers.

If somehow our APWU contract is broken and layoffs commence, what kind of protection do Veterans have when you have less then six years service?

Are disabled Veterans in a different status? I do not want to see anyone layed off, however I keep hearing different policies.

Any assistance would be great,thanks!
Wife of Vet
10:17 PM ET (US)
Hate to bust the "Yayyy for the USPS hiring Vets" bubble, but it's BS. We have been in a ten year war and our young Vets are being abused by the USPS. Wake up, America!
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01:25 PM ET (US)
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02:34 AM ET (US)
I've been with PO 30plus years, it's been a never ending Sopranos episode and still is!! Pray for our poor tired souls?
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01:32 PM ET (US)
The U.S. Postal Service is among the largest employers of veterans in the Nation, second only to the Department of Defense. During FY 2007, the Postal Service employed 684,564 individuals. This was a decrease of 11,326 employees from the 695,890 employed during FY 2006 (Table 13).
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