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Small Tech Business 101

Robert Boerstler
12:43 PM ET (US)
Dear Howard Lovy,
Thank you for the opportunity to enter your MEMS business discussion. Small tech start-ups reguire working capital, product(s) and a market to sell into. I would like to see article discussions on quality low cost networking leading to higher percentage of new capital, with a reasonable return on that capital in a negotiated business cycle. Please discuss the relationship of outsourcing MEMS research strategies and compare the capitalization required for an in-house research/development program. I look forward to discussions on present and past exit strategies given the re-alignment of MEMS business over the past few years.
There are a multitude of subjects in both general and specific natures for small and big tech communities to share opportunities. Marrying small and big tech opportunites might be worthy of investigation and reporting.


Bob Boerstler
NanoSciences Corporation
Deleted by topic administrator 09-14-2003 12:46 PM
Howard LovyPerson was signed in when posted
11:48 PM ET (US)
What would you like to see in Small Tech Business 101? What would make a small tech business guide useful for you?

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