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Nano in kids' shows

  Messages 9-7 deleted by author between 07-23-2006 02:04 AM and 07-21-2006 08:58 AM
Howard LovyPerson was signed in when posted
07:23 AM ET (US)
What's New on Howard Lovy's NanoBot

Nano is chocolate in Silicon's peanut butter
A couple of days ago, I met Zyvex President Tom Cellucci at an Ann Arbor restaurant (Take a note, young entrepreneur wannabes: this high-powered nano honcho enjoys Greek salad and hummus, while this low-powered journalist just sat and chain-drank coffee), and we discussed a range of issues. Among them were the short-term commercialization steps the company is taking along the way to its goal of building a molecular assembler.

Drexler: More Empty Arguments
Dear Howard, A recent review of Daniel and Mark Ratner's book, "Nanotechnology and Homeland Security," highlights the current tactics of the denialist camp.

Driving under the influence of Feynman
One of my dirty little secrets is that I listen to audiobooks from audible.com (My commute from suburban Detroit to Ann Arbor keeps me in my car about two hours a day). This morning, I "read" (OK, had read to me), Richard Feynman's "The Pleasure of Finding Things Out."

More pieces of Feynman
In my previous post, I talked about how the nanotech founding father's words get me through my morning commute. Feynman was big on making science understandable to everyday slobs like me. I've written about this subject before, and I do wish that I had been around during his heyday. But I wonder how I would have handled this interview, relayed by Robert P. Crease in a March 2001 article in Physics Web, Revenge of the Science Writer.

Writers who know what I meme
David Pescovitz and Mark Frauenfelder, BoingBoing bloggers, NanoBot advisers and legendary writers, have contributed some excellent work to Small Times in the past couple of days.

Small Tech Business Directory is online
If I can get all commercial on you for a moment, I've been meaning to highlight the great work going on at Small Times.

A Game of Risk
Joel Achenbach of the Washington Post writes: "Just when you absorb one type of danger, someone invents a new one – SARS or avian flu or something enigmatic called nanotechnology."

Good evening, Mr. Phelps, The Speculist and CRN have joined your IM (InstaMail? InstaAntiModz?) Force.

What up with BBC doc?
Small Times London Correspondent Ben Wootliff brought this to my attention. The BBC is airing the above documentary tonight.

Big honor for little blog
Thank you, Nanotechnology Now, for naming the NanoBot one of the Best of 2003. They write: "Choice post in 2003 include - but are not limited to - Stairway to Heaven and Apocalypse Nano, The Hulk, Prince Charles and other scary things and 2003: The Year of the Straw NanoMan.

Unauthorized uses of 'Nano'
As before, cease and desist orders are being sent to the following perpetrators

News in a NanoSecond
From The Guardian: "A Horizon investigation into the dangers of nanotechnology was watched by 2.1 million, 300,000 more than watched The Diana Conspiracy, Channel 4's investigation into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

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Howard Lovy
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Howard Lovy's NanoBot
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04:38 PM ET (US)
Isn't this episode somewhat derivative of a "Wallace & Grommet" short?

No, not "shorts", "short."
Daniel Safford
11:52 AM ET (US)
I have watched the shows with my kids too, and pointed out the fumbles. They have countered with the assertion that physics in the cartoon world are different from ours. They treat cartoons as an alternate universe - and yes, they are aware of the concept as well as alternate time streams (via Star Trek's First Contact) amoung others.

They plan to use both gene engineering and nanotech to remake the world more to their liking. Something about real Pokemon......
Howard LovyPerson was signed in when posted
11:06 AM ET (US)
Well, I'm sure you already know that it's hard for a dad to spoil a 6-year-old's fun. He'd have to be an incredible wet blanket to cancel out a little boy's imagination!

He could do worse than follow your Luna-toon. Your company is doing some great things in the nanospace.

I appreciate your frequent contributions to my bulletin boards, by the way. I'd love the NanoBot to become a bit more interactive. Spread the word!

Howard Lovy
Edited 09-29-2003 11:59 AM
J. Reid
10:10 AM ET (US)
Zoids, Power Rangers, SpongeBob SquarePants, Fairly Odd Parents, and Pokemon. My 6yr son and I love to watch these shows together. I like to spoil the fun and point out the science fumbles. He has decided he wants to follow in my footsteps. I am currently working with nanomaterials at Luna Innovations in Blacksburg, VA.
Howard LovyPerson was signed in when posted
07:18 AM ET (US)
"Invader Zim," "Dexter's lab," "Powerpuff Girls," "Jimmy Neutron." Do you know of any other kids' shows that incorporate nanotech?
Edited 09-29-2003 11:58 AM

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