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Romance writing tips?

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Paul T. Sninchak
11:40 PM ET (US)
I can't really speak to how you would write a love scene when you don't believe in love (or are unsure about the possibility of love,) but maybe you're missing the flow of the story here. Two old adages come to mind, work with what you have, and write what you know. If you're dealing with a broken heart, well then use it as a creative tool. If the whole love thing doesn't make much sense to you, write the character from that angle.

You may also be missing something very key here. One of my art instructors passed this along to me several years ago when I was having trouble creating interesting characters (and stories for said characters) for a comic book that I was trying to create. She told me that Ernest Hemingway used to talk to his characters and that they would basically tell him the who they were and where the story should go. In one of his novels (not sure which one) he wanted and intended to have a happy ending for the characters, but they more or less refused.

You sound like you're getting to know your characters pretty well, so let them tell you how they would move through the situations that you set before them. Maybe your main character is trying to tell you that this just isn't in the cards for her, and you said it yourself, when your neck deep in evil, who has time for romance?
bonnie burtonPerson was signed in when posted
06:09 PM ET (US)
so how do you write a love scene when you're still getting over a breakup and love is the last thing you want to ponder?
Edited 09-21-2003 03:37 PM