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Add your comment on this item1 Fotolog Group FAQ

Add your comment on this item2 Why Create a Fotolog Group?

Add your comment on this item3 It's a good idea to consider carefully whether you want to run a group. It's fun but naturally has responsibilities. It may mean getting rid of duplicate photos, spammy messages and keeping a pretty good eye out for fotos that are outside of Fotolog's terms-of-service. It will also mean providing an e-mail address where people can send suggestions and request deletions. If you're not willing to work and offer an email address out there, stick to a single user.

Add your comment on this item4 Next, get it perfectly clear in your head what you want the group to be about (perhaps even write it down) and then begin looking for a name that suits it. If someone has a personal flog with the name you want, try thinking of a different name for yours.

Add your comment on this item5 Avoid co-opting a name someone has already built on. If, perhaps, the "similar named" f'log is unused or discontinued (for whatever reason) then consider making it plural or altering the name in other ways (z's for s's) that might be clever, but make sure it's memorable and associatable.

Add your comment on this item6 How do I actually create a group?

Add your comment on this item7 You create a 'single user' fotolog with the name you've chosen and associate your real e-mail address with it. While it will be created immediately, it's going to probably take a few days to be considered for group status, so begin uploading appropriate photos to it. To help get it established, it's a good idea to buy gold for it for a month (mere $5) so that you can add 6 photos/day to help establish the groundwork theme. Making it a Gold Camera member also helps to show the administration that you're serious about maintaining it. Change the 'About' page to reflect your guidelines for upload (and include the email address you want to administer).

Add your comment on this item8 Only after the above do you want to email admin@fotolog.net and respectfully request that it be made into a group. This way you've demonstrated at least the initial capacity and stick-to-it-ness to run one. If they have reservations, listen carefully and see if what they are suggesting as alternatives might not improve it.

View comments on this itemAdd your comment on this item9 If it is not accepted as a group, perhaps you just want to run an e-mail only group where you accept email fotos and put them up yourself.

Add your comment on this item10 How Do I Promote my Group?

Add your comment on this item11 If the group is accepted, announce it in QuickTopic. Reiterating the group's focus is a good idea, don't just say "Come post to BlueElephants grouplog."

Add your comment on this item12 Also, while you are visiting other people's logs and looking around, and you see an appropriate photo, suggest in the comments that they might want to upload it to your community. But don't go bouncing around Fotolog posting everywhere about your newfound community. Be appropriate.

View comments on this itemAdd your comment on this item13 I ask that if you can, email fotolog@charter.net (me) so that i can put it in my <a href="http://imagesforartists.com/fotologcommunities.html">Fotolog Communities</a> group page (not affiliated officially with Fotolog).