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Samuel South & Sons

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Samuel South
07:29 AM UK
Hello Holly
Good to hear from you again!
I do not know about finding any South flower pots remaining under the Spurs' ground but I do have some South flower pots.
Suggest that you email me either via my own email address or the email contact on the website so that we can arrange to supply you with one. Regards
Holly Faircloth
09:29 PM UK
Hi Ken and all,
I can't stop thinking about all those bits of South flowerpots being dug up right now at White Hart Lane!! Have you ever come across an original pot Ken? There must be hundreds hiding away in sheds around the county.... I'd love to get myself one .. any ideas anyone?:)
Holly Faircloth
03:25 PM UK
Hi Ken,
I don't think I do, perhaps you could put it here or message me at
thanks and regards,
Ken Barker
08:34 AM UK
Hello Holly
It is sometime since we last corresponded.Do you have any information about the South relatives that you say helped to clear Doris' house? If so, there is a possibility that I have had past contact with them. I suggest that you contact me via my email address - do you still have it?
Holly Faircloth
12:17 PM UK
Dear Readers,
I am Kitty's grandaughter. Kitty and Doris unfortunately fell out in the late 60's (about money, Kitty had been 'left out' of Walter and Edith's will :( ) and even though they spent their latter years living only a few miles apart, they never spoke again. I know Doris was in contact with this site and donated some information and I also know that at Doris'funeral, people were surprised to know Kitty was still alive (she passed away herself in 2011)
I know there were South relatives at Doris' funeral and who helped clear her house ... .I would be very interested to hear off any of these people. I am doing our family history and would be very very happy to have copies of any letters/photos etc that were taken from Doris' house. It would be great for me to fill in some of the gaps in information caused by these sisters falling out. It saddens me that they spent more than 30 years living so close but not reconciling . thanks Holly
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Ken Barker
08:32 AM UK
Hello Clifford
It seems we were contemporaries - the park was my playground and the corner shop is well remembered.
The triangle of trees that you mention original stood at the entrance to Devonshire Hill Farm and was handed over to the Council by the developer when the houses on the site of DH Farm were built.
I have photographs of Ivy Cottage supplied from the archives at Bruce Castle Museum - if you would like a copy let me have your email address.
Clifford Raven
06:28 PM UK
Ken Barker, thank you for a reply to which I would like to add that I did recently find a photo of The old River House of which I put it on Face Book Tottenham Residents page for peoples interest and it prompted your brother to comment, telling me that the 1937 built River House was to be demolished for building development. I passed by on my way to my old home in Devonia Gardens and took some pictures of how the site is now. I was born 1943 at Devonia Gardens lived all my life up to teenage years in and around the park enjoying that corner of Rose and Reg's corner shop across from that triangle of green with the conker trees on. I knew many of the boys and girls who lived around the area and yes it was Neil Mansell I remember he played the trumpet Jazz style and you could hear him giving a performance OH WHEN THE SAINTS go marching in from his bedroom when we were walking into the park and by the Ivy Cottage which had a window and a smaller larder vent on that adjacent wall and as a youngster have to admit that I did get close enough to have peek in the window. I only wish I had got myself a camera and taken photos of the cottage before it was pulled down. BTW I did get in contact with Neil's younger brother he is/was listed on Frendsreunited website.
Ken Barker
03:00 PM UK
Hello Clifford
Thanks for the information that you have supplied.
Ivy Cottage was originally situated within the curtilage of the farmyard adjoining Devonshire Hill Farmhouse. The last occupants of the farmhouse were the Hayhoe family who moved out in 1935 and the following year the farmhouse was demolished. R Peachy built the houses on the site of the farmhouse and its remaining fields.
Ivy Cottage survived. Cyril (35) & Gertrude Fretwell (37) with their children Eric (6) & Olive (9) were the occupiers at the time of the 1911 census together with Beatrice Bird (39) a sister-in-law. At some a Mrs A Bird moved – I assume the mother of Beatrice. In 1939 the following article appeared in the Weekly Herald reporting that Mrs Bird was the oldest Wood Green resident.
“Mrs. Bird will be 99 in October, and she can still read the newspapers and discuss affairs with her family.
She can remember hearing Chas. Dickens recite his works to soldiers returned from the Crimean war when she was a girl of fifteen.
Born in Drury-lane, London, she came to Wood Green as the young wife of a farm worker and has lived in the cottage, which is the remnant of the last Wood Green farm, ever since. Around the cottage are now houses and playing field but the old lady's `frontiers" are untouched. She is one of twenty-four children.”
Gertrude Fretwell and Beatrice Bird remained on the electoral register until 1959 at Ivy Cottage. I well remember Ivy Cottage and my recollection is that Mrs Fretwell was the last occupier and the old lady to which you refer. I am uncertain when Ivy Cottage was demolished but as you say the land was added to the back gardens of the Devonshire Hill Lane houses.
I lived at 139 Devonshire Hill Lane from 1942 until 1966. The house is about to be demolished and flats built on the site. I think I recall a family called Mansell –was their a boy called Neil Mansell? If so I used to play with him although he was more a friend of another friend David Glass.
I do have photographs of Devonshire Hill Farm and Ivy Cottage. Also I have written a book “How Rural Tottenham Disappeared” about the development around Devonshire Hill Lane and White Hart Lane – don’t forget that Wood Green was once part of Tottenham! If you are interested about the photos or book I suggest that you email me via the South contact on the website.
Ken Barker
Ken Barker
08:39 AM UK
Hello Clifford
Great to hear from you - apologies for the delay in reply. I have more information about Ivy Cottage and will reply in more detail shortly.
Ken Barker
Clifford Raven
09:15 AM UK
c/o Ken Barker. I lived close to to the entrance of the Devonshire Hill Farm (Clay Hill) the area was my playground and remember the building Ivy Cottage which flanked onto the park nearby. Always refered to it as "The Farmhouse" though it was not. There was an elderly lady who lived in it. Friends of mine, boys of the name Mansell lived on D.H.Lane, their father used to call on this lady looking after anything she needed doing, regarding her welfare in old age. She died in early 1960's being the last tenant of this part of D.H.Farm buildings this was then knocked down and cleared and the entrance drive way was finally restored to the properties of D.H.Lane residents of whom by that time had car garages in their back gardens all of them wanted to retain the entrance excepting the very first house owner in the entrance. They blocked others plans to retain, insisting that they extend their garden across the drive in, therefore blocking any others from access. There ended any visual connections to the D.H.Farm. Only evidence that a driveway existed, is that some properties still have a garage now in the middle of their gardens.
Ken Barker
07:55 AM UK
Apologies for the delay in reply
I am afraid that I do not subscribe to either Ebay or Amazon - you could pay via PayPal if this helps.
Ken Barker
thomas freitas
05:38 PM UK

i am 15 year old and i want to buy how rural tottenham dapperer and could you please sell it on ebay or amazon please because it is more easy for me to buy the book please please.

please e-mail me
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Ken Barker
01:56 PM UK
Hello Colin

Aplogies for the delay in reply.
Thnks for the information and link - it must have ben a nexciting find for you.


Ken Barker
07:40 PM UK
I hope you find this of interest.
I fount a 17th century Cloth seal, opposite Saint John's Church on the Great Cambridge Road.

Here is a link and photo of it.
Samuel South Website
09:45 AM UK
Hello Peter

I think I have some information that will be of interest to you - will take a day or so to collate. As there will be attachments I suggest that you email me either through the contact button on the site or direct to

Look forward to receiving your email


Ken Barker

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Peter Trowles
06:12 PM UK
I came across your very interesting site while trying to find information about the brick fields in White Hart Lane. I was wondering if you might have come across references to them in your own research that you would be willing to pass on.

My great grandfather George ASSER and his family were living at King's Brick Field, according to the 1881 census. My grandfather, Joseph Asser, was born at Brickfields, White Hart Lane in 1883 and his sister Florence was born at Clock House, White Hart Lane in 1893.

Internet searches for brick fields in White Hart Lane has, so far, produced only one short reference in the Victoria County History, to there having been a brick field "...immediately east of Tottenham cemetery...". I've also noticed that there is today a Kings Road to the east of Tottenham Cemetery so perhaps this was the site of Kings brick field.

The full paragraph, found here: (see Trade and Industry section) includes references to potteries which, I believe, must include the South's.
"The tile-kilns survived in the 1860s, with a brick-field immediately east of Tottenham cemetery and a brick-works between the railway tunnel and Bounds Green Road. By the 1890s both works were potteries; in addition the Tottenham and White Hart Lane potteries were near together, north of White Hart Lane, and a brick-works operated in the south, between Vale and Seven Sisters roads. All the potteries save the one at Harringay survived in 1920, when the Bounds Green works made glazed bricks and tiles, (fn. 79) and those in White Hart Lane still made horticultural pottery in 1934."

Any information you could give about the Kings Brick field or the Clock House would be very welcome.
Many Thanks,
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