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Hipster bingo

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04:16 PM ET (US)
В начале марта стартует новый проект по заработку в сети. Кому и тересно в скайп Scream-52
Hipster guy..
05:18 PM ET (US)
We should make a "normal" person Bingo card with squares like, "obesity", "khaki pants", "baseball hats", uh,"oversized ill-fitting pants", I dunno, somebody help me out here... "handless cell phones that make you look paranoid schizophrenic", "Light Clothing", "Mcdonald's bag"Bad taste in music",.... I dunno I guess there are som many different types of normal people it may be hard.

Except for obesity, alot of normal people are fat, be it a yuppir or white trash.
mcity 1Person was signed in when posted
02:16 AM ET (US)
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03:00 AM ET (US)
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02:11 PM ET (US)
Other than the beer,cigarettes & Asian-ness thats my 17-year-old daughter and 14-year-old son! Fortunately the sports wristbands and neckties have come and gone, but the 'wifebeaters' are still happening big-time.
cowboy bawbPerson was signed in when posted
12:56 PM ET (US)
They forgot the T-Shirt for a band that the wearer is obviously too young to have ever seen.
FuttBuckPerson was signed in when posted
02:40 PM ET (US)
Secret Agent Toast wrote "The only thing 'ironic' about hipsters is the fact that they don't think they are either consumers or conformers."

To me 'hip' IS consumerism and conformity carried to an extreme. The notion of 'hip' means that there is some exterior measuring stick that one can measure ones 'currentness' against. The quest to be 'current' and ahead of what is perceived to be the 'normals' is in itself a drive to define oneself as 'different' within the confines of what is commonly accepted as allowably 'different.' ergo nobody hip is really taking any chances or expressing anything unique.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with designer clothes or shopping at Hot Topic. (I buy a Slayer shirt at Hot Topic now and again- they have what I want, but I'll buy stuff at the Gap as well) The problems with 'hip' come from the wholesale adoption of a 'look' rather than simply buying and wearing what you like. If you happen to like whats now 'hip'- no problem. If you feel compelled to always fit the hip mold- you really are painting on your personality- and often times, we can see right through the paint to the featureless base.

Sorry for the rant. Work is slow lately... painfully...

by the way... anyone know if I just used "ergo" correctly? (I am trying to sound hip)
Edited 07-18-2003 02:42 PM
David Kurtz
02:03 PM ET (US)
My God. This all could have been captured in about five minutes on a Monday night at Spaceland. Frighteningly real.
John WisemanPerson was signed in when posted
12:43 PM ET (US)
I was trying to figure out what variety of hipster these cards might be based on. PBR and cabbie hats (and to a lesser extent glasses) are not well represented in LA. I hear from New Yorkers who would know that there are certain incompatibilities with their scene. Maybe these cards were intended to represent some sort of ur-hipster essence, or an amalgam to keep anyone from feeling left out.

But then I thought of Chicago, and it all fits. IT ALL FITS. (And then glossosaurus mentioned Rainbo and I knew it had to be true.) (I guess this this is not inconsistent with the amalgam view, either. Poor, disrespected Chicago.)

Actually Joey DeVilla says that you could fill the card in 5 minutes of walking around his Toronto neighborhood, but that doesn't count for the obvious reason.
Happy EngineerPerson was signed in when posted
09:57 AM ET (US)
Great. I just started blogging with my digital camera and already I'm a cliche. Damn you, internet! Damn you to hell!
glossosaurusPerson was signed in when posted
12:21 AM ET (US)
I made a version of hipster bingo which uses javascript to randomize the placement of the images.
You and your pals can print them out and take them to Enid's or the BQE and see who wins.
I'll be the blogger w/ the webcam at the Rainbo looking for the 4-foot girl with the pack of Parlaiments.
Warren FreyPerson was signed in when posted
11:22 PM ET (US)
milovoo: Sorry, didn't mean to offend. I just have a visceral reaction to hip folk. I tend to despise all surface dwellers and norms. :)

But I wasn't seriously wishing death on them. Just a bit of gallows humor.
09:26 PM ET (US)
I think Futtbuck has a very good point, and it might be worth pointing out that there's nothing on the bingo chart that costs more than $10. Most of these kids are artists of some flavor, and that's not exactly a high paying gig, at least at this level. The look that someone like Ashton Kucher is trying to imitate is that of sleeping on a friend's couch, showering once a week and having someone's junkie girlfriend cut your hair. When that's your life, something like a trucker hat is funny, I don't claim to understand why, it just is.

I think we might have been using the word "hipster" in a differant sense though, I think just about everyone here has a finely tuned bullshit detector, and would never pay the big bucks to buy this stuff at a designer boutique. My next door neighbor is a fashion designer, so, I wear "designer" clothes, but only because I fix her computer. That expensive stuff is reserved for the tourists.

secret agent toastPerson was signed in when posted
09:01 PM ET (US)
The only thing 'ironic' about hipsters is the fact that they don't think they are either consumers or conformers. :)
UkeGapPerson was signed in when posted
07:55 PM ET (US)
hmm, fug,

(And also, Corey)

That is an interesting lens to look at the Magic Kingdom residents in "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom" thru: that they are hipsters in their own right, ultimately parasitical, using a "neighborhood" to their selfish advantage and then moving on....

Tune in tomorrow for another episode of...

"When Memes Collide!"
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