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2004 Election Debate...Bush vs. Kerry

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09:13 AM ET (US)
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Ann Stewart
10:41 AM ET (US)
Hi Kevin....I'm so so sorry to hear that sweetheart...I hope you have a good doctor that takes good care of you...I will be praying my heart out for you tonight.

Right now everything is going good in my life...My family and I are on vacation in Florida right now...

I'm working as a X-ray tech, and I may be going to Medical school...If I can get in...I'm working on that...So pray for me...If it's God will I guess I'll make though medical school...If it's not I'll still be a happy camper.

Micheal Bohannon and Chris told me to tell you hi and they will be praying for you too....I know you'll be OK...We need you run for Congress again don't we? ( that is if you want to)

I did start another website for the 2008 debate...but I haven't put much time into it, because of school...but I get alot of comments about the election on many of the sites...anyways you're always welcome to give your views on anything or any of the sites.

God bless you Kevin...you're a awesome dude.
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