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Rural Carriers

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12:55 PM ET (US)
Rural Routes should be covered by Regular Carriers seniority according to the matrix first. Secondly volunteers and then carriers required to work according to lowest seniority. A junior carriers holiday does not get priority over a senior carriers relief day.
08:57 PM ET (US)
Has anyone noticed how the Equipment Maintenance Allowance does not add up correctly on your pay stubs?
06:50 PM ET (US)
Did you know that 1 min during a mail count can be worth $2190.00

Here is all the INFO you need NOW!!!!

Edited 01-26-2018 06:51 PM
07:52 PM ET (US)
What would be a good comfortable mail delivery vehicle that can handle 200 amazon parcels ?????????????
05:40 PM ET (US)
HEY!Today our office in the Greensboro District was told mail trucks are on the way. We are then told to wait until 11am. No mail trucks. Told to wait till 12pm. No trucks. Told we have to stay and wait for 8 hours. 3pm no mail trucks. Still no mail arrives. Postmaster has no idea if we have any mail coming? Said he could not get any official word if a truck was on it's way??? BULLSHIT! This is the most miss - managed fffing district! No district manager has the respect to find out if a particular post office is going to receive mail??? But can send 100's of useless e-mails on redundant safety talks!!! What kind of a shit show is this????
08:34 PM ET (US)
Newbe. As a 12 year RCA, an 8 year regular carrier, and a 10 year union steward, I can readily say that everything you say is true except where you say "no one told this training class that they have no retirement credit for even a minute served until they make regular". There is no way you did not get that info in your rural carrier orientation. Once management knows you know the books as well, or better, than they do, you are on a gravy train - one you can be proud off. It really is a great job with great pay and there are a great many other benefits such as thrift savings and retirement income if you stay at least 5 years as a regular. You want others to run from a job you stayed 25 years in - if you stayed 25 years . Sounds like you ran.
07:31 PM ET (US)
Run as fast as you can. The PO is the most toxic employer on the planet. Those smiles, and hugs at interview/training are the biggest smokescreen of bullshit in history. Whatever they can do to get you in the door is what you are going to see. I know someone who actually was just hired as an RCA who was told at their interview by the ” super uber-appreciative so glad you’re here lying postmaster ” that she had management potential in the VERY near future. OMG total bull because an RCA is a NON-Career postal employee, and has ZERO opportunity to become mgt in any capacity, yet the lies continued spewing out of this postmasters mouth in the hopes of on boarding this person. The lies within the postal service are limitless. I’m sure that no one told this training class that they have no retirement credit for even a minute served untill they make regular. Lastly, even though an RCA is not paid to be an “on-call” employee, and “on-call” scheduling is becoming illegal in some states, it is abused at the PO daily. Just wait till you get that first phone call one morning after you have driven two hours out of town for an event and your phone rings, and the PM demands you be at work, or face discipline. It WILL happen. I could go on forever about the sad but true stories after my 25 years in this hellhole, but I would be writing for years. I stayed because my route customers are my second family who I adore, but the PO can go to hell. I like many others have paid the price in terms of physical sacrifice, mental abuse from mgt., and no appreciation from the USPS for anything. The last few years of Gallup polls have shown the USPS to have the LOWEST employee engagement scores of any employer. LOWEST!!! That’s a sign to run as fast as you can.
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08:17 PM ET (US)
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08:14 PM ET (US)
jt crapper
09:43 AM ET (US)
then why do we not have one member 1 vote in all elections then we the members would have a voice or do we want no changes or do you follow the bell
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09:36 PM ET (US)
It's a union.
Just like the National ASSOCIATION of Letter Carriers.
They are both unions.
jt crapper
08:56 PM ET (US)
the rural carriers do not have a union it is an ASSOCIATION look on the cover of your news letters Rural Letter Carries Association a Union has to operate under federal guide lines an ASSOCIATION no guide lines our dues go up every year by 4% or pay by .25% if we are lucky in 2004 the PO and the Association were told our the RLCA were being paid by a antiquated system that need to be fixed before the next contract 2 contracts and we the members still swim in shi_ because the weak leaders elected by hung over members at the national party that we pay for we myself included are like the herd follow the lead cow and chew your cud that man at the end of the chute is just rubbing those in front of us between the eyes until they sleep yep
10:04 AM ET (US)
The USPS is truly run by corrupt imbecilic people who have no business running any kind of business, period. And the worse management gets, the worse the craft performance becomes.
10:00 AM ET (US)

The Postal Service is still depending too much on first class letter mail for it's revenue, which first class letter mail is going away little by little and has for many tears now. We handle so much of the cheaper advertisement mail which cost more to handle with little revenue and slows down the delivery of the important mail and packages the customers really want. Also,The Postal Service charges a private customer $10.00 to mail a small priority package while charging Amazon $2.00 to mail a package no matter what the size.

01:54 PM ET (US)
Good here is a comment:

You all are con artist for having a rigged pay system and cowards for accepting it and not fighting against fraud.
09:08 PM ET (US)
NRLCA and USPS Extend Time for Comment on the Revised Rural Route Evaluated Compensation System

On October 31, 2017, the parties received the Chairperson’s “recommendation for a Revised Evaluated Compensation System.” Per the MOU creating the ECS time standards project, which was part of the 2012 Clarke Interest Arbitration decision, the parties agreed to a 30-day period for evaluation and comment. However, given the scope of the project, the Chairperson’s almost 80-page report and extensive appendices, the parties mutually agreed to extend the time for evaluation and comment until February 1, 2018. This extension does not change the expectation that the Chairperson will issue the final determination within ninety (90) days of receiving the parties’ comments.

This extension will not affect the 12-day mail count scheduled to begin on February 24, 2018. The mail count will include all routes unless both the regular rural carrier or the rural carrier associate (Designation Code 79), as appropriate, and management agree in writing not to count.
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