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Paradise Swimteam Notes

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Coach d
06:10 PM ET (US)
If you did not see the edit. Checks can be made to the paradise piranhas and not the willows hydro jets. Cash is also fine.
Coach D
01:23 PM ET (US)

Team T-shirts are in and we are going to take a group photo on Wednesday at 830. Plan on being there at 815. We will have regular practice but any swimmer that would like to get out to get ready will have time to do so. Wednesday is also a good day to bring payment for our NVAL Team Bride vs. Team Groom shirts. I put in every order that was requested and the kids attending NVALS had their NVAL shirt size submitted using their team shirt size submission. Check or cash and the shirts are 12$ and the tanks are 15$ (checks can be made out to The Paradise Piranhas). The swimmers are all receiving men, women or youth tanks.You can bring payment to me anytime this week if you are not coming on Wednesday.

Chill week going into a little quiet weekend!

See you on deck.
Edited 07-22-2019 01:50 PM
12:49 PM ET (US)
Our final meet NVAL's, AKA Champs, will be open for registration through Thursday, the 25th. The team hotel is La Quinta in Redding. Make your reservations ASAP!!!
Laura Taylor
10:23 AM ET (US)
Hi Devin,
I want to let you know that Julia’s cousin is getting married on Saturday, August 3rd. Julia will be attending all 3 days of NVALS but I’m wondering if you have an estimate of when she would be done swimming on Saturday? The wedding begins at 5:30 in Oroville. Thank you for any info you can give- trying to make it all work!
Laura Taylor

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Coach D
10:36 PM ET (US)
We have earned the right to say that in 2019 the Piranhas have been measured, been heard and have conquered!

What a wonderful weekend of friends, family and connection. Battling in the pool and making our name heard in every event. River play and good eats with some late night ultimate glow Frisbee. As always.........we play hard and we swim hard and that mix has once again brought us to the top. We again have taken the mantle as best team up in Quincy with our 1st place victory backed by 1st place winners Rachael Brennan, Taryn Monnot, Kaelyn Vogelbacher...2nd place high-point winners Gabe Owen and Julia Taylor.....and 3rd place High-pointers Josh Shannof, Autumn Vogelbacher, Owen Brown, Anagloria Luevano and that heart and connection we bring was on full display this weekend. I am so proud of the perseverance and effort the kids show and they back each other and fight for each other like no other team. 2 weeks left of good swimming and a great weekend coming up to relax and get our minds set for NVALS!

IMPORTANT!!!! NVAL swimmers and parents... Robin Berglund from the Willows Hydro Jets is personally taking on the task of designing and making our Champs shirts. I have taken care of the kids who are likely to be attending champs and I spoke with most of you this weekend. Any one else that would like to purchase Team Bride vs. Team Groom shirts please get to me ASAP!!! Kids are getting tanks and for parents we can do men and women shirts and also Tanks. 12$ for shirts and 15$ for the tanks. We are short on time so tomorrow would be best to get Robin all final orders. Lets roll hard to champs and bring our pride and name to the forefront for one more weekend!

Last 2 weeks
No practice on Friday for the rest of the season. Team shirts are also in so be prepared to take a quick team photo coming up this week during practice. Get signed up for NVALS and max out those events!!!!!!!! This year all 3 days at NVALS are morning sessions with Friday starting at 9am warm ups and 10am for competition. Such a big and powerful Summer and lets all push together towards the finish line.

Coach Devin
Jaime A. Luevano
01:27 PM ET (US)
There will be a print out at the pool on Wed & Thur for those heading to Quincy. The Rapids team coordinated with the Quincy Rec Dept to offer our team half-price the cost. I spoke with camp host Lynnette Choate to confirm. The rate will be $25/night for tent/RV/Camper (no-hook-ups): $45/night RV/Camper (electricity & water hook-ups).

Mention to them your with the Piranhas to receive the half price offer. Keep in mind that camp fees generate funds for the Rapids team. So you can pay "full price" or utilize the half-off deal as needed.

The Piranhas will be situated in the usual spot (to the right of the bathrooms set back behind the big tree in the big meadow area).

Last day to sign up for the meet is Wed 7/18/19 by 11:59p.

here is the link: https://ome.swimconnection.com/meets/2762

See ya on deck!
Coach D
06:02 PM ET (US)

Great weekend and a lot of fun seeing our swimmers start to hit their best times. Shout out to our high point winners led by 1st place winner Nyah Van Roekel, 2nd place finisher Rachael Brennan and 3rd place finishers Owen Brown, Kaelyn Vogelbacher and Noah Van Roekel.

And here we are!!!!! Plumas Rapids Invitational camping meet in Quincy!!! Get signed up, get your camping spot and let’s enjoy some mountain speed and Funtime. We have 1st place victories in both Weaverville and Quincy. This year we will have to dig deep into our tiny but mighty mode and see if we can defend the title.

This week will be our last Friday practice of the season. The final 3 weeks We are in preparation mode for NVAL. Check the meet sheet, start strategizing which swims you want to do and don’t forget to reserve your hotel spot!

See you on deck !
Edited 07-14-2019 07:17 PM
Devin Kutil
10:50 PM ET (US)

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Julie Van Roekel
10:26 PM ET (US)
Is practice on for tomorrow?

On Wed, Jul 10, 2019, 7:01 PM QT - Amber Chastain <
qtopic-22-aAK837E5DRKCX@quicktopic.com> wrote:
Amber Chastain
10:01 PM ET (US)
Thanks Jaime!
Kory Hamman
06:14 PM ET (US)
What kind of accident? I just went by the pool and everything looks fine.
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Jaime A. Luevano
06:04 PM ET (US)
Gridley Dual cancelled. Pool locked down do to unforeseen accident.
Coach D
05:59 PM ET (US)

My apologies for the inconvenience, but tonight’s dual has been cancelled due to an accident at the Gridley pool. See you in the morning!!!

Edited 07-10-2019 06:00 PM
Jaime A. Luevano
12:39 PM ET (US)
Quincy Camping meet info:

I spoke with the Quincy team President regarding camp sites. The Piranhas are being offered a half-price rate to camp. The site is located just past the Pioneer Pool. Quincy Plumas Rapids July 20-21st, closes July 16th. Keep in mind that camping fees generate some funding for the Quincy team. Feel free to pay the whole amount or utilize the discount if needed.
Edited 07-09-2019 12:48 PM
Devin Kutil
09:58 AM ET (US)

We are scheduled to have an away dual against gridley this Wednesday at 5pm. Sign ups are on deck!

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Amber Chastain
09:36 PM ET (US)
So I think Riley is going to swim the Saturday of the Quincy meet since I got the day off. Just wondering what the camping situation is and the name of the campground.
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