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Paradise Swimteam Notes

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09:41 AM ET (US)
Today's the day! Registration for Winter Clinic is OPEN!
go to www.paradiseswimteam.com and get started by clicking on the "Start Registration " tab, scroll to the bottom and click the blue highlighted, "Swim Clinic February 1-April 29th"
Can't wait to see you there!
11:18 AM ET (US)
Please note that Winter Clinic takes place on Monday,Wednesday and Fridays.
12:56 AM ET (US)
Piranha Camp Fire Tshirts ($10) and Sweatshirts ($35) are available. Please order by February 15th by contacting Kristen. Text (530) 514-3431
Cash or Check made out to: Dialed in Athletics
Mail to: POBox 625, Oroville Ca 95965 or hand into Devin during practice.

Picture on FB
12:23 AM ET (US)
Piranhas are BACK!! Winter clinic will start on February 1st at the Durham pool located at: 9447 Midway, Durham.

Group 2- $55 3:30-4:15
Group 3- $60 4:15-5:15
Group 4- $65 5:15-6:30
No group 1 due to the cooler temperatures.
There is an additional $10 for insurance.
Registration will open January 18th.
Cash or check only. Payments can be mailed to: P.O. Box 625 Oroville CA 95965 or hand to Coach Devin prior to practice time.
Jaime A Luevano
10:19 PM ET (US)
It was so nice to see all the smiles and hear all the laughing & conversations taking place. Share your pics @ jaimeluevano@comcast.net
So to create a Piranha scrap book. Look out for Winter clinic updates soon.
Go Piranhas!
Jaime A Luevano
03:00 PM ET (US)
Safe travels Chastain & Machado families. Stay connected when able...share FB pics. Go Piranhas!
Diana Machado
08:32 PM ET (US)
Hi everyone, the Machado Family won't be abke to make it tomorrow. We are in Santa Cruz celebrating Maya's birthday. Sorry Jaime I didn't get back to you before. We also have relocated to Rocklin until we figure out what we want to do next.
We are very happy all the pirhana family made it out safe.

On Fri, Jan 4, 2019, 4:44 PM QT - Amber Chastain <
qtopic-22-aAK837E5DRKCX@quicktopic.com wrote:
Amber Chastain
07:44 PM ET (US)
Hi Jaime sadly Samuel and Riley will not be there this weekend. We have decided to go on a road trip in search of a possible new place to live and this was the only time we could get away. So sorry for the late notice and thank you for helping to keep the heart of this team alive.
Jaime A Luevano
06:51 PM ET (US)
PIRANHAS!....swimmers and their families have recieved the info. Saturday January 5, 2019 come and reconnect with the team. Location set at 9319 Midway at the Memorial Hall building in Durham from 3:30-6:30p. Looking forward to seeing the many faces and smiles. Safe travels Piranhas...
Pete Monnot
11:35 PM ET (US)
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Pete Monnot
01:09 PM ET (US)
Piranha Strong!!! Hello Piranha families, I hope you have all found some peace and comfort while we rebuild our lives. The Piranhas are still together and moving forward we need some feedback from you. Plans for a winter clinic are being worked out and we need to know how many would be interested. Also, we need to know the interest for summer session. Please email the team at: paradisepiranhas@gmail.com
All Piranhas swimmers are invited to meet January 5th in Durham at the Memorial Hall building from 3:30-6:30p, located at 9319 Midway. Please RSVP!! Dinner will be provided.
All Piranhas please provide your size for T-shirt, sweatshirt and swim suit even if you are not attending.
You may RSVP for dinner and provide sizes to Jaime Luevano at: jaimeluevano@comcast.net &/or text at 530-592-8556.
Looking forward to seeing you and GO PIRANHAS!
Shanon Corso
03:19 PM ET (US)
The Corso Family will be there.

On Wed, Dec 5, 2018 at 11:30 AM QT - Jaime A. Luevano <
qtopic-22-aAK837E5DRKCX@quicktopic.com> wrote:
Jaime A. Luevano
02:30 PM ET (US)
PIRANHAS!.....The date is set. All Piranha swimmers and their families are invited to attend. Mark your calendars and save the date. On Saturday January 5, 2019 come and reconnect with your team. Located at 9319 Midway at the Memorial Hall building in Durham from 3:30-6:30p a "Piranha Gathering" is gonna happen. Troop 16 will be donating food (Taco Bar) to nourish our team so no need to bring anything unless you want to. If you do I suggest an easy dessert. We love our Piranha families and look forward to being back in the water. WE WILL BE BACK IN THE WATER. We are SwimTeamStrong! The Piranhas have been in the hearts and prayers of our swim community locally, regionally & out of state. As I reach out to all of you I need some important info. Please RSVP at jaimeluevano@comcast.net &/or call me at 530-592-8556. I can't wait to see all of you together again. If you are unable to attend rest assure you are still a Piranha and are in our thoughts. Our goal is to reconnect with all of our families and strengthen the bonds that have formed over endless summers of the past. We are PiranhaStrong! I am available to speak with and provide any support I can. Love you all...The Luevano Family.
RidgeStrong! SwimTeamStrong! PiranhaStrong!
Maureen Guinon
09:24 AM ET (US)
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Maureen Guinon
Laura Owens
01:49 PM ET (US)
Hi Jamie and Piranha families Qwynn's family here we are in a shelter in Chico and have been from day 1 of  the fire, we are safe but lost everything we are at 1184 East ave in the East ave church.  we can be reached by my cell phone 509-295-3789 thank you and God bless you all
Kristin Finch
04:04 PM ET (US)
The Finch Family (Toni) have found an apartment in Chico. We plan to
 rebuild when the time is allowed!

On Thu, Nov 22, 2018, 1:00 PM QT - Michelle <
qtopic-22-aAK837E5DRKCX@quicktopic.com wrote:
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