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lotusgreenPerson was signed in when posted
10:21 PM ET (US)
anyone got a recommendation for a great slide scanner? I have a friend who wants to get one for her father as a gift.

ndouvidPerson was signed in when posted
05:08 AM ET (US)
thank you zen
zenPerson was signed in when posted
07:16 PM ET (US)
ndouvid: Without question, the best and most free (easily upgradable for cheap that have some extras) is GraphicConverter by LemkeSoft.

It can convert from and to nearly every graphic type to another (Old MacPaint and new Phone Formats) and it's sizing and adjustment controls are sterling. You look at your photos in a contact-sheet like format that's easy to see what you've got. This one's a no-brainer.
ndouvidPerson was signed in when posted
06:25 PM ET (US)
hi, i'm a pc user and know nothing about the mac world but i'm trying to help my brother get started fotologging. he has OSX[is that how you say operating system ten?]mac and i'm wondering if there are free downloads or cheap programs like irfanview so he can do resizing, brightness-contrast,color saturating, etc. thank you if you can help,
ndouvid for his brother rbell
05:07 PM ET (US)
I just convinced the community newspaper I work for to buy a Canon 300D so we can fill the 11 x 17 front page with stunning photographic images, but the editor is crying that the camera is too complicated...

Seems a couple years of using point and shoot cameras has made some of the reporters brain dead when it comes to photography...

Any suggestions to make using this great new tool idiot proof would be welcome... typically, the shots we take are either out of doors with plenty of light or inside in brightly lit rooms but where flash has been the norm at least up till now...
10:09 AM ET (US)
Just like to say that I just bought the Canon 300D (Digital Rebel) which is a much cheaper version of the 10D.

It's excellent and the noise is almost 0 on long night shots like you mention wanting to take.

The plastic body really isn't an issue.

If you're not a professional photographer I'd advise saving some money with the 300D and getting an extra lens around 70mm-300mm. is a great website with extensive reviews of all the cameras you're talking about.
Edited 11-02-2003 10:16 AM
06:26 AM ET (US)
Great idea for a board... but where did everybody go? Does anybody know when the Sony 828 is due to hit the shelves?
Deleted by author 10-31-2003 07:45 PM
Greg9683Person was signed in when posted
12:00 AM ET (US)
I'd say corrlate a trip to LA when you are to buy the camera.

You can visit me. :)

Anyway, the price has been dropping. I've been watching. I took a job during the summer and some of the school year to save up. Although I did not meet my goal(school got in the way too much, oh well). Have around 1600.

However, I noticed prices dropping. After Christmas, I believe that camera should be in 1200 range atleast.

They are also coming out with a new chip to replace that CCD(i believe that's the chip). That new chip should drive the older camera's prices to go down. I'm not exactly sure when that chip will be around. I believe its going to be in that new Sony F828 though.
TeraGramPerson was signed in when posted
11:52 PM ET (US)
Well, Greg, it isn't that I have money to throw around. I've been saving and scrimping like crazy. Remember, I'm a SAHM! Ask my husband how many low-cost meals I've been throwing at him for dinner. No, don't. heh If I hear one more complaint about risotto I'm going to make the next batch with just mushrooms (which he loathes).

The earliest I was planning this purchase was after Christmas. No one seems to know, however, if these things really go on sale or not. One distributor here is giving me the impression that the prices are pretty stable throughout the year and that counting on a sale could mean I never get the camera because there's usually a waiting list.

What they don't seem to understand is that I'm not against driving 200 miles r/t to save a decent chunk of change. I know there's got to be some LA stores selling them lots cheaper than the Santa Barbara stores.
Greg9683Person was signed in when posted
11:41 PM ET (US)
If your hell bent on an SLR from Canon, I can say, hands down 10D over that Rebel if you have the money to throw around. If you are willing to wait, I'm sure by Christmas it will drop in price more.
TeraGramPerson was signed in when posted
11:32 PM ET (US)

Night-time photography in general. I do have a film camera (Nikon N2000) and I know that in many respects film is still superior.

That said, I've seen some extremely low-light shots done with some of the newer tech and I'm pretty pleased. The tech behind the Canon models is particularly impressive. The difference is their chip runs much cooler than that in most digi-cams and the noise is greatly reduced on that front alone. In addition, there's internal software that deals with it too (if I'm remembering things right).
lotusgreenPerson was signed in when posted
07:16 PM ET (US)
how does one write it if one wishes a link to open in a new window? Can you do that on purpose when you paste a link into your caption or your comment?
wolfeyPerson was signed in when posted
10:25 AM ET (US)
Is it night-time photography or night-time digital photography that you're interested in? Because if you really want to do it right, you'll have to use film. The digital images will have too much noise in your longer exposures.
zenPerson was signed in when posted
09:06 AM ET (US)
Greg i was stressing that the Sony was not an SLR because Teragram had her heart set on one, not that i thought you didn't know. You probably know more about digital cams than i.

Macwagen does a great job with the f717! And i use exclusively my f707 and love it.
Greg9683Person was signed in when posted
02:53 AM ET (US)
Yeah, I know its not an SLR. It gets close in these semiprosumer cameras though.

Olypus has one SLR lens one that's 5mp that has a fixed SLR lens on it though. It's the E-20 i believe.

And if you don't wanna shell out for an SLR, that sony does a great job. Macwagen provides a perfect example of what that f717 can do.
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