Postal Sales Associates/Window Clerks Postal Sales Associates/Window Clerks QuickTopic <![CDATA[Gale | Thanks for sharing your thoughts about groupware web...]]> 2017-11-08T23:02Z <![CDATA[Wilmer | Astonishingly individual friendly website. Astounding...]]> 2017-10-20T11:16Z <![CDATA[ED Pharmac... | Yes there is a but back for clerk Sent from AOL Mobile Mail On...]]> 2017-10-18T17:53Z <![CDATA[CA-ntft | Question for past postmaster-current ntft clerks. If you...]]> 2017-10-18T17:13Z <![CDATA[moose4800 | NTFT are Fulltime Employees - ALL Fulltime employees get 8...]]> 2017-10-18T15:48Z <![CDATA[Been there... | ED said, "Holiday pay will be what ever your time is for that...]]> 2017-10-18T00:28Z <![CDATA[X-stew | /m2816 HOLIDAY PAY FOR NTFT IS ALWAYS, ALWAYS, 8 HOURS....]]> 2017-10-17T12:40Z <![CDATA[ED Pharmac... | Correct. You have a set schedule. No longer than 1 hour for...]]> 2017-10-17T11:42Z <![CDATA[Been there... | Southern- Some of us aren't NTFT flex'es. The 6 hour...]]> 2017-10-17T01:15Z <![CDATA[moose4800 | My PM checked with Labor - I will get 8 hours for any holiday...]]> 2017-10-15T19:34Z <![CDATA[ED Pharmac... | You are very correct NTFT Flex are flexible and lunch...]]> 2017-10-15T17:43Z <![CDATA[SouthernCl... | This might help:]]> 2017-10-15T17:11Z <![CDATA[SouthernCl... | Regarding NTFT (flex) holiday pay. Sorry I don't agree...]]> 2017-10-15T17:09Z <![CDATA[moose4800 | thanks everyone. First year as a NTFT.]]> 2017-10-12T01:59Z <![CDATA[Been there... | Yes, unless your schedule is modified to keep you within]]> 2017-10-08T03:20Z