Postal Sales Associates/Window Clerks Postal Sales Associates/Window Clerks QuickTopic <![CDATA[moose4800 | Question? I'm a NTFT 40 hour Flex - Hours are M-F 7.5 hours...]]> 2017-09-21T14:07Z <![CDATA[Been there... | You're a NTFT now so you can't rotate. No reason to worry...]]> 2017-09-21T01:48Z <![CDATA[MOOSE4800 | a NTFT can ONLY have a 2 hour lunch read page 313 in union...]]> 2017-09-19T00:32Z <![CDATA[Meagain | I understand that but for years we have needed 2 clerks at...]]> 2017-09-17T08:46Z <![CDATA[Been there... | Postmasters have the right to schedule hours as needed,...]]> 2017-09-16T19:43Z <![CDATA[Meagain | I'm not totally against filing a grievance. I would rather...]]> 2017-09-16T01:32Z <![CDATA[Steve | Your posts is really intriguing. Here is my website Braden]]> 2017-09-10T17:57Z <![CDATA[moose4800 | If you are NTFT Flexible then your START time can be changed...]]> 2017-09-01T21:16Z <![CDATA[Gisele | I enjoy this site - its so usefull and helpfull. my...]]> 2017-08-18T14:22Z <![CDATA[RIKSNY | Your schedule as a regular has to be the same every week,...]]> 2017-08-18T13:57Z <![CDATA[RIKSNY | I'm not sure about that Saturday schedule either. Isn't it...]]> 2017-08-18T13:55Z <![CDATA[RIKSNY | If you're determined not to grieve it, you could go the...]]> 2017-08-18T13:54Z <![CDATA[postalvet | /m2788 you don't want to file another grievance, than...]]> 2017-08-18T13:47Z <![CDATA[August | Very long message but trying to find answers anywhere is...]]> 2017-08-18T11:09Z <![CDATA[Mckenzie | Tгuly enlightening, ⅼook forward to сoming back. my...]]> 2017-07-17T06:28Z