Postal Sales Associates/Window Clerks Postal Sales Associates/Window Clerks QuickTopic <![CDATA[Susan Mart... | This really works! I can't believe!...]]> 2016-10-26T11:05Z <![CDATA[moose4800 | I don't know Postalvet. I am sending a copy of my form 50 to my...]]> 2016-09-20T23:20Z <![CDATA[postalvet | /m2776 "71630343" is the position number assign in the...]]> 2016-09-16T20:25Z <![CDATA[Moose4800 | Ok thanks. It only says Full Time - not full time regular....]]> 2016-09-16T18:56Z <![CDATA[X-stew | /m2777 You're seeing what you want to see, and not what's...]]> 2016-09-16T18:36Z <![CDATA[moose4800 | Kinda like the schedule he gave me. Work M-F 8:25-4:55 and...]]> 2016-09-16T17:56Z <![CDATA[Moose4800 | The form 50 does NOT state NTFT anywhere. At the bottom it...]]> 2016-09-16T17:40Z <![CDATA[postalvet | /m2774 "So do ALL Full Time positions mean 40 hours in five...]]> 2016-09-16T16:53Z <![CDATA[moose4800 | Got my form 50 today My position type states Full Time. Does...]]> 2016-09-16T16:42Z <![CDATA[SouthernCl... | /m2772 be sure to check bid schedule once received to...]]> 2016-09-13T18:56Z <![CDATA[Moose4800 | Thx X-Stew. My steward already said I will get back pay...]]> 2016-09-13T14:20Z <![CDATA[X-stew | To say mgt there is incompetent is a big understatement....]]> 2016-09-13T13:12Z <![CDATA[Moose4800 | Thanks guys/gals. I wrote my steward about this. There was...]]> 2016-09-13T12:39Z <![CDATA[postalvet | /m27678 see now we are getting some where. if you get no...]]> 2016-09-13T00:17Z <![CDATA[X-stew | /m2767 First check what your bid read when it was posted....]]> 2016-09-12T21:12Z