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Postal Sales Associates/Window Clerks

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Susan Martin
07:20 PM ET (US)
I don't know Postalvet. I am sending a copy of my form 50 to my steward to find out what full time position I am. I have not received any bid duty sheet or anything saying I am NFTF Flex 40 hours-but that is what my boss
says I am.
Edited 09-20-2016 07:20 PM
postalvetPerson was signed in when posted
04:25 PM ET (US)
/m2776 "71630343" is the position number assign in the human capital enterprise system that shared services maintains.
02:56 PM ET (US)
Ok thanks. It only says Full Time - not full time regular. But I did see HR said I could be NTFT flexible. Either way I like this schedule I'm on. We will see what he has in store in two weeks - as he us planning on taking AL for 2 days.
X-stewPerson was signed in when posted
02:36 PM ET (US)
/m2777 You're seeing what you want to see, and not what's there on that form 50.

NTFT are 'full-time' but not 'full-time regulars' who have 5 8-hour days every work, whose schedules can't be changed without them winning a bid, and whose schedules can't be changed otherwise.

Given the 6-day schedule you've laid out, you're not a FTR but some type of NTFT. DO contact steward about when they can change your schedule because you don't seem to know. And talk about possible 2-hour lunch. Don't be so sure boss is stupid; sometimes they run right over your rights and pretend they didn't know it was wrong.

Don't worry about being bored. Other than things like second notices, you could be told to do custodial work to take up your time. I know they can do that, but again you need to get that settled with steward. Your clerk jobs come first so be sure you guys talk.
01:56 PM ET (US)
Kinda like the schedule he gave me. Work M-F 8:25-4:55 and Sat 6:00-8:30. If he gives me a day off through the week I will have to work Sat all day. The thing is
we CLOSE our window at 10:30am. That means I will be sitting at work doing nothing. I will talk to my steward. I was working 6:00-3:00 M-F and 6:00-11:00 on Saturdays as a PTF because I was the ONLY person here in the office. We now have myself and 1 PTF. Of course I would love 40 hours M-F and Sat-Sun Off. I'm sure he got something wrong because when I first seen the schedule he sent in to HR it was working M-F 7:00-11:00 13:00-17:00 and Sat 6:00-3:30. That was with
a 2 hour lunch period. He was just trying to get back at me for filing
a grievance against him. Hope it backfires on him.
Edited 09-16-2016 02:00 PM
01:40 PM ET (US)
The form 50 does NOT state NTFT anywhere. At the bottom it says - Employee placed in 71630343. I don't know what the number means. But position states Full Time.
postalvetPerson was signed in when posted
12:53 PM ET (US)
/m2774 "So do ALL Full Time positions mean 40 hours in five days OR could they give me a day off during the week and work me 8 on Saturday?"

yes you can be given a day off during the week.

the form 50 did not state anywhere ntft? even in the comments section.
12:42 PM ET (US)
Got my form 50 today My position type states Full Time. Does not say anything about NTFT or NTFT flexible. So do ALL Full Time positions mean 40 hours in five days OR could they give me a day off during the week and work me 8 on Saturday? I work for an idiot boss. NEVER gets anything right the first time around. Geez.......
SouthernClerkPerson was signed in when posted
02:56 PM ET (US)
/m2772 be sure to check bid schedule once received to actual hours you worked, since they are going back to April. Note OOS or OT you should be getting.
Form 50 will not provide schedule, only notes Ntft or Ntft flexible.
10:20 AM ET (US)
Thx X-Stew. My steward already said I will get back pay because I was suppose to be awarded NTFT last April. My boss simply didn't do the necessary paperwork. Haven't seen paperwork but supposed to be a 40 hour NTFT flexible. Yeah I am not going to be treated like a PTF when we have a PTF here working. I did email and have copies of all of them.
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