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Maintenance Craft - Postal

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Old timer
03:05 PM ET (US)
/m2684 Your post brought back memories. We had a dumb boss. He didn't even like me, but because I was the senior employee he would offer me the overtime first, everytime. I knew he was wrong, but I'd work it anyway. I'd taunt my buddies. I'd imitate the dumb boss's voice. "We go by seniority". HAHA
postalvetPerson was signed in when posted
10:31 AM ET (US)
/m2694 you call yourself a scab and except to be treated with respect? WHY?

it is obvious you are and ET a lot of ET's I have known have a fat head like you. this is NOT a job to get rich. yes ET's get more money some where else but postal employees are covered by the us code which states compatible wages in LIKE industries! ups and fedex do not have an ET category so NOTHING to compare with. I am all about the union because I know the history of the post office without a union!

don't like it, do what the smart ET's in san diego did, go work at spawars.
12:23 AM ET (US)
Postalvet, I used to respect your comments, now I realize that you are only posting to try to make yourself feel good about knowing something. the APWU is the worst union in the country. They do manage to get us decent pay, but most electronic techs in the real world are making considerably more, with way better benefits. Our healthcare sucks, just like our (or YOUR) union does...
postalvetPerson was signed in when posted
09:26 AM ET (US)
/m2692 hey scabhole I worked 38 years and never goofed off!

without the union you would be making minimum wage.

go crawl back into your scab hole!
12:54 AM ET (US)
/m2689 do you ever go out on the floor to do your job, or do you use the union as an excuse to stay on your ass. Management will allow you to sit on your ass as long as you leave them alone and don't file anything. that's the way this system that you call a union works. so go suck on yourself, you good for nothing piece of shit union puke. Who actually reads that trash in the national magazine? someone sitting on their ass at work, that's who!
K Ha
04:16 PM ET (US)
Not maint. Related

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Don Schoellig
04:13 PM ET (US)
How are the six prototype delivery vehicles testing out?
postalvetPerson was signed in when posted
10:29 PM ET (US)
/m5687 have you contacted your regional coordinator or national business agent?
the national magazine I just received said to do this.

have you filled a grievance and/or labor charges?

/m2688 hahahahahahaha go suck on yourself.
08:29 PM ET (US)
Because the Apwu isn't a union. It sucks. The PO won't be around much longer and it's totally because of the union.
Suncoast Maint.
02:35 AM ET (US)
  BEM/AMT jobs being taken away (reverted) or just not reposted??? Contractors moving in,... Why. This is happening at many PnDC's outside my district as well. Why. Why isn't the APWU all over this.
Any Intel on this would be great...
Edited 12-27-2016 02:36 AM
09:09 AM ET (US)
If you are a union member, you should have gotten a copy of the new contract. "Basis, not bases people"!! Rotation starts at the first day of the quarter. The first piece of info you need to know is how the LOCAL MOU is worded. That determines if your group of employees is divided properly, e.g. by section and tour etc. Next piece is how much overtime is being doled out. Some EAS want a job done expediently and they will schedule 4 to work one half hour, rather than work one employee 2 hours, usually determined by urgency of equipment downtime etc. If you only have 4 employees desiring OT on the whole list, then it would start over, for that group only. Here is where it gets tricky and you have to consult a steward. If in a plant where 2 or three tours operate, one group can end up getting more overtime than another group, because the way the mail system operates. In essence, the only real benefit of seniority is if OT is doles out very seldom, the senior employee should (in more instances than usual) wind up with more overtime in a year, but the rotation starts anew every quarter, not every day. A steward would probably need to be called for if the overtime gets off balance, say there are only two employees on the list, the senior gets 30 min. on day one, then employee 2 gets two hours. This could go on for several days and by the end of the quarter, the senior employee would be at a huge disadvantage. I personally believe the wording "qualified employees doing similar work in the location where the employees regularly work" needs to be changed or at least made clearer. In my plant, management seems to like using their own definition of "qualified" as well as "location where regularly work". Geography needs to be spelled out. Most local MOU's handle this, but consult a steward to make sure. Also we have a problem of mandating, when management goes to the "insufficient qualified people" clause, to push their agenda. And also the 12/60 comes into play. Try to bone up on the seniority lists, meaning stay on top, or make sure the union gets their proper updated copies. Many times management uses the wrong tour employees because of favoritism, not because of mechanical/production needs, e.g. tour 1 employees regularly stay late, vs. tour 2 coming in early. Rotation still has to be the factor, but they try to say it is a "production/operation" thing. Make them prove it! (SEE STEWARD) Some plants are short on stewards and do not have maint. steward on every tour. That is tricky too.
SPBS clerk
12:26 AM ET (US)
<2684 Going to disagree with you ice girl. Yes it does start at the top... But if it say stopped in the middle of that rotation then that is where it next begins. Now if you happen to be off like on vacation or scheduled days off. Then you are bypassed for that opportunity for over time.
ice girl
12:11 AM ET (US)
yes it starts over on a daily basis the senior people get to be at the top always it'll be you one day, so just enjoy what you get now.
Iceman 20016
04:41 PM ET (US)
I am wondering what the true meaning of ODL rotation I.E does the rotation start over on a daily bases.
05:45 PM ET (US)
did anyone hear about a CNBC report of the USPS looking to reduce costs and offering an early out in March 2017 and if Maint. will be included?
postalvetPerson was signed in when posted
07:08 PM ET (US)
/m2680 did they transfer in as a custodian?

are you the steward?

why did the mmo issue the letter of removal and not the immediate supervisor?

have other maintenance employees who did not pass been fired.

what test for mechanic?
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