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Ooh, I was baaaad on Saturday ...

SazeracPerson was signed in when posted
05:42 PM ET (US)
Mitch -- The only eyebrows that were raised were in conjunction with a "Wow, that's neat!" or something like that. In fact, there's one radio station -- WFMU in New Jersey -- that keeps an iPod attached to its backup transmitter, so that there's a constant stream of music playing if the feed from the station to the primary transmitter goes out during bad weather. Nifty!
04:22 PM ET (US)
You bring up an interesting question with the IPod and the radio station. Was there any flack received or eyebrows raised when you began to use the IPod for the music for your radio show?

I have spent a couple different incarnations as a DJ for both a radio station and private parties and have thought back about how much easier both jobs would be today with devices such as laptops and IPods.

Love the website and I have been visiting for years; for the recipes in the beginning and now for the blog as well. Please keep up the good work and let me know if you would consider making a deal to a reader with a desire for an Ipod and not a lot of disposable income.


P.S. - Even though I haven't been an Apple person since graduating from J-School in the early 90's, it is hard to argue the allure of the IPod. You can get the older ones converted to Windows, right?
SazeracPerson was signed in when posted
03:57 PM ET (US)
Bacon cheesecake!

Well, been there, done that. About 7 years ago I prepared crawfish and bacon cheesecake with a green onion sauce for 175 people, as part of our final culinary practicum at UCLA. Oh boy, was it good ...

But you got my wheels spinning ... lots more bacon, a touch of chipotle, smoked gouda, sun-dried tomatoes ... hmmmm.
03:38 PM ET (US)
We've been working at the same company for too many years, boy. As SOON as I read, "Ooh, I was baaaad on Saturday..." I knew you had purchased some type of Apple product (iPod being high on the list).

Of course, the second option that popped into my mind was you found some new dish having to do with bacon or cheesecake.

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