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Snapshots from Robochrist robot show at Coachella

Deleted by author 06-28-2004 01:22 PM
secret agent toastPerson was signed in when posted
01:23 PM ET (US)
If you can find it on KaZaa or something there is a video clip of Iggy Pop on (of all things) the David Letterman Show that was filmed just like two years ago. It's very stoogesish; just a wall of Drone and Iggy freaking out screaming 'you're wearing a mask'. It's great. I *really* hope that he tours too; at least a limited tour...
12:34 PM ET (US)
Let's just hope this incarnation of the Stooges will tour, so I can get to see him too. Word is that Iggy's got a bad hip and getting him to do this one show was like pulling teeth, so that's probably not going to happen :(
Edited 04-29-2003 12:36 PM
08:46 PM ET (US)
Damn, you're right toast, I did use the word community. It must be all that TV, making me not read to the end of my own post. :)

And I agree that Iggy Pop is amazing. Just saw his performance on Sessions at West 54th again the other evening. Great stuff. Now if only we can get him out to Burning Man...
Edited 04-28-2003 08:47 PM
secret agent toastPerson was signed in when posted
07:18 PM ET (US)
Heya Ferretboy; you did mention the word Community. Re-read your post, man. :)

Yeah; Burning Man does have a wonderful 'get involved' kinda vibe, where not to many events do. There is this wonderful spirit here in S.F. where everyone gets to be a part of whatever is going on. We're all starring in our own Musicals, as it were. :) I think some of that wound up in Burning Man.

I just hate the word 'community' in attachment to Burning Man.

And Timmy, I'm constantly amazed at Iggy Pop. I would love to see him live!
Edited 04-28-2003 08:14 PM
05:48 PM ET (US)
I wasn't trying to get highbrow about Community at Burning Man. You'll notice I didn't even mention the word community. I was talking more about the idea of participation. Sure, a small group of people end up doing a great deal of the grunt work around planning, major art installations, facilities, etc. But I've seen a whole lot of regular old attendees who are doing *something* to participate. Bringing out cool costumes. Making theme camps. Throwing parties of their own. All sorts of things, some more grand, some more simply. You'll always have tourists but I think the vibe of participation is stronger at Burning Man than any other event I've gone too.

I love music festivals. Until I went to Burning Man, you could find me up at Bumbershoot every year. I'm just saying that festivals are one thing, Burning Man is a different sort of beast. But I certainl understand why Xeni used the comparison.

Wish I'd been at Coachella this year though. *sigh*
xeniPerson was signed in when posted
05:31 PM ET (US)
OMG, flay me alive *now*. Next to Robochrist, that was without a doubt the most memorable chunk of Coachella... he really put on a powerful show. Sonic Youth kicked it, too... Cafe Tacuba was on fire... the White Stripes were, ah, the White Stripes... and the scene inside the wacky raver tent was delicious... much tossing of glowsticks. --XJ
Edited 04-28-2003 05:32 PM
05:25 PM ET (US)
What, no mention of the Iggy & The Stooges playing? Misplaced priorities, lady.
secret agent toastPerson was signed in when posted
05:04 PM ET (US)
I went to Burning Man first time in 1996. I helped haul out trash, left by many people, because I had a van and some extra room. Took a couple of trips, because I just wanted to help out. Anyways. On the way off the playa to drive home there was a line of cars to get to the road. They were all rolling right past a huge pile of trash. People were at the bottom of this pile of trash, *begging* people to take a bag or two- with everyone driving past, ingnoring them. Some of them were even saying 'well what was the ticket price for then?'. Some 'community'.

Now I loved going to Burning Man, I went from 96-00; and had a total blast. And I think everyone should go at least once, if they can, and try to convince people that have never gone to go. It is simply amazing. But getting all high-brow about the 'community' of Burning Man is just silly. I mean, only a small percentage of the people there actually do the work to make the stuff and the art, everyone else comes to party and look at stuff. Just because people aren't buying and selling stuff doesn't mean that it's not about consumption in one way or another. People are selfish and stupid (and beautiful and amazing). It's always gonna be that a smaller group of people that actually do the important stuff. It's not one-for-one, so man; lighten up about the fact that Coachella charges for stuff and BM don't.
xeniPerson was signed in when posted
04:49 PM ET (US)
Agree completely, my point is simply that for folks who've never experienced it -- Coachella's closer to BM than it is to, say, a trip to your local mall or an afternoon sitting around on your ass playing Counterstrike. Though perhaps that too is debatable... OK, or, it's like saying "frog/duck/a camel-ass steak tastes like chicken." No it doesn't. But it tastes more like chicken than anything else you may be able to imagine at the moment.
04:39 PM ET (US)
Excellent pictures. It looks like it was a fantastic show. Not to quibble, but your comparison of Coachella and Burning Man seems incorrect to me though. They are both very cool but its comparing apples and oranges. Coachella (and other arts festivals) are primarily about going and watching other people do cool things. Its about consumption (prices charged for water at Coachella will confirm this...). Burning Man is about going and doing cool things with other people. Its about creation and participation.

Coachella always has an amazing line up of bands and artists, but for my money I'll take the community found at Burning Man any day.

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