Snapshots from Robochrist robot show at Coachella Snapshots from Robochrist robot show at Coachella QuickTopic <![CDATA[secret age... | If you can find it on KaZaa or something there is a video clip...]]> 2003-04-29T17:23Z <![CDATA[TimmyT | Let's just hope this incarnation of the Stooges will tour,...]]> 2003-04-29T16:34Z <![CDATA[Ferretboy | Damn, you're right toast, I did use the word community. It...]]> 2003-04-29T00:46Z <![CDATA[secret age... | Heya Ferretboy; you did mention the word Community....]]> 2003-04-28T23:18Z <![CDATA[Ferretboy | I wasn't trying to get highbrow about Community at Burning...]]> 2003-04-28T21:48Z <![CDATA[xeni | OMG, flay me alive *now*. Next to Robochrist, that was...]]> 2003-04-28T21:31Z <![CDATA[TimmyT | What, no mention of the Iggy & The Stooges playing?...]]> 2003-04-28T21:25Z <![CDATA[secret age... | I went to Burning Man first time in 1996. I helped haul out...]]> 2003-04-28T21:04Z <![CDATA[xeni | Agree completely, my point is simply that for folks who've...]]> 2003-04-28T20:49Z <![CDATA[Ferretboy | Excellent pictures. It looks like it was a fantastic show....]]> 2003-04-28T20:39Z