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09:03 PM ET (US)
07:51 PM ET (US)
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J from Georgia
07:58 PM ET (US)
I miss Sunshine Hydrox cookies.
I was eating a girlscout cookie and the Hydrox memory popped up.
first they were hard to find, then impossible.
They were the superior cookie to oreo because the Hydrox cookie
could be dunked in milk and got soft. The oreo does not.
11:34 PM ET (US)
The creators of Hydrox cookies wanted something that sounded pure. Water, they figured, is one of the most pure things around. So, looking at the elements that make up water -- Hydrogen and Oxygen -- they came up with Hydrox. A name that was intended to sound pure.
04:58 PM ET (US)
I liked your bit on Hydrox cookies -- I hadn't thought of the "passing the torch" generational thing but don't have grandchildren yet so maybe that's why...still, I was living out of the country when they were "phased out" as Wikipedia so delicately put it, by Keebler in '96, so no wonder I've been unsure for 10 years now as to where have all the Hydrox gone... I can't believe they are actually not around, but I did sign a petition today to bring back the Hydrox cookie -- I hope the Keebler Elves take note. From New Jersey where it's almost as hot as you know what...
04:43 PM ET (US)
We must not give up. We must continue to lament the loss of Hydrox. Robert Lipsyte left one of the greatest Hydrox memorials in his book One Fat Summer. Thank you Mr. Lipsyte
Craig S.
02:34 PM ET (US)
I'm positively disgusted by the lack of Hydrox cookies. Those pitiful bastards at Keebler even got rid of that fudge cookie with the pinwheel design engrained on the outside. I've had it. Nothing is sacred any longer.
11:34 PM ET (US)
Well, they started in 1908. I have an old brass Hydrox cookie die or mold from the Hydrox factory. Maybe we could start them up again.
Tony B...
09:26 PM ET (US)
When did they stop making "HYDROX COOKIES"
Will DunwiddiePerson was signed in when posted
09:51 PM ET (US)
Enter the cookies known as E.L. Fudge made by the same obnoxious elves that took over making Hydrox cookies or "Droxies". Ernie, Elwood, Fast Eddie and Buckets-Whoa!
and somewhat the same concept of having little figures of elves (aforementioned) on one side of the cookie and sayings such as "Elves Exist" and "Dunk Head First" on the other side of the cookie. Could one possibly create a game of "good luck" if one got a cookie with a certain combination such as Fast Eddie and Dunk Head First? Or perhaps a different combination if one saw fit? By the way, those elves creep me out! Fast Eddie looks crazy or drunk or something (maybe on drugs). And Buckets looks... well, for lack of a better word, Slow. And did you notice that Ernie has white hair? I wonder how old HE is. And what's with the lack of female elves? Are they not allowed to create cookies? Surely there must be women elves if there is this motely assortment of male elves. Okay, Keebler, you are exposing our youth to some pretty strange stuff here! Not to mention the "young at heart" such as WFD. I can see them now-Oh yeah, I'm going to bite off Elwood's head first! I will have good luck if I get Ernie and "Do you believe in Elves" on the other side! Eureka, I think that Mr D has his replacement for Hydrox cookies. At least the fun part of it. We can't expect miracles though, because E.L. Fudge cookies are NOT Chocolate. They only have chocolate filling. The Elves are pasty white. Oh, Keebler..

(written by Becky, wouldn't ya know...)
Edited 05-30-2003 10:00 PM
Will DunwiddiePerson was signed in when posted
02:36 PM ET (US)
Well, that was probably before your time. Hell, when I was your age a single Hydrox could feed a family of five!
The Mink
12:02 PM ET (US)
That is one enormous Hydrox cookie. Somehow I don't remember them being that large. *L*

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