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U. S. Postal Service Motor Vehicle Service Employees

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12:31 PM ET (US)
Hello, just bought a couple 2003 Grumman Olsen step vans and looking for some replacement parts, specifically rear black rubber bumper covers...I've tried all I can think of on line, used parts, junkyards...any suggestions appreciated...TY jaycough@aol.com
09:57 PM ET (US)
Gotta do more than 50 in a straight truck. Rookie
06:30 AM ET (US)
Response to the hiring post, Akron Ohio has hired several mechanics in the past 2 years as full time if that helps you any
01:12 AM ET (US)
When was the last Mechanic hired after the probation period.
09:08 PM ET (US)
To anyone don't go to the NY district in new York city they hire you make u think u have a job u quit a job thinking u have one with the USPS they put u through hell with the job application and process then they send u to orientation for a week where they tell you u don't have a job until u pass the road test which should of been done before u go to orientation then they fail me because I did not parallel park the truck there way who parallel parks a 7 ton truck? I been driving trucks for over 17 years how u gonna hire someone make them think u have a job then throw u to the street new york district the worst the driving instructors are mean and cold harded at that point they suppose to make sure u pass
chuck s
02:44 PM ET (US)
How much does usps pay their mechanics in houston
10:19 AM ET (US)
Just to add to the last comment,, yes I was out there in the real world bustin my ass for a buck,, so yes I do know what a REAL job is like,, do you really wanna go back to that??
10:16 AM ET (US)
12 years huh??? well bud you should be getting use to it then, before I retired we always said they push the chickens that produce so the work gets done. I know it blows except its a great gig, you have to admit that,, I think its just the POLITICS that guys like you and me have a hard time dealing with.. I survived it, good living, raised my family, and managed to retire,, gotta love it !! Just remember -- leave work at work and go with the flow bud!! In my opinion its a great job except for a few AS-- HOLES, the hell with them !!
06:21 PM ET (US)
In reference to M445, I would like to say it will get better but I've been telling myself that for at least the past couple of years. I work in the VMF and we have got our shop a new supervisor. I started over 12 years ago with a very strong work ethic and they have slowly made me reconsider it. Our shop is filled with lazy mechanics who don't want to work and they get away with it because the union protects them and the supervisor and the lead technician won't say nothing to them when they stand around. I also have gone above and beyond to help our facility, and the management can't even say thank you. If you show a desire to work they will expect you to work extra hard to cover the other mechanics that screw around. I will not post my name or facility as I don't want any retailiation from other employees or the management due to the fact that they will cross the ethical line if they get a chance and our local union is weak in my opinion
Edited 09-24-2016 06:24 PM
07:01 AM ET (US)
Terrible place to work I witnessed management telling all drivers to be on the best behavior in the yard because Washington was coming they will be here all week ,no speeding or going down the aisle the wrong way he says over the radio. I thought the manager should lead by example and not warn them maybe if they get caught that would stop these guys from doing the wrong things, but whom am I , fact is when no ones watching the drivers have the control. I witnessed bullying that was reported people got away with. People purposely leaving there work for others to do. People damaging equipment and beating on it like they owned it. People sleeping for hours out in there yard tractors and having one or two guys make all the moves putting trailers in doors. Drivers telling new drivers how to slack off because if you don't slack off we lose jobs and god forgive if you don't listen to that advice now your the enemy. Its really strange how doing your job gets you in trouble with drivers. Drivers so weak minded they gang up on people they don't like using other drivers by spreading rumors . The union is a joke they sit there and talk about the managers in front of drivers cursing how stupid they are and don't know anything , but talk like there best buddies when there face to face. There is so much more , but all in all I have never seen so much manipulation , backstabbing , and incompetent behavior its a simple job anyone can do with there eyes shut ruined by bad people in management , union , drivers. Leading by example starts at the top people Grow Up !
Edited 09-13-2016 07:06 AM
04:04 PM ET (US)
Our voma is a position that is not eight hours every day , some days are von my carries four hours worth of mail . When a truck breaks down on the street the supervisor is just calling for a tow and notifying the Palma after the vehicles at the shop. This seems wrong has anybody had problems like this ? What can be done about it ?
Edited 08-31-2016 04:05 PM
Mo Kanic
11:46 AM ET (US)
/m439 What are you looking for? Do you not believe that mail vehicle fires are uncommon?
Cali to ColoPerson was signed in when posted
11:37 AM ET (US)
Seeking feedback on the post /m91495 on the (PEN) carriers' forum re: vehicle fires article. (Specifically the accuracy of paragraphs 6 and 7.)
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