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Rice Planting

06:05 AM ET (US)
Elvis Costello is credited for bringing sexy back to cheap eyeglasses in the 1980s for artsy-hipster men. Lisa Loeb did her share for making cat eye frames look hot on the girl-next-door but it was not until Tina Fey sat atop her perch every Saturday night that Americans started to notice how hot a woman can look in women eyeglasses!</p>
<p>So, what else turns on Americans about discount glasses? A recent study done by Essilor of America asked more than 3,000 men and women about their perception of cheap eyeglasses and eye wear.
03:40 AM ET (US)
"Per capita" is synonomous with "per person" correct? If this is the case, then the average Japanese person eats around 65KG of rice a year. So this means with our day of work we fed around nine Japanese people their yearly rice consumption. Or I guess you could think of it as feeding one person for nine years.
10:10 AM ET (US)
How much rice does the average person eat a year in Japan? I could look it up myself, but since it's your blog I feel that you have the responsibility to tell us about how much 600kg of rice is...

BTW I hope your *teacher* had pants on at least... if not I'm ticked that you didn't moblog it.
12:27 PM ET (US)
Actually, that sounds kind of fun. I grew up in the land of wood mills and fishing, two industries I would personally like to see crumble to the ground. I'm still thinking of doing a year-long interpreting program someday, so maybe I too will be a rice planter for a day.

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