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I'm fresh fucking out of ideas for these titles

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02:09 PM ET (US)
i am going tomerry and fuck britney spears
04:12 PM ET (US)
MT does quite rock, as does this "semantic markup" thingy about which I seem to have heard elsewhere.

The manner in which the interweb amplifies synchronicity - and makes for references to obscure films of dubious quality - has really fed my sense of wonder today.

...And I think I was plunking away for something close to three years before I really started to do work that could be described as "good" - at which point I think I more or less took off like a rocket. Most of my early work, well, I'm glad no-one could smell it.

...And I think I think too much.
Edited 04-25-2003 04:39 PM
03:53 PM ET (US)
I admire your hand-blogging fortitude. I worked a long time in hand entered html code, starting with this, leading to this (my favorite) and culminating with the original EastNashvillain (most of which is scattered to the four winds by now.) But now sklero's got me spoiled on the MT.
03:39 PM ET (US)
I'm so sorry for saying I'm sorry!

But really, I guess I just took Tantek's comments a little too seriously. Interesting story on how you got started. Actually, as someone who types every little thing, you would be a prime candidate for the flexibility that semantic markup offers. Any extra time you spend closing tags and such will be completely offset by the time saved on font tags. I'll drop you an email with what I mean.
BrittneyPerson was signed in when posted
03:12 PM ET (US)
Matthew- I don't think you owe me an apology and like the commenter at your site, I wonder why you editted the copy regarding my blog. As a critic of sorts, I applaud your use of the word "atrocious"; it's most accurate. I wasn't offended one bit by your appraisal, and respect your opinion. You seem like a sharp guy. Your arguments all had validity and were well-said.

Here's a little backstory about this blog, and how it came to be, technically-speaking (or, as technical as my little girl brain can get):

I heard about weblogs from my boyfriend's friend, Matt Mays, this really great, bright guy who lives in California. He told me about MetaFilter (I signed right up and got an account, a long ass time ago.) and Memepool and other places and I really dug them. He told me about Jason Kottke. And Peterme. And Powazek. And I read them, but they focused a lot on design or programming or user interfaces and I was discovering weblogs that told stories and made melaugh. So I started reading those.

Before I had a weblog I had a personal site. Of the worst variety. Hosted at Geocities and Angelfire, there were several incarnations. It featured horrid poetry, a really ugly Twin Peaks fan page and other embarrassing shit. What's important here, is I made that entirely in Notepad. I didn't have a computer of my own, so I used the ones inthe library or computer labs on campus. Stripped down to the bare minimum, these machines had very few options. The right-click button had been disabled. I couldn't copy or paste text.

And so I hand typed everything. Every bit of code needed for my webpage, I typed manually. Long, heavy HTML passages needed for webrings, I typed every single letter. I became very fluent in basic HTML tags and find myself typing them in Word documents ALL THE TIME. Once I decided to buid a weblog, I found a free, easy place to do it and did it up. This design is based loosely on a pitas template, but the code has been worked over many, many times.

But yeah, I type in every link, every time--in fact, I think little about it. It's so easy to just stick in a tag--there are very few I ever really use. So I never considered blogging this way a chore until I played Puppetmaster 2 and was using Moveable Type. I got a taste of the good life.

Maybe I'll migrate to that someday soon. I could use some spare time.
Edited 04-25-2003 03:13 PM
Will RaleighPerson was signed in when posted
11:51 AM ET (US)
Are internet crickets anything like space herpes? Because our ship got a roaring case of space herpes once, and let me tell you. Those little mofo's are B....A....D!
04:58 AM ET (US)
You did, you bastard.

Actually, I thought those were points - twelve of them in fact - which I was giving you.

But, to each his own. ::grin::

I can be literal-minded sometimes.

And s-t.l. has nailed it IMO.
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