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FitzSimons Family Name

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Mick Fitzsimons
08:09 AM EST (AU)
Hello Patti,

Do you know in what part of Meath your family settled.

Victoria, Australia.
02:59 AM EST (AU)
Wow great research
Fitzsimons of Cavan
03:55 PM EST (AU)
Hi there -

I descend from the Fitzsimons family of Castlerahan, County Cavan, Ireland. So far, I have traced the family back to about 1725, beginning with Bernard and Mary Fitzsimons. Their children are Margaret, Michael, Andrew, Hugh and John. Margaret (b. 1752), married Luke Mulvany (born about 1750), and my grandpa descends from this family. They were Roman Catholic (but I suspect that Bernard may not have been RC), and they settled in Edenburt/Whitegate Cross, Loughan/Castlekeeran, Cavan. May members of this family came to the US, scattering across the country.

My family is also related to a separate Fitzsimmons family (or so it is said), which settled in Meath. They are related to my grandma's McMahon/Lynch family by marriage (through the Carolan family). They also were Roman Catholic, and many of them left Ireland for the US, with some settling in Baltimore, Maryland.

My understanding is that both families married into the Irish after arriving in Ireland around the time of the Norman invasion. My one "m" family that settled on the Cavan/Meath were ejected from their ancestral land for not renouncing their religion. As for the two "m" relatives, it is believed that they settled in Dublin, and later moved to Meath after being ejected from their land (some of them). Judging by the family names associated with my two "m" relatives, I would say their were of Welsh or Scottish descent.

If anyone has any connections to either family, please let me know. I am always looking to compare info and research.

Calif., USA
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Mick Fitzsimons
05:27 PM EST (AU)
G’day Robin,

You do have a tricky one on your hands. There are no other Vic. Records for Thomas Kennedy & Elizabeth Fitzsimmons. I even check S.A. & Tassie. I will e-mail you direct for further info as you cannot access your tree on Ancestry unless you are a financial member.

Robin Mcilraith
05:20 PM EST (AU)
Sarah Elizabeth? Fitzsimmons
Thomas Kennedy
Margaret Kennedy
Birth 1858 in Ballarat East, Victoria
George Henry Campion Bray
Birth Jun 1862 in Mullion, Predannock , cornwell
Death 5/12/1943 in Leeston, Canterbury, New Zealand
this may be her but not sure
Name: Margaret Kennedy
Father's Name: Thomas Kennedy
Mother's Name: Elizabeth Fitzsimmons
Birth Place: Ballarat East, Victoria
Registration Year: 1858
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration Number: 6376 email next2normal@gmail
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Brad Bliss
09:43 AM EST (AU)
My 4th great grandfather was James Fitzsimmons (born Dublin) married Eliza Smith on the 9th of August 1840. Both are buried at Stuart Town in the cemetery.

They had at least 11 children, I am a descendant through their son Thomas b. 17 Aug 1844 married to Mary-Ann Broad on the 30th of April 1870.

Seeking as much information on this whole family that I cen get my hands on and am happy to share what I have.
Edited 31-08-2011 09:44 AM
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02:23 AM EST (AU)
Thanks for responses. I joined sometime ago but have no reason to comment on posts unless I see one which I think connects my family tree, hence why you have not heard of me. I am seriously researching and using all engines possible, but would like to think that I dont necessarily have to be heard of to comment on silly posts that have kindly been removed.
Happy tracing everyone & God bless.
Mick FitzsimonsPerson was signed in when posted
10:10 AM EST (AU)
Hello Forum,

I’m not the moderator, Wayne FitzSimons is and he is pretty quick to jump on and delete inappropriate posts, so quick in fact I never saw the abusive post. Unfortunately every now and again an undesirable pops up, but I think that is a small price to pay for the chance of maybe making that elusive contact that most of us are looking for.

10:25 PM EST (AU)
maybe Mick could look at non members being able to post as tracy we have never heard of you or the post previously
08:56 PM EST (AU)
I am glad to see the abusive posts have been removed. I do not appreciate logging onto my email to see emails from so called grown men abusing each other and calling names. There are some of us on here who are deadly serious about tracing our family origins, so please respect that when you decide to post abuse to each other. It is nice to use the forum for the purposes it is intended for, if you want to abuse one another start up a word press blog between yourselves.
God bless to all you real avid family researchers out there.
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Sean-Henry Fitzsimons
10:03 PM EST (AU)
Hello, I am from Belfast, Northern Ireland, im currently a knitwear designer, and im looking for a fitzsimons type of aaran jumper, if any1 has any clue ive email and rang the aaran state saying that their is one. but its just not found atm. Im 22 years old, im currently living in Manchester Uk. My Dads name is Hugh Fitzsimons, gf, is Harry, Suppose a Family tree is really need to be created soon enough, though im guessing ill be the one that will have to do it. but i was wondering on a little help would be great.?

many thanks for your time.
John Cooper
09:01 AM EST (AU)
My 2nd great grandparents Charles Cooper and Catherine Frances Fitzsimons were married at Malahide Parish Church on 15th January 1867.
Both gave their residence as Mill View, Malahide. Charles stated that he was an engineer. Both Catherine and her father Henry were described as servants. Catherine stated on later English censuses that she was born in Malahide abt.1848.
Their first son Thomas Henry Cooper was born on 5th October 1867 at 37, Prussia Street, Dublin and christened at St Paul's RC, Arran Quay on 8th October 1867. His sponsor was Rosanna MacClane.
I would like to find out whether Catherine had any siblings, the identity of her mother and her parents' birthplaces and dates of birth if anyone can help.
11:36 AM EST (AU)
My grandmother was Veronica Fitzsimmons.NY. Her mothers was Ann Fitzsimmons Ireland .Seems to have not married. At least I can't fine him. Her mother was Katie fitzsimmons. Married a Owen Fitzsimmons both Ireland.
  Anyone know of the family of Fitzsimmons.
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