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Pausing the warblog, for now.

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07:44 PM ET (US)
Hello everybody, i'm still trying to understand if it was good , bad ,none of the above, to go in Irak ,I'm reading/watching the american news and the French news and it's, for sure, a difference of perspective. My question is (and I would love some answers )what kind of percentage of the Irak population is happy to see the americans in the country ????
Because , comparing the terrorists attaks in Irak and the terrorists attaks in Corsica for example , it make the headline in the news for Corsica but only represent a few people from the island who want to be out of France ,mainly the Corsica people wants to stay part of France so my worry is that it may be the same kind of thing .Few makes the attaks but it may not represent the majority of the Iraki...
Also the previous ministery of health from France( Dr Kouchner ) had a position about the war which was a little different from the rest of the french politics saying that the condition of life in Irak needed to be change even by war and that the ennemy was Saddam not Bush ( It's an approximate translation)
Any REAL number ?
07:55 PM ET (US)
hi donna and welcome from the UK.
Some of us are still around, if only to check up every now and again..
We didn't get to see much of Mars here ... It was raining and very cloudy, but i hooked onto a satellite feed and got a couple of nice pics for my album...
Just in case anyone else looks in, hope your all ok and safe but dont forget to post something...
bye for now... M
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