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St Andrew's Church: online discussion

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Gary brown
04:17 PM GMT (S)
Hello there,i was wondering who i need to speak to' about a idea that i have for doing a sponsored walk to help raise money for the church and for its many causes.This walk would take a long time to complete but worth doing.The church has gave me a lot and i want to give something back.This is not just a walk but a journey.if this reaches someone can you please email me and try to meet up and i would talk more about the walk. my email is DetailGear7up@yahoo.com. thank you.
02:54 PM GMT (S)
I've passed your message onto Jane, Allen, and also asked our office administrator to check the voicemail settings.
Allen Smith
07:02 PM GMT (S)
Hi all,

Just tried to leave a message on the church voicemail but you get like 5 seconds! anyway... Can someone let Jane Millar know that I am out of the country until the 5th April and that ill catch up with her on my return. (Jane has been calling me as part of the monthly checkin).
07:19 PM GMT (S)
Hi Watson,
Glad you like the new website. Have ou found us on Facebooknyet?
Watson Beattie
04:40 PM GMT (S)
Think the new website is excellent.
Keep finding new things to look at.
Well done to the designer of your site.
07:25 PM GMT (S)
I have recently been toying with the idea of becoming a member of the church. My reasons for would be out of respect to the church and the people I see week after week, after all St Andrews church is where my family and myself choose to attend and be involved in. However it is my reasons not to join that have caused me trouble. As a christian I feel content that I am one of millions and we are all the church together and therefore I count myself a member of all churches. I have approached afew people with the question, 'why do people join the church?' and I received 2 answers.

The 1st is to be a part of something and be joined to a body. However as I previously mentioned I already feel a part of the church, I am involved in the Havilah ministry, Sunday Club and holiday clubs. I have completed an Alpha course and am currently attending the marriage course all at St Andrews church. All which I love to be a part of.

The second answer is to show everyone my testimony and to let people know that they can count on me should they need me. And while I am still unsure of the best action for myself, I would like to give my testimony now until the time I have decided.

My name is Theresa Beal, my parents are Karen and Raymond Reaney. Many of you have known me from pretty much birth but for those who do not here is my journey in the church. I was raised in the church from very young. I have always believed in God and Jesus Christ, thanks to my parents. From teenager to a couple years ago my life turned away from God. After being married to my husband for 2 years and having a 2 year old daughter together, my mum helped me find a church in Devon where I was living at the time, Grosvenor church in Barnstaple. As a family we attended for a few months, but it was on one Sunday when an American preacher was visiting, his name escapes me now, that I fully accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. Because of my life long experience in bible studies I know alot more than most new christians, but I am fully aware I have a long way to go, I am trying very hard! What a day that was, I felt the change immediatly, the satisfaction inside of having that hole filled with the fire was so intense. I got home and rang my parents who were over the moon, my dad teared up (sorry dad =D ) and it was then I realised what they been trying to teach me of my whole life. And when my husband gave his life to Jesus a year later I got to experience the ultimate joy of having a loved one be saved. Glory to GOD!

With this message I want to declare to all that read this that I believe that God sent his son Jesus christ, that he came to earth and died on the cross so that I can be saved. I also believe that he rose again 3 days later and walks with me now, teaching me and taking care of me and my family. I also want to let everyone know that they are welcome to come to me should they need anything and I will do my most best to do whatever I can to help. Also any help or advice to my predicament is muchly appreciated and well recieved, and I respect all opinions.

Thank you for reading this and Gob Bless!

Raymond Stewart
10:24 PM GMT (S)


Truncated, Revised and Recorded by Scott Rocca

Listen to the recorded song at:



More on Jenny Geddes at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jenny_Geddes


'Twas the twenty-third July, in sixteen thirty seven,

On Sabbath morn from high St. Giles’ bell was ringing ;

King Charles swore Scottish men would pray by his book got rule ;

He sent a book, but never dreamt of danger from a stool.

With a row-dow─yes, I trow !─there's danger in a stool !


The Bishop and the Dean came in with gravity high,

All smooth, all sleek, but pride was lurking in their e’e ;

Their robes were big and black, like seals in briny pool ;

They bore a book, but little thought they soon would feel a stool.

With a row-dow─yes, I trow !─they'll feel a four-legged stool !


The Dean went to the altar, with a pious look,

He cast his eyes on high, and read the printed book :

In Jenny's heart the blood filled up a bitter pool ;

Then suddenly she stood right up, and stoutly grasped the stool !

With a row-dow !─at them now !─firmly grasped the stool !


Like a mountain lion springs upon a rabbit small,

So Jenny at the Dean sprung full of holy gall ;

Will you say mass in my ear, you prating papist fool ?

No ! no ! she said, and at his head she flung the four-legged stool.

With a row-dow─yes, I trow !─she pulled through the four-legged stool !


And thus a mighty deed was done by Jenny's hand,

The bishops and the priests she drove from Scottish land ;

King Charles that dirty name, priest Laud that phoney fool,

Were bested by a woman wise, who beat them with a stool !

With a row-dow─yes, I trow ! ─she conquered by the stool !
Linda McDonaldPerson was signed in when posted
02:28 PM GMT (S)
I just listened to a thought-provoking discussion on the BBC's Radio 4 programme, 'Beyond Belief', about same-sex marriage. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b019r..._Same_Sex_Marriage/
10:00 PM GMT (S)
New year new start for men's group starting with a worship night on Monday 6th of February then we have the retreat from 9 th to 11 th of March.
We're looking for suggestions for fun nights and/or events we can go to.
Raymond Stewart
09:55 PM GMT (S)
sorry Linda that you feel as you do - perhaps you would answer me if you
believe that God's law [The Ten Commandments]are relevant for today or is
that too 'a thing of the past' ?
As we enter a new year, AD 2012 ,Scotland is still much in our thoughts
and prayers. Thankfully we are assured from Holy Scripture that God is
sovereign and is working out His purposes in our own nation of the UK.
Letters such as this one today in The Scotsman give us great encouragement
that His faithful remnant are indeed out there 'earnestly contending' without
apology for the historic gospel:
Linda McDonald
02:34 PM GMT (S)
You remind me so much of the Pharisees, Raymond!!

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Raymond Stewart
03:59 PM GMT (S)
John Calvin once declared that 'Man's heart is a factory
of Idols'Oh that today's church would return to the scriptural
law of worship See The Shorter Catechism on the Fourth
Commandment. Does the church generally use this and the
Westminster Confession of Faith today.

These are old and tried paths which God blessed to His people
See Jeremiah 6 v 16
Edited 25-12-2011 04:00 PM
Raymond Stewart
10:05 AM GMT (S)
Its good not to forget the Christian Sabbath in spite of all the festivities and church services
abandoned due to December 25th, Holy Scripture commands us to Remember the Sabbath day [Exodus Ch 20 v 8]. The moral law of God is good for us today - our nation is under judgement because it has forgotten God's law ? Read also Proverbs 14 v 34
09:17 AM GMT (S)
Merry Christmas everyone may you all be blessed on our Lords birthday and look forward to living for Jesus again next year.
06:59 PM GMT (S)
In a nutshell the good news is that Jesus came to earth to die for the sins of the world allowing us to enter into the presence of God and develop a personal relationship with Him. If thats not good news I don't know what is. As for the gospel it means good news hope this helps you.
Raymond Stewart
03:05 PM GMT (S)
Whilst the Church of Scotland statement on same-sex marriage was welcome the matter ultimately rests within its own clergy. Folk
must now be asking does the church speak with forked tongue ??
Anyhow lets hope that a goodly number of Christians from throughout
Scotland will be present outside the Parliament, DV on Thursday from
9.30am. MSP's need the message that Scotland needs to return to the Bible. Soli Deo Gloria !
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