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Drexel Theatres Group
06:04 PM ET (US)
Tickets are now on sale for the 21st ANNUAL 24 HOUR OHIO SCIENCE FICTION MARATHON which will blast off at noon on Saturday, May 1st at the Arena Grand Theatre in downtown Columbus. This year's films include the World Theatrical Premiere of STARSHIP TROOPERS 2: HERO OF THE FEDERATION including special guest appearance from award-winning special effects master and director Phil Tippett, the Ohio Premiere of ROBOT STORIES, the Midwest Theatrical Premiere of GODZILLA, MOTHRA & KING GHIDORAH: GIANT MONSTERS ALL-OUT ATTACK!, the rarely seen MUTINY IN OUTER SPACE and THE AMAZING TRANSPARENT MAN, classics THE OMEGA MAN, TOTAL RECALL and THE ROAD WARRIOR, 28 DAYS LATER with the alternate ending, THE GIANT CLAW, and CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON in 3-D. We're waiting for confirmation on another couple of premiere possibilities. Plus we'll have Kevin O'Brien introducing his latest baked good opus SANDWICH, GRAVITY, SPACE BOY, DUCK DOGERS IN THE 24 CENTURY and lots more cartoons, shorts, trailers for this summer's blockbusters and "new to the marathon" vintage trailers. And as always, the costume contest, posters, prizes, and more!

The CHILDREN's ticket has returned from deep space. That's 12 earth years or younger. Kids, please be advised that we are not a licensed, certified day care center. You'd better drag dad or mom along with you so they can monitor which R-rated films they'd like you to pretend to sleep through.

The other change is that the BALCONY IS NOW RESERVED SEATING ONLY. These Reserved Balcony tickets are available ONLY AT THE ARENA GRAND either cash or charge in person or charge by phone (614-469-5000). In person or by phone you may select your seats.

General Admission tickets, that's for any seat downstairs, will also be available in person, by phone or online from the Arena Grand at http://www.ticketmakers.com/GenFilm2P.dll/...e=5/01/04&TBP=27000 . As always, non-reserved seat tickets will also be available at the DREXEL (2254 East Main St, Bexley), the DREXEL GRANDVIEW (1247 Grandview Ave., Grandview
Heights), the LAUGHING OGRE (4256 North High St, Columbus) or by mail (please include a SASE) to: DREXEL THEATRES (300 Marconi Blvd – Suite 203, Columbus, OH 43215). There will be a $1 service fee for charge orders.
Ticket Pricing:
$31....reserved balcony – advance
$22....child, reserved balcony - advance
$28....general admission – advance
$19....child, general admission - advance

$35....reserved balcony - at the door
$27....child, reserved balcony - at the door
$33....general admission - at the door
$24....child, general admission - at the door

Please check out the SCI-FI MARATHON section in the "Film Forum" on the Drexel Theatres' website at www.drexel.net for the latest information on guests, additional Premieres or other films and anything else pertaining to the Sci-Fi Marathon experience. Be courageous and register so that you can weigh in on all Marathon matters not matter how momentous or infinitesimal. Pay no attention to those other maniacs who have already registered and won't stop offering their opinions. Somewhere in the universe there must be rational voices waiting to be heard.... Meanwhile, consider, if you will, spreading the Marathon's already vast reach and passing this news on to friend and foe alike. We need fresh Marathoids. Bring them to us!
Richard T. Lynch
11:02 PM ET (US)
Folks, I have a request/proposition. I am a newly published author (34, Atlanta) of a science-fiction novel called "Pendulum." It has been out since 12/21/03 and has sold around 100 copies so far (it is available only online for the moment). When I sell 500 on my own, the publisher (Iuniverse) will begin taking me around to traditional publishers to get my book in stores. The request is that anyone reading this e-mail click on the link below and purchase a copy of my book. The proposition is that I will at the very least carry on a posting thread on this site to discuss various aspects of the book, and I will autograph the book for anyone in the Atlanta area (or willing to pay postage to ship it to me). Further, if you like the book and recommend it, I ask that you please post a review at the link below and/or pass the word on. Thanks very much for your consideration and for any future orders. BTW, there is a description of the book at the link. :O)

Victoria Silverwolf
05:40 AM ET (US)
tr_4x4: The movie you are thinking about is "Island of Terror." Here is a link to the IMDB listing for this pretty good little film:

Michael P.
06:40 AM ET (US)
At the risk of being imprudent, I am going to sci-fi message baords all over the net looking for opinions, comments, new readers, etc. for my comic series "Starship Moonhawk". Upon entering the site, you will notice my webcomic first. The comic is somewhat esoteric until you download and read my e-novles that they are based on, but even if you don't, Starship Moonhawk, the Webcomic, is still a very entertaining read. I urge you all to drop by and check it out. Thank you for your time.

The URL: http://www.starshipmoonhawk.com
08:19 PM ET (US)
I used to watch a science fiction movie each summer back in the mid-late '60s. It was about these turtle backed looking creatures that divided and looked like brain matter in the process. They would suck the bones out of animals and were terrorizing the country (like maybe British??) I can barely remember the ending... the people were all huddles in a church and the turtles were crashing through the windows etc... when something finally caused them to die off in mid attack... I was a pretty young kid... Any one have any clues???? thanks for your help...
Deleted by author 12-08-2003 08:37 PM
evelyn bedjane
06:52 PM ET (US)
I recently came into possession of 300-400 vintage sci-fi paperbacks by classic sci-fi writers. There seems to be a complete collection for each author. Each of these books is one of a kind and all in mint condition except for dust. I have Farmer, Hopkins, Butler, Pohl, Asimov, Dick, and so many others I can't put them all here. They are all printed in the 1950's and 1960's. I am compiling a complete list of the authors and titles. Is anyone out there interested in purchasing these books? Do any of you think that these books are of any significant value? Thank you. Please contact me at bedjane@yahoo.com. I live in New York City-Manhattan.
John Elmer
12:41 PM ET (US)
Have you heard about the Immortality device, heheheh
I dont kno what to believe...

10:14 PM ET (US)
A work of fiction.
Apocalypse looms as the earth mounts an immune response to the human infection, an infection that has wiped out thousands of species and left asphalt and concrete scars all over the world. Humans and their technology
are pitted against the deadliest organism ever produced by the natural world.

More about it at:
Holly h.
12:40 AM ET (US)
Have you guys heard the new Zade album? I just picked it up at Borders and I thought you might wanna look into it. It's really nice. Perfect for a relaxin night at home or what have you. Here is a link to his media player. It plays his whole album, so you can decide whehter you like it or not.

MaXiMuM LeaDeRPerson was signed in when posted
01:31 PM ET (US)
The Lord of Light stuff is interesting to see as well. I haven't read that book in 10 years, but I sure remember liking it.
SupermansPalJimmyOlsenPerson was signed in when posted
05:34 AM ET (US)
Kirby's the best...the reason I chose the name SupermansPalJimmyOlsen for a lot of my usernames online is that I fondly remembered Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen as one of the first comic books I ever owned (1970-ish). King Kirby will always rule.
mike skallas
02:55 AM ET (US)
Wow, what an amazing find. I just wish the prints were cheaper.
Stefan JonesPerson was signed in when posted
01:46 AM ET (US)
This isn't a Blade Runner future. More like a 1950s dystopia. Something by Cyril Kornbluth.

Missing from this story is the Why. What reason did the security guards have for asking the guy to leave in the first place? Was there a No Peace Shirts policy? Was the guy's shirt causing a fracas?
acefPerson was signed in when posted
08:49 PM ET (US)
The more stuff like this I see, the more pissed off I get. I feel like we got jacked out of the future that was promised us with flying cars, domed houses, and jetpacks. While I like the Blade Runner ideal as much as anyone, I would at least like the CHANCE to turn my back on that clean, bright future.